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Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Texas

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Are you looking for the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Texas? We have got you covered! No matter what type of motorcycle insurance coverage you need in The Lone State, this detailed guide to Texas motorcycle insurance would help you make an informed decision. Whether you own a touring, standard, custom, antique, sport, cruiser, or moped bike, you can turn to us for the best coverage options. So, let’s get started right away!

Texas’s Motorcycle Insurance Laws

Like car drivers, motorcyclists must follow the  Texas motorcycle insurance requirements within the state to remain safe and protected. Even if you don’t reside in Texas, there are certain auto insurance laws that you need to be familiar with to ride in the state without worrying about being served with hefty penalties.

Is Texas a No-Fault State?

No. Texas is not a no-fault state. It is an at-fault state where individuals involved in accidents caused by other parties are not responsible for offering any compensation. However, the person who caused the accident is responsible for paying for the property damage and injuries they caused using their comprehensive coverage.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required In Texas?

Yes. Texas requires every motorist to have motorcycle insurance. Moreover, riders need to present proof of their insurance policy before registering their motor vehicles. Failure to do so can lead to hefty penalties, such as license suspension and fines. Furthermore, if you are uninsured and get into an accident, you will be required to pay out-of-pocket medical costs and vehicle repair.

What Is the Required State Minimum Coverage?

Every rider in Texas is required to have motorcycle insurance. According to state law, the following is the minimum liability coverage all riders in Texas must be insured with:

Individuals aren’t required to have medical payments and uninsured motorist coverage to drive a motorcycle in the state of Texas. However, riders are recommended motorcycle insurance coverage in Texas to enjoy maximum protection and coverage for their property damage or injuries during an accident.

Are Texas Motorcyclists Required to Purchase Auto No-Fault Insurance?

When it comes to no-fault insurance coverage, under the laws of the state of Texas, unless a policyholder waives their rights, all motorcycle insurance policies need to include the following three primary no-fault coverage types:

Are Texas Motorcyclists Required to Purchase Liability Insurance (PLPD)?

Any individual operating a motorcycle in Texas must at least have liability insurance. This type of coverage pays for the damage you cause to others in an accident due to your own fault. Liability insurance doesn’t cover the expenses of repair or damage to your motor vehicle.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost in Texas?

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance In Texas?

When it comes to determining the motorcycle insurance (Texas) average cost, multiple factors contribute to this calculation. Some of these factors include your age, bike type, modifications to your bike, driving experience, credit score, driving history, and where you live.

Each state in the U.S. has specific minimum coverage requirements. In Texas, the injury coverage per person per accident is 30,000 dollars, injury coverage for all injuries is 60,000 dollars, and property damage coverage is 25,000 dollars. Additionally, according to Texas law, motorists are required to buy personal injury protection worth 2,500 dollars. Policyholders are free to purchase more coverage as per their needs.

Average Motorcycle Insurance Texas Rates Compared to National Average

If you are looking for cheap motorcycle insurance in Texas, you might be disappointed. Texas has one of the highest motorcycle insurance premiums average rates of any state. The yearly premium of the state fall around 62 dollars a month and 749 dollars a year.

What Factors Influence Motorcycle Insurance Rates?

Following are some of the factors that influence motorcycle insurance rates around the world:

Age and Motorcycle Riding Experience

As your age increases and until you reach 70, your motorcycle insurance rates will decrease because newbie riders pose the highest risk for insurers. Along with age, the experience of the rider matters too. Experienced riders pay fewer premiums compared to inexperienced ones.


Your residential location has a major impact on the premiums you pay for motorcycle insurance. Colder states tend to have fewer road accidents and motorcycle insurance claims due to shortened riding seasons. More than often, motorists end up paying higher premiums in warmer states.

Vehicle Usage

The annual mileage also has a great impact on how the insurance rate calculation. In simple words, the more a person rides, the higher premiums they pay.

Traffic and Speeding Tickets

Whether you are served with a speeding ticket on your bike or your car, it goes permanently on your record. A speeding ticket is likely to increase your charges for motorcycle insurance. In most states, violations are removed from a driving record after three years. After the specified period, a person’s insurer cannot charge them for it.

Bike Type

When it comes to the model of the motorcycles, the potential policyholder with the bigger engine will most likely pay more for insurance.


Many insurance providers check credit. Therefore, if you have a good credit score, you might end up saving money on insurance.

What Are Some Discounts Available?

Some of the discounts offered by insurance providers include:

Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies in Texas

How Did We Choose the Best Companies?

By compiling a list of companies offering the best services, you can secure insurance at a  great deal. Motorcycle insurance companies in Texas are plenty, so r to pick out the ones that provide the best services and are competent overall, we selected certain factors to analyze. When selecting criteria, we focused on factors that matter most to potential policyholders, including:


Customer satisfaction usually has quite a strong link to the affordability of products and services under question. Therefore, this was the first factor we explored. To pick the companies that would be more appealing to customers, we chose the companies offering a comprehensive range of discounts. Some standard discounts are offered just about everywhere, be it companies operating in motorcycle insurance Austin, TX or motorcycle insurance Houston, TX.

Such standard discounts usually come into play when customers show an interest in buying not one but multiple policies. Other companies seek to incentivize customers by offering discounts if no claims are filed for several years, and so on. Of course, the higher the number of discounts being offered, the lower your overall rate will go.

Coverage and Add-Ons

Customers usually seek out packages that go beyond the minimum threshold to deliver extra benefits. Therefore, this particular aspect was also considered as a criterion for choosing the best insurance companies. These additional benefits can be of many forms, for instance, rental reimbursement, forgiveness in case of accidents, and even trip interruption.

Claims Process and Customer Satisfaction

Whether a customer is looking for motorcycle insurance in Dallas, TX, or any other region in the state, they flock to the companies that provide superior services and a streamlined process for filing claims and other services. Companies that had provisions for dealing with customers 24/7, and the option to file claims online were preferred.

Our Best Picks


One of the largest insurance companies currently operating in the US is Nationwide Insurance. Their rates are a little higher than the average rates being offered, but they offer policies that are competitive, and therefore, favored by customers. In terms of customer reviews and user satisfaction too, Nationwide Insurance takes the lead.

Nationwide insurance holds the edge in delivering motorcycle policies priced lower even though their auto insurance is more expensive. Those considering the option for Nationwide Insurance for motorcycles should consider multiple services to secure discounts to lower overall rates.


Dairyland Insurance

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Dairyland Insurance and one that definitely sets it apart from the competition is that the company strives to tailor or customize plans as per the clients’ needs. Along with this, there are also several other benefits.



Safeco holds the distinction of being part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group that received an “A” excellent rating from AM Best. This lends considerable credibility to the company and other options available that set it apart from many other similar companies.



When considering companies that offer the best motorcycle insurance facilities, Progressive will definitely come up among the top being an industry leader.



USAA is one of the more exclusive companies with a select client base. They offer services based on a service member-forward insurer basis and aim to deliver quite a potent punch with their mix of features that promise both value and policies.



Allstate offers solid coverage for individuals looking for motorcycle insurance in Texas. It provides unique coverage options, such as lease/loan gap coverage, New Motorcycle Replacement coverage, and more. This company makes it simple for individuals to buy a customized to fulfill their personal needs.



Insurance is quite a key aspect in all walks of life. Thankfully, the facility is available in almost every situation, and therefore, finding the best motorcycle insurance in Texas can be done quite easily with our detailed guide. Since we have included all information related to motorcycle insurance in one place, searching for options that fit the requirements of each individual can be done without going to great lengths. There are even plenty of alternates for those that need cheap Texas motorcycle insurance!


How do you get a motorcycle license in Texas?

Getting a motorcycle license in Texas is simple. Firstly, the motorcyclist must be of 16 years of age or older. Next, they need to pass a course approved by the Department of Public Safety known as Basic Motorcycle Operator Training Course. Individuals looking to qualify for a motorcycle license are also required to pass a road test and a written test covering traffic laws associated with motorcycle riding.

What is Texas’s motorcycle helmet law?

Riders under the age of 21 are required to wear helmets in Texas. Individuals over the age of 21 are allowed to obtain insurance coverage or proper certification if they wish to forego using a helmet. These riders also need to complete a course approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles known as Motorcycle Operating Training Course or have medical insurance worth 10,000 dollars. These riders also need to carry a copy of their medical insurance card when riding a motorcycle.

While no police officer in Texas is permitted to detain or stop a motorcyclist solely to determine if they possess medical insurance coverage or have completed a training course, wearing a helmet has been proven to save lives. Therefore, whether you are under the age of 21 or over it, it is best to consider wearing a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation for maximum safety while on the go.

Is motorcycle insurance expensive in Texas?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance policies in Texas is 62 dollars a month or 749 dollars a year.

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