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Cheap Car Insurance Hawaii: Top Companies

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Are you looking for cheap car insurance in Hawaii? Well, you have come to the right place! With a wide range of options available on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to find the best car insurance in Hawaii. Whether you live in Honolulu, Hilo, or any other region in the state of Hawaii, with our detailed Comparison Table, and extensive guide on how to save on auto insurance in Hawaii, you can easily make an informed decision. So, let’s get started right away! Also, make sure to check out our list of top car insurance providers in the US. 

Minimum State Requirements

No matter which state you live in, there are certain laws that you need to follow. When it comes to Hawaii auto insurance requirements, motorists should know that they are not only required to have Hawaii minimum car insurance coverage but should also meet specific standards.

The requirements mentioned here serve as the lowest amount of insurance coverage that potential policyholders can purchase, however, individuals are free to purchase more advanced policies to enjoy additional benefits.

If you are ready to buy a new auto insurance policy, here are Hawaii minimum auto insurance requirements that can help you understand your responsibilities, know the mandatory insurance required in the state of Hawaii and make the right decision:

Average Costs

Average Car Insurance Cost Hawaii (Age)

Age Group Average Rate
20-30 $1,080.19
30-40 $1,079.69
40-50 $1,079.69
50-60 $1,079.69

When it comes to Hawaii car insurance quotes, premiums can depend on multiple things including your age. Insurance providers often consider age as one of the most important aspects before providing their potential customers with insurance quotes.

The reason behind this is that insurance companies use the age of the driver to determine the risk of accidents as well as the experience of the person behind the wheel. Older drivers often receive lower premiums for auto insurance, as they have more experience relatively and are less likely to get into accidents.

Hawaii Car Insurance Rates (Gender)

Gender Group Average Rate
Female $1,079.69
Male $1,079.69

As mentioned earlier, the premiums you pay for your car insurance policy depend upon several factors including the location of your vehicle, the homeowner status, and surprisingly, even your gender. According to studies, male drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents as compared to female drivers. However, female drivers still pay higher premiums on average for car insurance because they don’t drive as many miles as men do.

Best Car Insurance Rates in Hawaii (Top Cities)

City Average Rate
Honolulu $1,345
East Honolulu $1,342
Pearl City $1,344
Hilo $1,497

Along with factors like gender, age, homeowner status, and more, the premiums you pay for your policy also greatly depend on the location of your vehicle. When you reside or work in a major region in Hawaii, you might need to pay higher costs for insurance relatively. In the chart above, we have collected the average rates for some of the most popular cities in the state of Hawaii, including Honolulu, East Honolulu, Pearl City, and Hilo.

Cheapest Insurance Providers in Hawaii

Cheapest Car Insurance in Hawaii for Good Drivers

Allstate: 1,476 dollars per year

Liberty Mutual: 1,389 dollars per year

Island Insurance: 1,266 dollars per year

State Farm: 1,242 dollars per year

Geico: 867 dollars per year

Cheap Auto Insurance in Hawaii for Drivers with One At-Fault Crash

Allstate: 2,228 dollars per year

Liberty Mutual: 1,899 dollars per year

Island Insurance: 1,683 dollars per year

State Farm: 1,612 dollars per year

Geico: 1,065 dollars per year

Cheap Hawaii Car Insurance after a DUI

Farmers: 8,731 dollars per year

Liberty Mutual: 6,289 dollars per year

Allstate: 3,953 dollars per year

Geico: 3,424 dollars per year

State Farm: 1,873 dollars per year

Cheap Car Insurance in Hawaii after a Ticket in Hawaii

Allstate: 2,048 dollars per year

Liberty Mutual: 1,899 dollars per year

Farmers: 1,818 dollars per year

State Farm: 1,453 dollars per year

Geico: 898 dollars per year

Cheapest Insurance in Hawaii for Married Couples in Hawaii

Allstate: 2,198 dollars per year

Island Insurance: 2,110 dollars per year

State Farm: 2,061 dollars per year

Liberty Mutual: 1,546 dollars per year

Geico: 1,487 dollars per year

Hawaii Auto Insurance, Traffic Rules, and Penalties

Hawaii Car Insurance Laws

Hawaii auto insurance laws require drivers to buy insurance policies above the minimum state coverage requirement. However, motorists are free to purchase policies that offer more than the minimum amount to enjoy additional benefits of their choice. Once they fulfill the minimum state insurance requirements, people in Hawaii need to carry proof of their auto insurance while driving. This can either be an electronic insurance card or even a legal document.

Individuals that aren’t insured properly, or fail to carry the required proof of car insurance coverage with them while they drive in the state, could be subjected to hefty fines and penalties. If you are a first-time offender, you can expect punishment of license suspension and a fine of 500 dollars. For subsequent offenses, your fine can increase majorly along with an increase in the duration of your license suspension.

Hawaii Traffic Laws

Whether you are looking to learn about texting and driving laws, DUI laws, or circumstances in which a person could lose their driving privileges in Hawaii, we have got you covered. When it comes to traffic laws in Hawaii, there are two different types of speeding laws. One is maximum speed limits and the other is the basic speeding law. Both are explained as follows:

Maximum Speed Limits

The maximum speed limits of Hawaii are extremely straightforward and simple to understand. If you exceed the standard limit, you can be served with a ticket for violating the law. Maximum speed limits are to be followed by all motorists. Along with posted limits, this state also imposes a maximum speed limit of 3.5 miles/hour on mopeds.

Basic Speeding Law

According to the basic speeding law of Hawaii, drivers are prohibited to drive at a speed greater than what is considered as “reasonable” under given circumstances. According to this law, motorists are required to take all existing hazards and inevitable conditions such as weather, visibility, traffic, and more into consideration.

Speeding Ticket Penalties

Once again, the consequences of a driver’s speeding violation mainly depend on their circumstances. Usually, speeding tickets in Hawaii result in the following fines:

First violation: 200 dollars

A second violation within a year: 300 dollars

A subsequent violation within a year: 500 dollars

If a speed of over 10 miles/per hour over the standard limit is involved then a surcharge of 10 dollars is also added to the ticket served to the offender.

Construction and School Zones

If you speed in a construction or school zone in Hawaii, you will be served with a fine of 250 dollars plus a surcharge of 125 dollars for school zones and 100 dollars for construction zones.

Excessive Speeding

Drivers that are caught driving at a speed of 80 miles/hour or more than that, or simply exceeding the standard speed limit by 35 miles/hour or more can be cited with an ‘excessive speeding’ ticket. The penalties for this traffic violation are as follows:

First Offense: First-time offenders can be served with a fine of 500 to 1000 dollars along with surcharges of up to 125 dollars, 36 hours of community service, suspension of their license for up to 30 days, or from 48 hours to 5 days of jail time.

Second Offense: People who indulge in a second offense within 5 years can be served with a fine of 750 to 1000 dollars along with a surcharge of up to 125 dollars, community service of a minimum of 120 hours, 5-14 days of jail time or a mandatory license suspension of 30 days.

Third Offense: When individuals violate any traffic law for the third time within 5 years, they are fined 1000 dollars plus surcharges of up to 125 dollars, 10-30 days of jail time, and revocation of their license for 90 days.

Drivers that are convicted of excessive speed in Hawaii are required to complete a driver education assessment and also study a driving restraining course.

Vehicular Homicide and Reckless Driving

If reckless driving is involved in a speeding violation, the driver can be served with punishment for reckless driving. Additionally, if a speeding offense leads to the death of an individual, the driver may be charged with negligent vehicular charges.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Hawaii


Company Best For Car Insurance Market Share (%) AM Best Ratings Rates

  • Multiple policy discounts
  • Top-rated mobile app

13.78 A++

  • Low: $1,087.80
  • Medium: $1,167.93
  • High: $1,254.53


  • Multiple premium discounts
  • Rideshare insurance
  • Multiple policy discounts

6.6 A++

  • Low: $829.82
  • Medium: $884.69
  • High: $939.52

State Farm

  • Multiple policy discounts
  • Useful mobile app

16.1 A++

  • Low: $1,143.10
  • Medium: $1,234.01
  • High: $1,325.66


  • A large network of agents
  • Many discounts
  • Easy-to-file claims

9.3 A+

  • Low: $1,772.46
  • Medium: $1,880.37
  • High: $1,983.44


  • Special coverage options for new cars
  • Rideshare insurance
  • Insures antique and collectible cars

4 A

  • Low: $1,582.46
  • Medium: $1,681.97
  • High: $1,786.91


  • Multiple premium discounts
  • Rideshare insurance
  • Gap insurance

8 A+

  • Low: $1,125
  • Medium: $1,126
  • High: $1,200

Detailed Reviews


Along with being one of the companies offering the cheapest car insurance in Hawaii, GEICO car insurance is also known for providing customers with a primary online-only insurance experience. This company offering car insurance in Hawaii is an affordable and excellent choice for a large number of people. It allows customers to receive quotes online, through their user-friendly app, or even over the phone. Interested individuals can buy their policy online without interacting with any insurance agent altogether.

Whether you are looking for the best auto insurance in Phoenix, Hawaii, or any other region in the state, GEICO can help you find a policy that fulfills all your needs. The company also offers rideshare insurance that can make a good choice for individuals with a rideshare account. With an impressive mobile app, high customer service rating, and a wide range of policies available, GEICO is one of the most compelling auto insurance providers on our list!


If you are in search of the best auto insurance in Hawaii, USAA car insurance may be the ideal choice for you. This provider not only offers cheap auto insurance in Hawaii but it also offers several premium discounts and multiple coverage options that can help customers find just the right policy for their needs.

As compared to other car insurance companies in Hawaii, USAA has a small drawback; it doesn’t have any insurance agents onboard. However, the company enables its customers to get quotes online or over the phone. The company has an extraordinary reputation when it comes to customer satisfaction and financial strength, making it one of the most popular options for individuals looking to get their car insured.

State Farm

State Farm car insurance is a great option for individuals looking for low-cost car insurance in Hawaii! It offers several coverage options and therefore is quite difficult to beat. Since State Farm offers a wide range of discounts and coverage options to customers and also enables them to combine their policy with renter’s or homeowners insurance, pet insurance, and even life insurance. State Farm also enables customers to receive personalized assistance by getting in touch with local agents. Furthermore, their customer representatives are available 24/7!


Allstate car insurance is a Hawaii car insurance provider, offering multiple easy-to-use tools to customers along with great discounts. It has a wide network of around 10,800 agents, enabling every customer to get the service they desire. While Allstate is great for individuals that are tech-savvy and are looking for digital tools for easy access to insurance services, it is quite expensive as compared to other options on the market.


Farmers car insurance is a reputable Hawaii auto insurance company that provides users with a wide range of insurance coverage options. Farmers can be a great choice for individuals looking for new car replacement coverage. The company also offers insurance for collectibles and antique vehicles. While Farmers is one of the best auto insurance companies in Hawaii, its customer service and pricing is known to be average.


Whether you are looking for cheap car insurance in Tucson, Hawaii, or any other region in the state, Progressive car insurance can offer you the right solution according to your specific needs. This is one of the top auto insurance companies in Hawaii that has special mobile and online-only rates along with phone call centers and professional insurance agents. With Progressive, you can easily receive quotes, purchase policies, and qualify for several discounts through their online platform.

With all the aforementioned information on cheap car insurance in Hawaii, we hope you find something worth your while. Use our extensive guide to understand what to look for in auto insurance providers and make sure to select a company that helps fulfill all your unique car insurance needs!


Why is auto insurance in Hawaii so expensive?

Auto insurance in the state of Hawaii is quite expensive because Hawaii is a no-fault state. Potential policyholders can expect to pay around 1,165 dollars a year for full coverage or 487 dollars a year for minimum coverage. That being said, auto insurance policies in this state are relatively cheap with the average rate being 1079 dollars i.e. less than the overall average of the nation by 24.4%.

Is Hawaii a no-fault state?

Yes. Hawaii is a ‘no-fault state’. This means that the insurance company you purchase your policy from will be responsible for paying the bills of all injuries suffered by you and the other person, up to the limit of personal injury protection benefits.

How to reduce car insurance costs in Hawaii?

There are multiple ways of having your auto insurance premiums reduced in Hawaii. Policyholders can take advantage of the discounts and rewards offered by their insurance provider. Most auto insurance companies offer various discounts including:

  • Accident-free driver discounts
  • Passive restraint discounts (this is for cars that have automatic seat belts or airbags installed)
  • Package discounts for having your home and vehicle insured by the same insurer
  • Nonsmoker discounts
  • Multiple vehicle discounts
  • Good student discounts

Policyholders can also have their premiums reduced by choosing higher deductibles for their collision and comprehensive coverages.

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