Renters Insurance Missouri 2022

Last modified: August 25, 2021

Are you searching for the best cheap renters insurance in Missouri? To decide on what would be the best renters insurance in Missouri, you have to consider a few important factors. If you are shopping for renters insurance make sure to check out our list of best renters insurance companies.

What about the price? You should know that Missouri is known for offering one of the most expensive renters insurance in the United States. The average renters insurance in Missouri costs $22 each month or $264 each year. Most tenants pay around $15 each month or $187 each year for renters policy coverage. 

Apart from price, there are many other important factors that must be taken into account. To help you out, we have created a guide to present to you the cheap yet good insurance companies offering renters insurance. We have based our review of each company on their coverage options, ratings, customer support, and value for money. Let’s take a look and find good renters insurance in Missouri

Our Methodology

How did we go about generating quotes for Missouri renters insurance? We decided to focus on the basic coverage options that most renters insurance companies offer, such as personal property coverage, liability coverage, additional living expenses coverage, and medical payment coverage for bodily injury

For the renters insurance quote in Missouri, we also included additional and optional coverage for our analysis. This is how we were able to find out the cheapest renters insurance in Missouri

Best Companies for renters insurance in Missouri

Here’s a list of the cheapest and the best renters insurance in Missouri:


Coverage Details
  • Personal Property covers loss due to fire or theft. The renters insurance company provides replacement cost coverage for replacing damaged or lost items with new items instead of just reimbursing you with the depreciated value of the items.
  • Medical Payments can protect your guests in the event they are injured on the property you’re renting by paying their medical expenses.
  • Personal Liability protects people who suffer an injury on the property you’re renting. Most of their standard USAA renters insurance coverage options provide this policy, protecting you up to $100,000, including legal fees.
  • Additional Living Expenses covers you in the event the property you’re renting becomes unlivable after a covered incident occurs, causing long-term damage. Your renters insurance covers your normal living costs and more. 
Optional Coverage
  • Umbrella Insurance provides extra coverage for the renters and others living in the rented property. 
  • Collectibles Insurance protects personal and valuable collectibles such as stamps and coins with a value that is more than your basic renters coverage. 
  • Mobile Phone Protection provides coverage for mobile phones for $99.99 each year. They will replace damaged, stolen, or lost mobile phones within 48 hours or two days for $199. 
  • Small Business Insurance is for renters working from their rented space. It covers business-related technology and equipment. 
  • Flood Insurance provides renters who live in high-risk flood zones with extra flood insurance. 
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
  • NAIC Ratio: 0.22 (fewer complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 904 points out of 1,000 in customer satisfaction
  • AM Best Rating: A++
  • BBB Rating: B-
Cost per Month

The USAA renters insurance cost in Missouri per month starts at $12 but also depends on multiple factors. You can reduce the costs by bundling renters insurance with auto insurance to save money on your yearly premium. You can save further money by installing a security system on your property. 


Pros Cons
A standard policy covers earthquakes, storms, and floods renters insurance is only available to veterans, military members, and their families
Estimate the value of damaged items at their current costs Unrelated roommates will need to get their own renters insurance
User-friendly app Offer limited replacement costs on specific items



Coverage Details
  • Personal Property – covers personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, electronics, and valuables up to a specified limit. 
  • Medical Bills – valid in the event a guest injures themselves in your rental space. 
  • Necessary Repairs – applies in the event another person’s property sustains damage. 
  • Reimbursement for Living Costs – this coverage is used in the event your rental property becomes unlivable for a reason covered under your renters policy.  
  • Liability Coverage –  includes legal fees and covers the legal expenses if someone living on the property such as a family member, pet, or the policyholder injures another person on the rental space, hence making the best rate single-family home renters insurance in Missouri.
Optional Coverage 
  • High-value Items – covers musical instruments, wedding rings, and cameras.
  • Electronic Equipment – covers all owned and leased devices with a deductible of up to $100.
  • Identity Fraud – covers lost wages, fees to reapply for rejected loans due to fraud, and other legal fees.
  • Earthquake – applies when there is damage to the rental property due to an earthquake.
  • Replacement – covers the costs of lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • Water Damage – covers the costs of repairs caused by water from a sump, sump pump well, sump pump, or drain. 
  • Flood Insurance – covers damage to the rental property due to a flood. You’ll need to buy this coverage separately. 
  • Additional Liability – covers the damage of more than $100,000.
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
  • NAIC Ratio: 13.77(more complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 875 points out of 1,000 points
  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: B+
Cost per Month

Safeco renters insurance costs $19.58 and isn’t the cheapest renters insurance in Missouri to take out. You can save money by bundling up one or more coverage options. 

You can save more money if you install safety equipment and smart home devices in your home.

If you haven’t filed a claim with your previous renters insurance company for at least 5 continuous years, you’ll get a discount. You’ll also be rewarded with a discount if you’re an active, reserve, or retired member of the United States Armed Forces.

You’ll save even more money if you get a quote online via their website, sign up for automatic payments, choose to receive all documents online, and/or buy a policy from the website. 

Pros Cons
Provide customers with uncommon discounts on premium The standard renters insurance coverage doesn’t include water damage 
You can sign up using the website or their mobile app Doesn’t regularly give shareholders dividends 
Offers various online tools such as renters insurance calculator and resources  Compared to the rates of other companies, they don’t offer cheap renters insurance in Missouri

Shelter Mutual

Coverage Details
  • Personal Property  – covers the contents of the rental property. Special coverage limits are provided to property that falls within a certain category specified by the renters insurance company. 
  • Personal Articles Insurance – covers items that are not included under the standard renters insurance policy.
  • Additional Living Expenses – this coverage pays for the damages caused to your home due to a fire or another loss. They’ll reimburse you for the money you spent living in another place. 
  • Personal Liability Coverage – includes property damage and bodily injury.
  • Medical Payments – covers medical expenses in the event a person injures or hurts themselves on your rental property.
  • Additional Insurance – applicable for extra expenses after a loss, such as debris removal, calling the fire department, and the spoiled food due to a power interruption.
Optional Coverage
    • Coverage For Personal Computers – applies in the event they become damaged
    • Weather-Related Damage – damage caused due to wind or hail, damage caused by trees, shrubs, and plants
  • Pier, Bulkhead, Docks, and Wharves – Coverage designed specifically for those structures
    • Expanded Restoration – pays the costs incurred to personal property
    • Theft Coverage – applies in the event someone steals from your property as it’s being constructed
  • Backup of Drains and Sewers – covers damage to the covered property caused by a backup of water or waterborne materials
  • Rented or Owned Farms Liability – cover legal liability that arises from owning a farming business
  • Personal Injury Coverage – for slander and libel
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
    • NAIC Ratio: 0.36 (fewer complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 4 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction
  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+
Cost per Month

renters insurance costs around $11 each month hence making it one of the best renters insurance in Missouri. You can save money by opting for the companion policy discount where you bundle 2 or more policies together. 

You can get an additional discount if you install an approved alarm system, at least one smoke or fire alarm system, and dead-bolt locks on doors and windows of the property. 

You can also get a claim-free discount if you haven’t filed a claim for at least 6 continuous years on your renters insurance policy, you’ll receive a discount. This discount will apply every time to renew your policy. 

Pros Cons
User-friendly website Doesn’t recognize loyal customers by giving them rewards
Transparent pricing Available in only 18 states
Flexible billings options with several different coverage options


State Farm

Coverage Details
  • Personal Property – covers accidents such as fire and water damage from appliances or plumbing and vehicle impacts. It also covers damage due to inclement weather such as sleet, ice, snow, windstorms, and lightning and protects you from vandalism and theft
  • Liability Insurance – this coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage. This covers the legal fees and medical fees for guests who injured themselves on your rented space or their personal property suffered from damage to your rental property. 
  • Loss of Use – occurs when your rented space becomes inhabitable due to a covered loss. The renters insurance company gives you money to cover your living expenses or for the expenses of people living in your rented property to find different accommodation for up to 2 years.
Optional Coverage 
  • Personal Articles Policy – covers valuable personal property that exceeds the coverage amount on your renters policy. It covers items such as jewelry, musical instruments, fine art, collectibles, and other expensive items in the event of damage or theft. 
  • Pet Medical Insurance – provides medical insurance for your pets through Trupanion to pay for their medical expenses. 
  • Additional Liability – provides more coverage than your renters insurance coverage. It can cover you in the event you’re facing a major lawsuit or claim. 
  • Identity Restoration – reimburses you if someone steals your identity, and you need to spend your own money to recover from the event. They will assign a case manager to represent you before financial institutions.  
  • Earthquake Damage – protects you in the event an earthquake damages your rented property and/or personal belongings. 
  • Additional Business Property – provides several different insurance policies to businesses. 
  • Incidental Business Liability – protects small-business owners charged with negligence.
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
    • NAIC Ratio: 0.76 (fewer complaints than average)
    • JD Power Rating: 878 points out of 1,000 points in customer satisfaction
    • AM Best Rating: A++
  • BBB Rating: B+
Cost per Month

The cost of State Farm renters insurance in Missouri is $13.75 each month. You can save money with their multi-policy discount by combining State Farm’s renters insurance coverage with their auto insurance coverage. You can also benefit from their home alert protection discount by installing a security system such as a burglar alarm, video cameras, and/or a smoke detector. 

Pros Cons
Available in all 50 states Some renters may want to go with a smaller renters insurance company that offers additional online services
You can initiate claims through their mobile app or online via their website They aren’t the cheapest renters insurance in Missouri, offering options that are more costly than their competitors


Coverage Details
  • Personal Belongings – includes losses incurred due to hail, windstorms, lighting, and other major weather-related events. It also covers explosions, smoke, fires, and vandalism. This includes losses due to windstorms, hail, lightning, and other weather events, as well as fire, explosions, smoke, and vandalism.
  • Personal Liability – a basic insurance policy that offers renters up to $100,000. It covers bodily injury and property damage that affects your guests. You can increase the coverage by buying more. 
  • Additional Living Expenses – covers you when your rental property becomes uninhabitable and will pay you to live at another place while your rented place undergoes repairs and reconstruction. 
  • Medical Payments – this insurance provides you with coverage up to $1,000 for each person in the event of an injury on your property caused by an incident covered under your renters policy regardless of whose fault it is. 
  • Improvements Made to the Rented Property – covers up to 10% of the personal property coverage, and you can be used to replace or repair improvements made to the house by the renter or bought to fix the damage caused by a covered peril.
Optional Coverage 
  • Contents Replacement Cost – pays the replacement cost of personal belongings covered under it instead of the depreciated cost. However, deductibles and policy limits apply. This includes limits placed on jewelry, furs, watches, and other expensive items. 
  • Valuable Items Plus – protects fine art, jewelry, home computers, musical instruments, and other special property from several different types of losses. It provides higher coverage limits than the basic renters insurance coverage. The insured personal belongings don’t need to be listed individually or appraised.
  • Flood Coverage – requires you to take out a separate insurance policy and covers damage caused by floods. It’s an ideal option for areas prone to floods.
  • Umbrella Coverage – provides additional coverage to renters. 
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
  • NAIC Ratio: 2.58 (more complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 872 points out of 1,000 points in customer satisfaction
  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+
Cost per Month

The renters insurance cost in Missouri is $11.08 each month. If you’re looking for cheap renters insurance in Missouri, Travelers provides you with various discounts. You can receive a 5% discount on auto insurance if you have taken out their renters insurance coverage. 

You can save even more money with umbrella, boat, or personal articles floater coverage options. If you haven’t reported a loss for a certain number of specified years, you’ll earn a discount. 

The renters insurance company provides discounts for installing security features on the property, such as interior sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, smart home devices, and home security systems.

Pros Cons
Receive a discount if you take out more than one policy from them They don’t provide renters insurance coverage for all major disasters
User-friendly website and easy to make an account on it Charge extra for replacing personal items


Coverage Details
  • Personal Property Insurance – covers the expenses for repairing or replacing your personal belongings such as furniture, electronics, and clothes up to the limit stated in your renters insurance policy.
  • Personal Liability – covers repairs if you accidentally damage another person’s property and treatment for a guest’s injuries in the event you’re found to be legally responsible for causing them.
  • Additional Living Expenses – covers extra costs such as hotel bills if your rental property becomes damaged and becomes inhabitable. 
Optional Coverage 
  • Identity Theft Restoration – pays legal fees and other related expenses related to recovering your identity.
  • Increased Coverage on Business Property – covers anything you use for business but keep at your home, such as business samples or items for sale. 
  • Scheduled Personal Property – includes more risks than your standard renters insurance policy covers, such as accidental loss, and may increase your coverage limits on certain high-value items such as musical instruments and jewelry
  • Personal Umbrella Policy – prevents policyholders from paying for legal fees or medical fees if they’re responsible for causing the damage in certain situations. Its protection goes beyond the limits of your regular renters insurance policy.  
  • Flood Insurance – is a separate policy that’s available through the National Flood Insurance Program. 
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
    • NAIC Ratio: 0.81 (fewer complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 882 points out of 1,000 points in customer satisfaction 
    • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: B-
Cost per month

The renters insurance coverage costs $23.00 each month. You can buy additional coverage options to receive a discount. You can install smoke detectors, security systems, and other safety features to receive a discount of up to 15%. U.S. military members also receive a discount. If you choose the automatic payment option, you can save up to 5%. People 55 and older can get a discount of up to 25%. If you don’t file a claim for a specified duration, you’ll save up to 20%.

Pros Cons
Water and sewer damage is part of the basic renters insurance policy Rates vary from area to areas, with some areas more expensive than others
Provide people with a wide range of discounts Most customers reported having a negative experience with their claims process
User-friendly online platforms allow you to update your insurance profile online, pay bills, and file and track claims Will need to pay a higher premium for replacement cost coverage  

Allied Insurance

Coverage Details
  • Contents Coverage – protects personal property from losses due to windstorms, hail, lightning, theft, frozen plumbing, fires, and vehicle impacts. 
  • Loss of Use – covers a loss when you can’t live in your home and need extra money to leave at another place while you wait for the repairs to complete. 
  • Personal Liability – covers accidents that happen to a guest when they’re in your home, which results in bodily injury or damage. The coverage pays for their legal expenses and other related costs. 
  • Medical Payments to Others – pays for the medical expenses of a person being injured in your rental property. 
  • Building Additions and Alterations – adds to, changes, or improves the rental space; it covers the damage due to that. 
  • Credit Card Coverage – pays a predetermined limit for an unauthorized transaction via debit card or credit card or forged checks.
Optional Coverage 
  • Valuables Plus – pays for high-value items that exceed the limits of your basic renters policy, such as antiques, fine art, watches, or jewelry
  • Water Backup – reimburses you in the event of clogged drains or sewers that cause damage. If backed-up sewers or drains cause damage, you’re protected with this coverage.
  • Theft Extension – protects your personal property that a thief steals from your car, watercraft, or trailer. 
  • Earthquake – is extra coverage that pays you up to a certain limit in the event your personal belongings become damaged or destroyed due to a volcano or earthquake. 
  • Brand New Belongings – pays for the damage to your personal property in your home. In the event, your belongings get stolen or become damaged the coverage pays you the difference between the item’s depreciated value and the cost to replace the stolen or damaged item with another one. 
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
    • NAIC Ratio: 0.54(fewer complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 886 points out of 1,000 points in consumer satisfaction 
  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A+
Cost per Month

They offer one of the cheapest renters insurance in Missouri, costing $16.08. You can obtain additional discounts if you combine other insurance policies with renters insurance in Missouri. If you want to obtain further discounts on your renters insurance coverage, you can equip your home with a security system, fire alarms, and smoke alarms. If you haven’t filed any claim on your renters insurance coverage for a specified number of years, you may be able to obtain a lower premium

Pros Cons
Discounts available for renters installing protective devices, being claims-free, and more Customer satisfaction for renters insurance is lower than other insurance products
Members receive a free and personalized insurance review Pay a higher premium for replacement coverage 
Standard renters insurance coverage includes stolen credit card coverage 


Coverage Details
  • Personal Property – covers the cost of the damage due to covered events such as burglary, fire, and vandalism. 
  • Liability Coverage – pays in the event a guest injures themselves on your property. 
  • Medical Payments – covers the medical expenses in the event a guest injures themselves on the premises of the policyholder. a guest is injured on a policyholder’s premises
  • Additional Living Expenses – covers food and housing if the policyholder has to move to another place because their current place is undergoing temporary repairs. 
Optional Coverage 
  • Personal Articles Floaters – for jewelry and other high-value items.
  • Replacement Cost – coverage for stolen or damaged electronics.
  • Identity Shield – pays for recovering the identity of the policyholder and notifies credit card bureaus of the theft, replaces important documents, and compensates their time, and pays for other related expenses.
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
  • NAIC Ratio: 0.54 (fewer complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 893 points out of 1,000 points in customer satisfaction
    • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A+
Cost per Month

renters insurance costs $21.46 each month. Although Farmers offers a wide range of discounts, it isn’t available in every state. You can qualify for a discount by bundling more than one coverage option together. They also provide a discount for people who haven’t filed a claim for at least 2 continuous years. 

You will also receive discounts if you install a fire alarm or an electronic security system in your home. Certain professionals such as nurses, doctors, dentists, teachers, police personnel, engineers, and firefighters are also eligible for discounts.

Pros Cons
Provides a large variety of coverage options that people can customize as per their needs Don’t offer the cheapest renters insurance in Missouri and compared to other renters insurance companies since their rates are slightly on the higher side
You can customize your premium by decreasing or increasing the deductible in certain instances Provide a $500 limit on jewelry such as watches and jewelry, which is quite low as compared to others offering a coverage limit of up to $1,500 for each item
Offer a seamless and efficient claim process  Not available in every state

American Family

Coverage Details
  • Personal Property Insurance – includes furniture, clothing, and electronics that have become lost or damaged due to smoke, fire, theft, or water. 
  • Unexpected Coverage – for fires, smoke, hail, explosions, windstorms, tornadoes, riots, vandalism, and lighting. 
  • Water Damage – coverage applicable in all cases except for water damage due to sump pump overflows and sewer septic backups. If you want them, you need to buy them separately. 
  • Electronic and Appliance – covers damage caused by power surges. 
  • Medical Bills and Legal Expenses – in the event guest injuries themselves in your rental space.
  • Hotel and Meal Costs – for damages caused to the rental spaces and forces you to live in another place.
  • Accidental Damage – in the event of a neighborhood’s property.
  • Theft Coverage – for personal belongings stolen from outside of your home.
  • Bicycle Coverage – for bicycles stored in a storage unit that’s not connected to the rental space. 
Optional Coverage 
  • Umbrella – goes into effect once you surpass the limit of your renters insurance policy. 
  • Flood Insurance – covers floods, and you’ll need to buy it separately.  
  • Earthquakes – covers items lost or damaged due to an earthquake.  
  • Valuables – covers high-value items such as gemstones, watches, jewelry, and furs. 
  • Personal Injury – covers settlements and defense fees if a person sues you for causing them a personal injury, slander, libel, detention or imprisonment, malicious prosecution, false arrest, wrongful entry, or wrongful eviction.  
Financial Strength and Customer Support Ratings
  • NAIC Ratio: 0.79 (fewer complaints than average)
  • JD Power Rating: 881 points out of 1,000 in customer satisfaction
  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: A
Cost per Month

Renters insurance costs around $27.74 each month. You can save up to 30% if you combine two or more coverage options, such as renters with auto insurance. If you have installed a smart device in your home, you’ll save up to 5%. If you don’t file a claim for at least 5 continuous years, you’ll save money. 

You can also take advantage of several options, such as automated payment, full pay, and no paperwork billing. If you have been their customer for several years, you may be eligible for a lower premium on your renters insurance. If you have a parent who is also their customer, you’ll save money. 

Pros Cons
Basic replacement cost coverage included with the policy Offer renters insurance in only 19 states
Riders are available for pets, identity theft, and travel Some users complained about experiencing poor customer service
Provides around the clock phone support

List of Cities and Their Averages

City Average
Renters insurance in Kansas City, Missouri $26 per month

$309 per year

Renters insurance in St. Louis, Missouri $25 per month

$302 per year

Renters insurance in Springfield, MO $23 per month

$270 per year

Renters insurance in Columbia, MO $21 per month

$250 per year

Renters insurance in Independence, MO $24 per month

$290 per year

Buyers Guide

You can refer to this renters insurance guide to learn more about renters insurance in Missouri.

How does renters insurance work in Missouri?

Renters insurance in the state protects your personal and valuable items in the event of a fire or smoke damage, theft or vandalism, a wind storm, and several different disasters. According to the renters insurance laws in Missouri, state-level laws don’t determine the price of renters insurance in the state.

Why do you need renters insurance in Missouri and what can it help you with?

Although getting renters insurance may be optional, it’s very advisable to get it. Renters insurance protects you in cases of damage to your personal property.

It also protects your personal belongings from extreme weather situations such as thunderstorms and heavy wind. If your items become damaged due to a covered event under your renters policy, the renters insurance company will reimburse you by repairing or replacing it with another item. 

Is renters insurance required in Missouri?

According to the Missouri renters insurance laws, you don’t need to take out renters insurance. Most landlords may require you to obtain it before you can start living in their rental property. You should also get Additional Insured. In the event of a loss, it’ll create liability for the landlord, and the contractor will be responsible for fixing it. It protects the landlord from unexpected damage to the property. 

Types of renters insurance in Missouri

Broad and comprehensive packages cover several risks that are more than just theft or fire. All-risk policies will reimburse the customer for a loss regardless of how or what caused it. Name-perils policies will reimburse the customer for only those events and incidents they exclusively mentioned in the renters insurance coverage. 

What does and doesn’t renters insurance cover in Missouri?

Renters insurance covers the cost of repair or replacement of personal and valuable belongings but doesn’t cover any loss that exceeds the limit of your renters policy. 

It covers repairs if you accidentally damage another person’s property or a guest’s medical expenses.

It covers additional living expenses such as hotel bills if the rental property has become inhabitable but doesn’t cover damage to the rental property’s structure.

What are the different types of renters insurance coverage options in Missouri?

The 4 common types of insurance coverage include:

  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Loss of Use Coverage
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Optional Coverage Options

Tips on saving on renters insurance in Missouri

The average cost of renters insurance in Missouri is $22 each month or $264 each year. Most often, the average renters insurance cost that most tenants end up paying in Missouri is around $15 each month or $187 each year. 

Therefore, renting a property in the state is expensive, but you can reduce your month-to-month renters insurance by following these tips:

  • Install security equipment
  • Bundle up 2 or more policies together
  • Take the benefit of not filing any property damage claims for a certain number of years
  • Switch to electronic payments
  • Obtain a senior discount if offered and applicable 

Pros & Cons

The Pros

The Cons

Final Verdict


Is flood damage and wind damage covered under renters insurance in Missouri?

Your renters insurance may cover wind damage but won’t cover flood damage. You’ll have to get a separate policy if you want protection against floods.

How much is renters insurance in Missouri?

Renters insurance in the state costs $22 each month and $264 each year.

What are the renter insurance laws in Missouri?

No law states that you have to obtain insurance, but the landlord may require you to get it.

Does Missouri renters insurance cover liability outside the house?

Renters insurance covers most of the items for theft both inside and outside the rental property, given you have bought sufficient coverage for them.

What Is home inventory and why do you need it?

Home inventory details all the items you own and their estimated financial values. Creating and updating it regularly will make it easier to file a claim later.

Can a landlord make you get renters insurance in Missouri?

Yes, he can if it is stipulated in the lease that you can’t rent without it. 

Is it illegal for a landlord to require you to carry renters insurance in Missouri?

No, it isn’t illegal for the landlord to ask you to carry it in Missouri.

Who has the cheapest renters insurance in Missouri?

If you’re looking for the best cheap renters insurance in Missouri, you can go with Safeco ($129.62 per year), Shelter ($132.06 per year), State Farm ($138.23 per year), and Travelers ($156.90 per year).