About Us

We started as a small team of insurance specialists working on Carsurance, a website that, unsurprisingly, centers on car insurance. Our goal was to enable drivers to find less expensive coverage faster. Once we saw how much positive feedback our efforts received, we decided to expand our research and help even more people. That’s why we started PolicyAdvice—with the goal of creating a website that’s a one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs.

Our Team

Alex Kopestinsky
Smiljanic Stasha
Sandeep Challa
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea is a news writer at PolicyAdvice.net with a passion for helping others improve their relationship with money. By writing about the insurance industry and the financial sector at large, she is fulfilling her mission to inspire financial freedom. When not talking about numbers and money, she loves watching TV sitcoms or playing with her pet Shih Tzu.
Muninder Adavelli
I am an SEO & Usability Improvement consultant for PolicyAdvice.net. I provide content ideas, reorganizing content for easy consumption, and improve web page designs using data from GA. Besides, consulting services as a job, I am a WordPress, online marketing, and usability optimization, enthusiast. I spend most of my time researching on how web readers consume content to use it in improving web designs.

Our Specialty

When preparing our reviews and guides, we employ only in-house writers with strong knowledge of the insurance industry. Furthermore, our leading insurance experts, Tony Arevalo, check each page before it gets published.

Tony is a licensed insurance agent in Oregon who spent years working hands-on with numerous clients helping them find the proper coverage. His experience enables him to give useful advice on how to get the most out of your coverage.

He ensures that every page is accurate, informative, and up to the rigorous standards of PolicyAdvice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our users about all kinds of insurance products and help them find the right tailor-made coverage. We’re also passionate about explaining how insurance works and how companies estimate risks. That’s because we believe that the more people know about the insurance industry, the more money they can save.

Our Values

Our priority is to provide an unbiased rating of each insurance company and every insurance product on the market. This means that no insurer or agency has any influence on what we write. Although we’re an affiliate website, meaning we earn a small percentage whenever a customer buys a quote through our website, the final verdict is ours and ours alone.

Furthermore, we give the best rankings to companies that deliver a perfect mixture of low prices and reliable services. By doing so, we recommend products that the majority of customers actually want and need.