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Best Car Insurance In Maryland: Top Providers

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Are you looking for the best car insurance in Maryland? Buying car insurance is mandatory in Maryland because it is a legal requirement of the state. 

Besides, it is good protection from financial losses that you may incur if you get involved in an accident. 

In this Maryland auto insurance guide, we will have a look at some of the best car insurance companies that you can find in the region.  If you are looking for insurance outside of this region, check out our list of best car insurance companies in the United States.

What Are the Minimum Requirements?

You will have to follow the car insurance requirements of Maryland if you are a resident there. The minimum car insurance coverage in Maryland is: 

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Maryland

Car insurance rates in Maryland depend on the area you’re living in, your age, your credit score, and other related things. In this section, we’ll have a brief look at various car insurance quotes in Maryland

The gender of a driver doesn’t play a big role in determining the insurance quote in the state. Still, there is a slight difference in the average car insurance rates of the two groups. The average cost of a male driver is $1,695 and for a female driver is $1,634.

State Average Costs by Age and Gender

Company 25-year-old female 25-year-old male 35-year-old female 35-year-old male 60-year-old female 60-year-old male
Allstate $2,059 $2,080 $2,268 $2,184 $2,171 $2,225
GEICO $1,356 $1,229 $1,271 $1,195 $1,208 $1,199
Nationwide $1,740 $1,891 $1,456 $1,475 $1,267 $1,357
Progressive $1,838 $1,811 $1,529 $1,363 $1,253 $1,292
State Farm $1,660 $1,881 $1,502 $1,502 $1,406 $1,406
USAA $1,150 $1,278 $1,021 $1,004 $950 $948


This table shows how your age plays a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the best car insurance in Maryland. All the companies mentioned in the table above have varying insurance rates. Among the six companies, in Maryland, Allstate has the most expensive car insurance rates. On the other hand, GEICO offers relatively cheaper rates. 

In this table, we have only analyzed how two factors – age and gender – influence insurance rates. Keep in mind that there are other individual factors such as your credit score and driving habits that determine your insurance rate.    

Cost of Car Insurance by Top Cities

City Average Rate
Baltimore $3,360
Columbia $1,446
Germantown $1,848
Silver Spring $2,352


It is true that within each state, the car insurance rates can vary drastically from city to city. The above table illustrates how the area you live in affects your car insurance rates. Of the four cities mentioned, Baltimore has the most expensive car insurance rates. The cheapest city to have car insurance is Columbia

Best Car Insurance in Maryland: Our Picks

AAA Auto Insurance

AAA is an old and reliable company that has been in the insurance business since the 1900s. It has an A+ rating from AM Best. It gives multiple membership discounts. The key feature of this car insurance company is its excellent roadside assistance service. Independent reviewers have found the company to be quite popular among customers.

Progressive Car Insurance

A renowned name in the world of insurance, Progressive auto insurance provides exciting discounts for customers in Maryland based on their good driving habits. This financially strong company has received fewer complaints than expected. It also scores well when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Travelers Auto Insurance in Maryland 

The company has a rating of A++ from AM Best. It indicates that the company is financially strong and has the ability to pay off claims. 

It scores well when it comes to other factors such as customer service, the ease of filing a claim, and claim resolution. Like its counterparts, the company also provides great discounts in addition to the standard coverage. 

Farm Bureau Maryland

The company has the AM Best A+ rating. It has good coverage plans and great discounts. It has excellent financial strength and can pay off its claim liability quite easily. 

State Farm Auto Insurance Company

State Farm has one of the best customer satisfaction ratings. It offers multiple discounts such as good student, multiple line, student away at school, accident-free, etc. State Farm has a dedicated claims network that is available to serve customers 24/7. Filing a claim with the company is absolutely hassle-free. 

Allstate  Auto Insurance

Allstate also enjoys immense popularity among customers. It has great features and coverage plans that make it one of the top car insurance providers in Maryland. It also offers discounts. 

USAA Auto Insurance

USAA has the best customer satisfaction ratings. In addition to the standard coverage option, it has other features such as accident forgiveness and rideshare insurance. It also offers multiple discounts to drivers based on their driving habits and other factors. 

GEICO Car Insurance

GEICO is one of the best car insurance providers in Maryland. The first thing that attracts a lot of customers to the company is its pocket-friendly insurance rates. In addition, it provides top-notch coverage options and scores well when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Low-Cost Auto Insurance in Maryland

We reviewed different auto insurance quotes in Maryland to find out which company provides the cheapest insurance. As mentioned above, insurance quotes are affected by different factors. Here is Maryland auto insurance companies list and the quotes that they offer based on various factors: 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Good Drivers in Maryland

  1. Erie: $1,185 per year
  2. Travelers: $1,307 per year
  3. GEICO: $1,316 per year
  4. Nationwide: $1,523 per year
  5. Progressive: $1,756 per year

Cheapest Car Insurance for Minimum Coverage in Maryland

  1. Erie: $573 per year
  2. GEICO: $645 per year
  3. Travelers: $691 per year
  4. Progressive: $924 per year
  5. Allstate: $982 per year

Cheapest Car Insurance for Good Drivers with Poor Credit in Maryland

  1. GEICO: $2,007 per year
  2. Nationwide: $2,045 per year
  3. Travelers: $2,472 per year
  4. Allstate: $2,576 per year
  5. Progressive: $2,631 per year

Cheapest for drivers with an at-fault accident in Maryland

  1. Erie: $1,547 per year
  2. Travelers: $1,893 per year
  3. GEICO: $1,943 per year
  4. Nationwide: $2,530 per year
  5. Allstate: $2,830 per year

Cheapest Insurance after a DUI in Maryland

  1. Erie: $1,240 per year
  2. GEICO: $1,811 per year
  3. Allstate: $1,893 per year
  4. Travelers: $2,101 per year
  5. Progressive: $2,120 per year

Cheapest Insurance after a Ticket in Maryland

  1. Erie: $1,240 per year
  2. GEICO: $1,586 per year
  3. Travelers: $1,817 per year
  4. Nationwide: $1,824 per year
  5. Progressive: $2,148 per year

Cheapest for a Married Couple in Maryland

  1. Erie: $2,023 per year
  2. Travelers: $2,151 per year
  3. Geico: $2,276 per year
  4. Nationwide: $2,279 per year
  5. Progressive: $2,402 per year

Cheapest for Families with a Teen in Maryland

  1. GEICO: $3,788 per year
  2. Erie: $4,041 per year
  3. Travelers: $4,146 per year
  4. Nationwide: $4,184 per year
  5. Progressive: $5,139 per year

Cheapest Minimum Coverage for Young Good Drivers

  1. Erie: $1,458 per year
  2. Travelers: $1,505 per year
  3. GEICO: $1,570 per year
  4. Nationwide: $1,746 per year
  5. Allstate: $1,967 per year

The above lists highlight how every company's insurance rates vary with regard to different factors. But, before you get attracted by the word ‘cheap’, you should make sure that you have understood the coverage plans of each company. 

Maryland Auto Insurance, Traffic Rules, and Penalties

In Maryland, it is illegal to drive any vehicle without proof of insurance. The penalties for not complying with auto insurance laws in Maryland are: 


Why is auto insurance in Maryland so expensive?

Car insurance in the state is expensive because the minimum state requirements are high. In Maryland, drivers should get both personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage.

Is Maryland a no-fault state?

The state is a no-fault state to determine who has financial liability. The driver who the authorities deem is responsible for the crash will have to pay for the damages.

How to reduce car insurance costs in Maryland?

Do the high rates of car insurance intimidate you? Here are some ways that can help you lower the insurance costs. 

The first thing that you can do is to be a responsible and good driver with fewer offenses. You should also evaluate your coverage requirements. 

Also, there are many insurers who offer bundle packages. If you buy auto and home insurance from a single insurer, you will be eligible for a discount on both insurance packages.

What is the best auto insurance in Maryland?

There are so many credible and old car insurance companies that are providing top-notch services in Maryland. Here is the list of the best companies based on their credit rating: 

Insurance Provider JD Power Score (Out of 1,000) AM Best Rating Better Business Bureau Rating
Amica Mutual 863 A+ A+
Geico 819 A++ A+
Progressive 816 A+ A+
State Farm 841 A++ NR
USAA 855 A++ A-

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