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Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

If you are a pet owner, you know keeping a pet comes with many responsibilities that quickly adds to your overall expenses. No matter the type of animal you own, the costs of food, treats, beds, toys, and other necessities are a given. However, the major cost comes from veterinary expenses.

Whether you are looking for pet insurance in Meridian, Nampa, Boise, or any other city within the Gem State, Idaho, we have got you covered! Getting pet insurance in this Northwestern state can help you prepare for any unanticipated pet emergencies. While you may need to pay a low monthly cost to get the best pet insurance in Idaho, your policy can pay for up to thousands of dollars in unexpected veterinary bills.

Since the pet industry is gaining extreme popularity, pet owners today have countless insurance-provider options to choose from. To help you purchase the policy that best fits your needs, we have rounded up quality insurance plans in this detailed review guide. Also, make sure to check the list of our best pets insurance companies. Let’s get started!

Which Pet Insurance Is the Best In Idaho?

To come up with accurate and detailed pet insurance reviews, we conduct extensive research and carry out the necessary comparisons. Our review method includes the  following steps:

We start by analyzing the company’s official website to identify the coverage types it offers, highlighted features, company policy, and more.

Next, we use the website ourselves to determine if it is easy-to-navigate and user-friendly, whether it caters to tech-savvy clients or traditional ones, and if it includes sufficient information regarding the policies.

Lastly, we study customer reviews to determine the customer satisfaction rate and service quality. We also collect data on the market reputation and the financial strength of the company.

So, if you are looking for a reliable pet insurance Idaho review, you have come to the right place!

Some of the best pet insurance companies in Idaho include:

How Much Are the Vet Expenses in Idaho?

The vet expenses can be quite high, no matter the pet you own or the location you reside in. To ensure a long, healthy life for your fur baby, you must take all the necessary steps. Following are some basic vet costs of owning a pet in Idaho:

Other veterinary costs may include:

Be sure to learn about Idaho pet laws before you sign up for any pet insurance coverage!

Pet Insurance Cost in Idaho

Pet insurance Idaho cost can vary depending on your pet’s age and breed, and your geographical location. Following are sample pet insurance cost followed throughout Idaho:

Yearly pet bills:

The average cost of affordable pet insurance for cats and dogs:

Which Types of Coverages are Offered?

Since every animal is unique, the right pet insurance policies can greatly differ. Even pet insurance for cats and pet insurance for dogs vary depending on the species, age, and breed. Here is a list of various pet insurance bundles for multiple pets that can help you make an informed decision:

Accident Only Pet Insurance

The accident-only insurance policy covers vet expenses for an unexpected or sudden injury or accident within the 12-month insurance policy period. This is a low-budget option and can help cover minor accidents and health issues. However, time and financial limits may be applicable as per the terms of your policy.

Time-Limited Pet Insurance

Time-limited policies enable policyholders to claim an eligible medical condition. However, you can make a claim only up to a particular amount. This policy covers each new condition up to a 12-month financial policy. Once the financial limit and the time period exceed, policyholders will be liable for any further treatment expenses for that specific condition.

Accident and Illness Coverage

Accident and illness coverage is one of the most useful pet wellness plans, allowing users to pay for costs they owe if their pet is diagnosed with a disease or illness. The average cost covered for your pet’s conditions within this policy is 35 – 55 dollars a month.

Comprehensive Cover

A comprehensive pet insurance policy covers any illnesses or accidents your pet may experience. It also covers some of the expenses for vaccinations, routine care, and behavior training courses. The average cost of this policy is 60 dollars or more per month.

Maximum Benefit

Maximum benefit coverage is a mid-budget insurance option, which offers coverage for new medical conditions up to a certain financial limit. There is no time limit on the policyholder’s claim, meaning you can file a claim as long as your policy remains in force.

Lifetime Pet Insurance Policies

Lifetime pet insurance is a premium option. As the name suggests, this policy covers your pet animal for the duration of its lifetime. However, policyholders are required to renew it every year. Under this policy, all medical conditions of your pet are covered up to a certain financial limit. If the limit ends, the coverage stops for a specific condition until you have the policy renewed.

What Is Not Covered?

Since all pet owners are usually pet lovers (at least that is how it should be), we certainly understand how disappointing it can be that insurance policies don’t cover all costs. Following are some common things that might not be covered:

Pet Pre-Existing Conditions

An injury or illness your pet suffered from before you signed up for your policy is typically not covered. However, not all companies exclude all pre-existing medical conditions permanently. Often, if the policyholder has medical records from their vet stating your pet’s condition has been cured for at least six months, you might be able to get the condition covered.

Costs that Aren’t Related Directly to Vet Services

Expenses such as credit card fees, waste disposal, record access, and tax are not eligible for reimbursements.

Grooming Services

Pet insurance policies often don’t cover costs for grooming services, such as baths, shampoos, nail trims, and dips.


Best Pet Insurance Companies in Idaho


Company Best for Coverages What pet insurance is not covering Starting rate monthly
Pets Best Direct veterinarian reimbursement

Several discounts available

Flat-rate accident-only and wellness plans

Convenient online tools

Extremely low premiums

Accident-only coverage

Accident and illness

Wellness benefits

End-of-life expenses such as burial or cremation Cats: $6

Dogs: 9$

ASPCA Options for wellness, illness, and accident coverage

Provider comparison tool

Any veterinarian

Covers horses, cats, and dogs

Accident-only policy

Accident and illness policy

Treatments like cosmetic procedures, organ transplants, and non-veterinary services Cats: $9.87

Dogs: $13.94

Trupanion 24/7 customer service

Pricing guarantee

All plans include 90% coverage

$0 deductible available

No annual limits

Single base plan All forms of preventive treatments

Examination fees

Cats: $17.23

Dogs: $24.94

PetFirst Helpful online resources

Professional and multi-pet discounts

Accident coverage begins within 24 hours

Low deductibles

Accident and illness policy Cosmetic procedures and parasites Cats: $8.75

Dogs: $12.46

Figo 30-day money-back guarantee

No maximum enrollment age

Great customer service options

24/7 virtual vet visits

No network limitations

One core plan package with tiered annual limits Preventive care, wellness, parasite treatments, and coprophagia Cats: $7.67

Dogs: $12.98

Healthy Paws Backed by Chubb

Automatically compares rates with competitors

Quick and easy claims process

Unlimited annual benefits

Accident and illness policy Exam fees, preventive care, end-of-life costs like burial or cremation Cats: $8.01

Dogs: $20.33

Detailed reviews

Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best combines industry-leading low costs and coverage options that are customizable according to your personal needs. The company offers convenient online services, allowing customers to file their claims digitally, and have their vet costs directly reimbursed for all covered visits. Pets Best is one of the ideal choices for pet parents for top-notch customer service and great value.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA Pet insurance offers pet policies through Crum & Foster. As compared to the norms of the pet insurance industry, annual limits at ASPCA pet insurance run through the low-middle range. Therefore, for users looking for unlimited benefits, this insurance provider might not be the right choice. While preventive care premiums are cheaper at ASPCA, the accident and illness ones run higher.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion offers low-premium plans customers can easily afford. However, when policyholders choose lower deductibles, the premiums might get extremely high. If you are mainly looking for an insurance policy that offers protection for unanticipated events, buying from Trupanion Pet Insurance might be the ideal choice for you.

PetFirst Pet Insurance

PetFirst pet insurance offers extremely easy to navigate and understand insurance plans. They also provide excellent customer support. The only major constraint with this insurance provider is its policy limits. Therefore, you must ensure you need more than 10,000 dollars in annual coverage before finalizing a plan.

Figo Pet Insurance

The pet insurance policies that Figo pet insurance offers easily fit almost any budget. One great thing about this insurance provider is that there is no age limit when enrolling pets for coverage. However, senior pet animals might be subject to some restrictions, like proof of recent wellness testing, etc. Figo also offers 24-hour access to a live vet in case of emergencies.

Healthy Paws Insurance

Healthy Paws pet insurance makes the entire process of getting pet insurance coverage extremely simple for potential policyholders. It offers one policy and only a few details to worry about. While some pet owners might prefer the efficient purchasing process, others might not like the lack of control over the type and amount of coverage they can get.

Before you settle for a pet insurance company and a coverage option, make sure it lines up with the needs of your pet!


Is it worth it to have pet insurance in Idaho?

Yes. Every pet parent should consider signing up for pet insurance policies. Even if you have sufficient financial resources to pay for all vet costs, you can still save thousands of dollars if your little one gets injured or sick. Moreover, if you own multiple pet animals, the expenses could considerably add up without pet insurance.

What pets are illegal in Idaho?

Following are some pets that are illegal in Idaho:

  • Sheep
  • Tigers
  • Lions
  • Jaguars
  • Cheetahs
  • Wolves
  • European Hedgehog
  • Deer

According to Idaho law, you are also forbidden to have non-native animals considered dangerous to the state’s agriculture, livestock, wildlife, and environment.

Is it legal to have a pet squirrel in Idaho?

Yes, rodents that aren’t prohibited by federal law, including mice, squirrels, rats, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

How many dogs can you own in Idaho?

You can own two dogs in Idaho.

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