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Life Line Screening Reviews: A Service To Save Your Life

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.2
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Life Line Screening has been helping patients detect and prevent potential health problems with their medical checkups and scanning services since 1993.

So, if you are dreading your annual health check in crowded public hospitals, Life Line Screening reviews such as this one show you how to get it done faster!

Let’s get to it!

About Life Line Screening

In 1993, Life Line Screening undertook a mission to provide the U.S. public with affordable yet high-quality health checkup services, and so far, they have screened more than 10 million patients with around 1 million yearly screenings in recent years.

Life Life Screening employs board-certified physicians working in safe and clean environments to provide you with reliable results. Moreover, their technicians perform random result audits, review abnormal screenings, and employ a peer-review process.

Life Line Screening Services

You can find Life Line Screening offering services in various locations from colleges, corporations, and churches, to civic buildings and senior and community centers.

Once there, you can choose from around 20 different Life Line Screening packages (based on three non-invasive techniques) if you are older than 40 years of age:

Note: The check-up procedure lasts around 30–60 minutes including the waiting period.

How Does Life Line Screening Work?

Most Life Line Screening reviews emphasize the ease with which you can get checked in no time at all. You simply have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Enter a U.S. ZIP code to find a screening location;
    1. Choose your visit time once you select your preferred location;
  2. Select the services you want to be completed;
    1. You may be limited to a select number of screening packages;
  3. Fill in your personal and payment info;
    1. You can pay with either a credit card or an e-check;
  4. Show up for your appointment;
    1. You may be asked to fast before your visit;
  5. Fill out a health questionnaire before undergoing testing.
    1. You will receive your results immediately or after two weeks (if they need to be checked by a certified physician).

Depending on your chosen screening packet, the medical staff will conduct three different tests: blood tests (drawn from the finger), ultrasound (conducted with harmless sound waves), and an EKG (measures your heartbeat’s electrical activity).

Life Line Screening Costs

When it comes to price, you won’t see many Life Line Screening complaints, as this medical provider caters to the general public with its affordable screening packages:

Stroke, vascular, heart rhythm, osteoporosis testing$159Bone health test$99
Men’s premium panel$149Women’s premium panel$139
Men’s premium panel plus$199Women’s premium panel plus$149
Vitamin D deficiency testing$60Kidney function testing$139
Colorectal cancer screening$65Prostate cancer screening$60
Prostate & testosterone screening$99Type 2 diabetes test & diagnoses$60
Liver function screening$60Vital organ screening$99

Note: To lower your overall costs, purchase a screening bundle to check for several conditions during the same visit.

Does Insurance cover Life Line Screening?

Your private health insurance policy may cover Life Line Screening’s costs depending on the exact policy you have obtained, and you should consult your insurer for more information.

If you are wondering then, ‘Is Life Line Screening covered by Medicare?’, the answer is ‘no’ and you will have to pay for the screenings out of pocket. 

However, your annual wellness visits are covered by Medicare Part B as they are offered by Life Line Community Healthcare instead.

Life Line Screening Privacy Practices

While Life Line Screening is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal and health data, they might still use it for a number of purposes, such as:

Note: For more information about Life Line Screening’s privacy policy and terms of service, visit the provider’s official site.

Life Line Screening Real Customer Reviews

To finally answer the question: ‘Is Life Line Screening credible?’, we have collected several customer reviews that talk about the quality of the provider’s services:

Note: Despite the complimentary reviews and user feedback, Life Line Screening does not substitute the care offered by your primary physician, with whom you should follow up after your checkup.


  • Over 14,000 screening events each year
  • Early detection of serious illnesses
  • Non-invasive techniques
  • Strict privacy policy and quality control
  • Savings with affordable prices
  • 25 different screenings
  • May not be covered by insurance
  • Only available in the U.S.
  • Occasional false-positive test

All in all, Life Line Screening offers affordable yet quality screening services in a huge number of U.S. locations. Moreover, they use non-invasive modern methods administered in a couple of minutes without affecting your comfort level. So, having your health checkup with them is an important (and potentially life-saving) step that shouldn’t wait.


Is Life Line Screening a scam?

Life Line Screening is a legitimate health provider that offers high-quality screening services and employs certified physicians and efficient and professional nurses and technicians.

Are the screenings given by Life Line Screening 100% accurate?

The services offered by Life Line Screening have been verified by independent studies in hospitals in the US and the UK. Having said that, no test is 100% accurate, regardless of the medical provider, so you should follow up with your doctor in any case.

Is Life Line screening a good idea?

Once you enter your 50s, you should schedule annual medical checkups as a preventative measure, and as reported by various Life Line Screening reviews, this provider offers some of the quickest, cheapest, and most efficient screenings anywhere in the U.S.

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