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Pet Insurance Ohio: Top Insurance Providers

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Pets are important members of any family. Just like humans, our pets also deserve the best insurance available. Having the right pet insurance in Ohio or pet insurance in any other state prevents the worries of unexpected veterinary bills. Finding the right pet insurance provider can easily help reduce the costs of frequent visits to the vet.

Which Pet Insurance is the Best in Ohio?

While you might be aware of the importance of getting the best pet insurance in Ohio for your pet, finding the perfect coverage for your pet can be a tough nut to crack. If you are in the market for pet insurance, then you’re in the right place. We have ranked some of the most popular pet insurance companies based on pet insurance Ohio reviews, coverage, and pricing options to help you make an informed decision.

Why Pet Insurance?

You might be wondering, “Why pet insurance?” After all, you take good care of your pet, right?  No matter how well you take care of your pet, getting pet insurance in Ohio ensures your pet’s health and safety. If you are still on the fence of whether or not you need to invest in pet insurance, then here are some good reasons you must get the right pet insurance:

Pet Insurance Cost in Ohio

It is important to note that pet insurance varies from state to state and city to city in the US. This means pet insurance in Cleveland, Ohio, won’t be the same as pet insurance in Columbus, Ohio, which will also differ from pet insurance in Ohio that covers dental. Here is a breakdown of the costs in Ohio’s biggest cities for those looking for pet insurance.


City Cost
Cleveland $15 - $34 (per month)
Columbus $14 - $34 (per month)
Cincinnati $14 - $30 (per month)


Those living in larger cities have to pay more for f pet insurance. However,  with some research and comparison of multiple providers, it is possible to find affordable pet insurance for cats and dogs.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

The cost of pet insurance can vary considerably depending on six main factors that include:


Which Types of Coverage Are Offered?

The pet insurance policies vary depending on the insurance provider. Whether you are getting pet insurance for dogs or insurance bundles for multiple pets, you must consider certain factors to select the best pet insurance in Ohio. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect when getting pet insurance policies in Ohio.

Pet owners can also take advantage of various bundles and packages that offer special discounts and additional features to get the most out of the pet insurance policy.

When choosing pet insurance in Ohio, some policies exclude flea treatments, vaccinations, grooming, spaying, and castration, so it’s best to make sure you thoroughly research before signing up for a pet insurance policy in Ohio.


Best Pet Insurance Companies in Ohio


Company Best For Coverage What pet insurance is not Covering Staring rate / monthly
Healthy Paws Dog and cat owners Procedures

Lab tests


Continued treatment

Genetic conditions

No auxiliary coverage $20 - $43
Embrace Dog and cat owners Exam fees


Free medical history review

Lab tests


Continued treatment      

Genetic conditions

No zero-deductible options $8.3 monthly or ($100/annual flat fee)
PetFirst Dog and cat owners Exam fees


Lab tests


Continued treatment      

Genetic conditions

No accident-only policy $12 - $66
PetsBest Dog and cat owners Exam fees        


Lab tests           


Continued treatment        

Genetic conditions

End-of-life procedures $9
ASPCA Dog, cat, and horse owners Accident



No unlimited policies $23 - $60


Detailed Reviews


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws is well-known in the pet insurance sphere in Ohio. The provider offers ideal options for those pet owners searching for simple and hassle-free pet insurance policies. The company is known for providing fast processing and great customer service.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace pet insurance has been consistently rated as one of the highest performing pet insurance providers in the United States. The provider is a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, which means you can access the best pet policies and coverage in town.

PetFirst Insurance

PetFirst offers pet insurance for both cats and dogs. The company is known for delivering the shortest wait periods for illness and accident coverage. You can also get an instant, free quote by visiting their website.

PetsBest Insurance

PetsBest insurance offers policies for both cats and dogs in Ohio. The insurance policy offers up to 90% coverage of a pet’s unexpected veterinary costs, along with many other flexible coverage options. The best part about PetsBest insurance is that it comes with no annual or lifetime limitations.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA pet insurance offers comprehensive pet insurance, offering coverage for illness, accidents, and much more. You have the option of choosing an accident-only policy that covers one accident or the illness policy. Pet owners also have the option of getting the coverage deposited to their bank account or in cash.


Are multiple pet discounts available in Ohio?

Yes, multiple pet discounts are available from various pet insurance providers in Ohio.

Is there pet insurance in Ohio that covers pre-existing conditions?

No. There are currently no pet insurance policies that offer coverage for pre-existing conditions.

How many animals can you own in Ohio?

Residents are not allowed to own more than four pets, either cats or dogs, or a combination of both in Ohio.

How do I adopt a dog in Ohio?

You can search for a dog up for adoption in any of the dog shelters in Ohio. Once you find a dog, you will need to fill out the necessary paperwork required for the adoption process.

What pets are legal in Ohio?

Animals that you would generally consider pets (dogs, cats, etc.) are legal in Ohio. Exotic animals (lions, giraffes, etc.) and animals considered wildlife are not allowed to be domesticated in Ohio.

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