Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Providers

May 27, 2021

Consumer trends are changing, and everyone wants simple, fast, and easy solutions nowadays. The life insurance industry with millions of customers is not an exception. More than 50% of Americans are now opting for life insurance no medical exam, offering much hassle-free and faster services than traditional life insurance. 

The rise in demand for no medical life insurance is also fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers don’t want to risk going to the hospital; therefore, they switch to easier and safer online insurance options. While life insurance no medical exam is technically the same as traditional life insurance, the policy requirements differ very much.

What’s more, you can get final expense life insurance or term and whole life insurance without a medical exam at rates similar to traditional life insurance.

Methodology: How We Reviewed

Life insurance with no medical exam means no waiting period. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then you are at the right place. We’ve made a detailed guide for you on how to find the best no-exam life insurance.  

We conducted substantial research, pored over different insurance policies from reputable companies, read through customer and third-party reviews, and conducted financial strength analysis before compiling this article.

Here, you can expect to find the key features of the recommended policies, their pros and cons, available discounts, and additional benefits. You will also get to know information on the requirements laid out by each insurance provider and a comparison of no-exam life insurance rates to help you get the best available deal in the market.

What Is No-Medical Life Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, no medical life insurance is like traditional life insurance. However, to apply for traditional life insurance, you need to get a detailed medical exam. While for the no-medical exam life insurance, your previous medical records are used to draft your new life insurance package.

The two types of life insurance policies without a medical exam are term life insurance and whole life insurance.

Key Features
Expert Review
  • AM Best rating A
  • Standard and Poor rating A+
  • Very few complaints
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Expert Review
  • AM Best Rating A++
  • Amazing online application portal available
  • Simple application process
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Expert Review
  • A+ AM best rating
  • Excellent customer satisfaction score
  • High insurance policy face value.
  • Competitive pricing
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Expert Review
  • AM Best rating A
  • Lower than average rates
  • Amazing riders
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Expert Review
  • AM Best Rating A+
  • Easy application
  • Fast response time
  • Great options for term life insurance lengths
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Expert Review
  • Best for accelerated underwriting
  • AM Best Rating A+
  • The lowest number of complaints compared to other life insurers
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Expert Review
  • Best for seniors
  • AM Best rating A++
  • Very few complaints
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Expert Review
  • Best for flexible coverage
  • AM Best rating (indirectly) A-
  • Quick application process
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BrightHouse life insurance company is our winner for multiple reasons. First of all, it is the flexibility and number of coverage options it has to offer. Secondly, the company has excellent third-party ratings as well as superior financial strength ratings from multiple reviewing organizations.

  • There is a vast multitude of available insurance policies.
  • The policies can be combined to create a customized package.
  • The term coverage can be changed to whole life insurance.
  • The insurance policy can be renewed up to 95 years of age.
  • There is no need to provide lengthy medical reports or answer a plethora of questions.
  • The company offers very limited riders.
  • The policy has to be purchased through a finance professional as the process can be difficult to understand.

Haven Life insurance is considered to be one of the best insurance companies, with superior financial strength ratings from AM Best and other reviewing organizations. 

  • Medical exams are not required for a few applicants.
  • It has very few customer complaints, which is surprising for a company of that size.
  • There are additional technologies and an amazing online application portal available.
  • The company offers a straightforward application process.
  • The provider has pretty strict policies.
  • The company is not flexible.

The company boasts about its AM Best Rating of A+ (superior). According to a report by J.D. Power, it’s also one of the best insurers in terms of customer satisfaction. It holds the fifth position among other companies. 

  • The company has a solid market reputation.
  • It offers pretty competitive prices.
  • There is a wide range of insurance options.
  • The insurer provides a high insurance policy face value.
  • The insurance policy can be customized to suit customer’s specific requirements.
  • The company is not as advanced in terms of online resources as its competitors.
  • The number of available coverage options may be overwhelming.

AIG is a trusted name in the market, with excellent financial strength ratings from multiple reviewing organizations. If you are looking for excellent rates, ease of use, a simple application process, and flexibility, AIG no-exam life insurance might be ideal for you. 

  • The company offers amazing life insurance rates.
  • There is a possibility of getting back the premiums if customers change their mind regarding the type of coverage or a particular policy.
  • The cash in policy can be accessed through various ways, which is very flexible.
  • The insurer offers a limited range of no-exam policies.

Bestow, too, is among the top insurance service providers today. The company has much to offer its customers, including a wide range of insurance options, flexibility, excellent rates, and ideal customer support service.

  • A medical exam is not required.
  • The application process is extremely easy and very straightforward.
  • Insurance policy sales are not commission-based.
  • Many insurance options are available.
  • The chances of application rejection are higher with a complex medical history.
  • Bestow’s services are more costly than the market average.

Lincoln has one of the best market reputations among all other insurance companies. The company is truly customer-centric, offering flexible coverage options and an excellent customer satisfaction score.

  • It has very few complaints considering the company’s size.
  • Customer support via phone is available 24/7.
  • The company has a very quick complaint resolution period.
  • Some of its requirements and regulations may be off-putting for some customers.

AARP offers a wide range of insurance policies issued by the New York Life Insurance Company. The company does not provide life insurance in New York, but you can avail of their services in all other US states.

  • A medical exam is not required.
  • The company offers excellent coverage options.
  • AARP members can get a life insurance coverage after the age of 50.
  • The insurer has very few complaints.
  • The company revises and increases insurance premium rates every few years.

If you are looking for high-value life insurance at reasonable rates, look no further than Ladder life insurance. The company provides many insurance policies, including no-medical exam life insurance, at excellent rates. It is a name you can trust, as it’s evident through the exceptional financial strength ratings and reviews available online.

  • The company has a quick approval process.
  • There is an option of customizing an application, such as increasing or decreasing the coverage period.
  • The company has an excellent customer satisfaction score.
  • The insurer does not provide services in New York.
  • There are no supplementary benefits, which is quite off-putting for many.

Term Life Insurance – No Medical Exam

Term life insurance provides coverage to a policyholder for a certain term. If the person passes away while the policy is in effect, the insurer pays the predetermined death benefit to the beneficiaries. If the policy expires while the policyholder is still alive, they can renew it or opt for permanent life insurance. The policyholder can even choose not to renew it at all and completely discontinue the insurance.

The only difference between the regular term and no medical term life insurance policy is that the latter does not require a complete medical evaluation before applying for life insurance coverage. Instead, you will be asked to submit your complete medical history, including lab reports, surgeries, and previous medical records. Based on the documents you provide, the company will offer insurance rates.

Whole Life Insurance – No Medical Exam

Whole life insurance consists of many components, including life savings and retirement savings, which makes it more expensive than other insurance policies. This insurance lasts for a lifetime.

Here, too, if you decide to opt for a no-medical exam whole life insurance policy, you will have to provide existing medical records, lab reports, and history instead of going for a complete medical exam.

If you cannot decide between term life vs whole life insurance, we have an article to help you decide.

How Does No Medical Life Insurance Work?

It is like a typical life insurance policy, just a little more expensive. For no-exam life insurance, you don’t have to go through medical tests. Your previous medical reports, lab tests, and medical history are sufficient to obtain life insurance coverage.

You can even get a guaranteed issue life insurance policy without a medical exam. Basically, these insurance policies ensure you will get insurance coverage regardless of your age, health, or medical history through a simple and easy process.

Instead of going for a lengthy medical exam, you only have to answer a few general questions about your health, provide old medical exams and any recent reports, if you have any. You have to be open and honest about your medical records and also inform the insurance company of your family’s medical history.

While extremely convenient, these policies are more expensive than traditional life insurance because of a higher premium. They also have a cap on the amount of death benefit you can receive, which is usually around $25,000. In fact, it may even be lower, depending on your medical history, age, and other factors.

Which Policy Do You Need?

Even with no medical exam, you can get a term life insurance policy worth $2 million. If you decide to opt for whole life insurance, you can get coverage for up to $50,000 without a medical exam. Of course, the exact value of the insurance policy depends upon your needs and the package you choose.

Here you need to ask yourself, “How much life insurance do I need?” You don’t want to end up paying $200 to $300 a month for coverage you don’t require. But the catch here is that there really isn’t a set guide for determining how much life insurance you should have.

You should take into account your health, age, medical requirements, and your family’s history to get a general idea. You could also reach out to an insurance provider to determine how much insurance you need.

Some suggest that your life insurance policy should be almost ten times higher than your annual salary. Another option is to multiply your annual salary by the number of years left until your retirement. All in all, there is no straightforward answer to “How much term life insurance do I need?” To choose your insurance type and amount, we recommend you do thorough research.

Guaranteed Life Insurance

As mentioned earlier, you can also get guaranteed issue life insurance without a medical exam. It is ideal for seniors or individuals with a troubled medical history. In fact, any high-risk patients will definitely not get traditional life insurance coverage. Thus, they often switch to guaranteed issue life insurance policy, where the chances of the application getting rejected are next to none. To get the coverage, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your medical history. You’ll definitely receive basic coverage, at the least.

Simplified Life Insurance

The simplified issue life insurance policy is a little trickier than others and comes with set rules and regulations that you need to fulfill to be eligible. However, the application process is super simple, and you can get life insurance by answering a few questions. The problem, though, is that the rate of application rejection is quite high.

You need to be young and have excellent health and good medical history to qualify for the simplified issue insurance policy. It is ideal for those who want insurance right away and do not have the time or the desire to go for an extensive medical exam.

But there is a catch. Even the best simplified issue life insurance companies do not offer extensive coverage. The maximum coverage you can get is no more than $50,000. You may also find that some companies have hidden terms and conditions that require you to submit a detailed medical examination report before you qualify.

Temporary Life Insurance Coverage Without Medical Exam

Life insurance applications can take what may seem like forever. While you wait till your application gets processed, you can get temporary coverage to make sure you are always covered. 

To get temporary life insurance, you must be between 15 to 65 years. You can get up to $500,000 and maybe even more through temporary coverage. As long as you paid all your premiums, your family and beneficiaries will get a payout in case you pass away before your policy goes into effect. If you’re older than 65, the chances of getting temporary coverage are slim. 

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance policy covers a group of people at the same time. Usually, employers purchase group life insurance to provide coverage for their employees. Actually, it’s only available via your employer and cannot be purchased on your own. The insurer does not require a medical exam and, thus, group life insurance falls under the category of life insurance policies with no medical exam.

No-Exam Life Insurance Pricing

Getting a life insurance policy without a medical exam sounds like a dream come true, and it quite frankly is. However, it does come with higher charges. In fact, no-exam life insurance cost used to be significantly higher than that of traditional life insurance policies, as insurance providers tried to undermine the risk associated with issuing life insurance coverage without adequate medical records.

Thanks to technological advancements, that is no longer true. Insurance companies now use technology that helps them predict applicants’ potential medical problems based on their answers about their current lifestyle and previous medical records.

How Much Life Insurance Can You Get Without a Medical Exam?

The exact coverage varies depending on the service provider, your medical history, age, lifestyle, and other factors. If you are young, healthy, and lead an active lifestyle, you can get coverage for up to $2 million with term life insurance. In case you want to opt for whole life insurance, the maximum you can obtain is up to $50,000. These rates are based on ideal situations, and the actual coverage options available to you might be different.

Can You Get No-Exam Life Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions?

Both guaranteed issue and no-medical exam life insurance policies provide coverage for a wide range of medical conditions. However, they obviously come at a higher price and with additional stipulations.

You may receive a lower death benefit, end up paying higher premiums and get lower deductibles. Keep in mind that if you have a terminal illness, you may not be able to get temporary life insurance coverage at all. Also, it may take longer to obtain life insurance for someone with poor health, and the chances of rejection, in this case, are high too.

Tips for Buying No-Exam Life Insurance Instantly

There really isn’t a set guideline on how to buy no medical life insurance. However, the following tips can make the process easier and a lot faster for you.

  • How much life insurance do you need?

Use a life insurance calculator first to determine how much coverage you need. You may find that a simple no-exam life insurance policy may not be enough to cover your insurance requirements. Perhaps, you’ll have to get additional coverage with a medical exam to fulfill your needs. Thus, make sure you consider your requirements before purchasing an insurance policy.

  • Will you get approved?

We all wish to skip the long wait and just get approval on our insurance applications within minutes. What wouldn’t we give for getting life insurance coverage without having to go through a medical exam? However, not everyone is eligible for life insurance no medical exam.

Make sure you don’t waste your time, energy, and hopes on a no-exam life insurance policy when your chances of getting it are slim. Every insurance company has detailed guidelines and eligibility criteria. Read through them before applying.

  • It’s more than just rates

When researching life insurance policies, use a cost of life insurance calculator, but don’t base your decision purely on the prices. You should also look at the coverage, benefits, and potential problems in the long run.

  • Be honest on your application

Insurance companies double-check your medical history and will likely find out if you have lied on your application. If you get caught lying once, your application will take longer than usual to process. The next time you may even get rejected because of dishonesty on your previous application. In extreme cases, this can even be considered insurance fraud. If you want to avoid unnecessary delays, be honest.

Bottom Line

There are three main types of life insurance policies, offering insurance coverage without a medical exam:

  • Term life insurance
  • Simplified issue life insurance
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance

Term Life Insurance No Medical Exam 


  • The application process is quick.
  • The company offers competitive insurance policy rates.


  • The maximum insurance coverage amount is $1 million. 

Simplified Issue Life Insurance No Medical Exam 


  • The application process is quick. 


  • The coverage amount is limited to $500,000.
  • It’s more expensive than other insurance policies.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance No Medical Exam 


  • The application cannot get denied, guaranteeing customers receive the coverage.
  • There’s no need to answer health questions.


  • There is a long waiting period for benefit payout.
  • It’s more expensive than other insurance types.
  • It offers the lowest coverage.

Overall Pros of No-Medical Exam Life Insurance

  • The ease of application process offered by no medical life insurance policies is hard to beat.
  • It keeps applicants safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic and limits their exposure to the virus by eliminating the need to visit the hospital.
  • It is perfect for customers who don’t need much coverage.
  • It is ideal for those looking for a quick and simple solution. (If you need to show proof of insurance coverage for any official purpose, the no-medical exam life insurance may be a perfect option for you.)

Overall Cons of No-Medical Exam Life Insurance

  • There are limited coverage options available.
  • There is a chance of overpaying for your insurance.


Can You Get Life Insurance Without an Exam?

Yes, you can get term life insurance, whole life insurance, guaranteed issue, and simplified issue life insurance without a medical exam.

How Much Life Insurance Can You Get Without an Exam?

You can get up to $2 million in coverage for term life insurance without an exam and up to $50,000 in coverage for whole life insurance without a medical exam.

What Is the Best No-Exam Life Insurance?

The best no-exam life insurance depends upon your requirements.

What Life Insurance Does Not Require Medical Exam?

Guaranteed issue and simplified issue life insurance do not require a medical exam. Here, you can get insurance coverage by answering a few simple questions about your health, family history, and lifestyle.

What Is the Maximum Amount of Life Insurance I Can Get?

You can get a maximum of $2 million worth of life insurance with term life insurance.