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How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Have you needed to go to the doctor but don’t have insurance? If so, you might have gone to urgent care. Urgent care is a type of walk-in clinic that provides treatment for illnesses and injuries that are not serious enough to require a visit to the emergency room.   

But, how much does urgent care cost without insurance? Keep reading to find out! 

The Price Range for a Basic Urgent Care Visit  

So, how much is urgent care without insurance? The average cost of an urgent care visit with a 20–30 minute consultation from a medical provider, and multiple diagnostic tests (flu, strep, urine test) ranges from $189 to $299.  

These visits can be expensive, but they are often necessary for individuals experiencing unexpected or severe medical problems. Urgent care centers provide a valuable service for those in need of immediate medical attention, and the price range for these visits reflects the high level of care that patients receive. 

The Price Range for Advanced Visits 

It's important to know the costs of your visit before you go to urgent care so there are no surprises once it’s time for payment. For example, if a patient requires X-rays or ultra round scans, the prices on these services will be 30% higher than usual and may up urgent care costs without insurance to $300–$500 out-of-pocket expenses. 

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What Affects the Cost of Urgent Care Visits?

Clinical Expertise Needed 

The cost of urgent care visits can be affected by the level of clinical expertise required. If a more experienced doctor is needed, the price may be higher. Some patients may only require an examination, but others will have their treatment determined by how sick they are and if there's anything else wrong with them besides the diagnosis. This would be considered at the level I care ($90–$160). However, other conditions might require different procedures like x-rays which add another $250–500 dollars onto your bill after each appointment. 

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The location of the urgent care facility can also affect the cost. For example, if the facility is in a more populated or expensive area, the cost may be higher. So, if you need urgent care with no insurance, try to find a cheap location. 

Duration of Treatment

The length of time required for treatment can also affect the cost of an urgent care visit. If a longer appointment is needed, the price will be higher.

Facility Operation and Equipment

The facility's operation and the type of equipment used can also affect the cost of urgent care visits. For example, if a facility is modern and has expensive equipment, the amount paid by the patient will be higher.

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Bottom Line

Urgent care can be expensive without insurance, but there are ways to reduce costs. Firstly, you may also want to consider a health savings account or flexible spending account to help pay for costs not covered by insurance. Additionally, try to find a clinic that offers a discount on cash payments.

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Can I Visit An Urgent Care With No Insurance?

You can, but it won't be cheap. Urgent care centers are a great option for those who don’t have insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover their care type. However, the cost of treatment at an urgent care center without insurance can be expensive. 

The best way to avoid high prices is to contact the center and ask about their rates. In addition, many centers offer a self-pay option, which can provide some relief from the high costs associated with having no insurance

How Much Does an Urgent Care Visit Cost?

It depends on the clinic, but typically an urgent care visit will cost between $50 and $200. Many clinics will charge a co-payment of $50–$100 for an urgent care visit, and the total cost for a visit (including tests, procedures, etc.) will be between $150 and $200.

 So, how much does urgent care cost without insurance? It will cost you around $200. However, some clinics may have a higher or lower cost, so it's essential to check with the clinic before you go.


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