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AAA Membership: Is It Worth The Cost?

Last modified: Jul 25, 2023

Before answering the question “Is AAA membership worth it?” let’s learn some information about the Triple-A (American Automobile Association).

No matter what car you own, new or used, you must have had a day when you wished you knew more about car engines. From battery issues to unexpected noises and a flat tire — you may have experienced a fair share of car problems. AAA membership offers roadside assistance services to help you with your car troubles — and much more. 

What You Get With AAA 

The roadside assistance plan is a must for people who travel frequently. AAA membership provides more benefits than just roadside assistance, but they come with a higher price tag. You get discounted vacation packages, insurance coverage, automotive maintenance, and discounts on thousands of hotels. 

AAA Membership Levels

The membership fee is paid annually or monthly, with the cost differing from state to state. There are three different levels of AAA membership:

  1. AAA Basic membership (classic) 
  2. AAA Plus membership 
  3. AAA Premier membership

The following services are covered by AAA membership plans, varying from state to state. Have a look and decide which AAA membership is best suited for your needs. 

AAA ServicesAAA BasicAAA PlusAAA Premier
Roadside ServiceFour roadside assistance calls per year + towing up to 5 milesFour roadside assistance calls + towing up to 100 milesFour roadside assistance calls + towing up to 10 miles along with one additional 200-mile tow
Battery ServiceJumpstart and battery replacementJumpstart and battery replacement Jumpstart and battery replacement 
Fuel DeliveryFree fuel delivery (fuel cost is on you) Free fuel delivery (enough fuel to get to the nearest filling station)Free fuel delivery (enough fuel to get to the nearest filling station)
Flat Tire ReplacementCost-free tire change Cost-free tire change Cost-free tire change
Emergency Lock and KeyLocksmith services (up to $50)Locksmith services (up to $100)Locksmith services (up to $150) 
Extrication/WinchingExtrication/winching with one service vehicle Extrication/winching with two service vehiclesExtrication/winching with two service vehicles
Bicycle AssistanceTwo free of charge service calls per year up to 10 milesTwo free of charge service calls per year up to 10 milesTwo free of charge service calls per year up to 10 miles
Trip-Continuation ReimbursementUp to $500Up to $1000Up to $1500
Additional BenefitsVary according to the membership plan

Is AAA Membership Worth It? AAA Membership Benefits 

Is AAA membership worth it? After checking out the AAA membership benefits, we can definitely say yes!

For the past 119 years, AAA membership plans have provided a large set of benefits to their exclusive members. Some plans offer a few additional perks — give a call to your local club to find out more. 

Roadside Assistance 

One of the biggest AAA membership benefits is automobile roadside assistance. Say you are on your way to see your best friend who lives in a different city and all of a sudden your car breaks down. You tried to be all mechanic, but it didn’t work. So, you had to cancel the trip and call a tow truck. 

Now, your trip is ruined, and the tow truck is taking forever to arrive. But if you had an AAA membership, things would have been different. You would have called roadside assistance service, and someone would have come to help you get back on the road ASAP! 

The roadside assistance services provided by AAA include: 

  • Cost-free tire replacement 
  • Battery replacement 
  • Emergency locksmith services if you have locked your keys inside the car
  • Free of cost fuel delivery 
  • Towing your vehicle from 100 up to 200 miles (depending on your membership level)
  • Bicycle assistance

AAA membership also offers discounted travel agency services and other attractive travel-related benefits.

AAA Membership Discounts

AAA membership hotel discounts are considered to be the second most significant AAA benefit. What’s more, with AAA membership insurance, rental car providers offer some additional perks to the members.

Let’s see what discounts AAA provides:

  • 5% to 15% off on hotels including Marriott, Hilton, MGM Resorts, and Best Western
  • Discounts on group travel, tour booking, cruise planning, and travel guides
  • 20% discount on vehicles rented with Hertz
  • International driving permits (The price is $20 per permit) 
  • Complimentary Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership 
  • Free international maps
  • Discounts at amusement parks and museums 

That’s not it. The more, the merrier, right? With Costco membership discount, AAA customers can get gym discounts and AAA membership renewal discounts. And here are a few more: 

  • Merchant discounts on Best Buy
  • Home insurance, auto loans, and AAA life insurance
  • Discounted deals on movie tickets and flower delivery service

Additional Perks

With the AAA travel discount, Disney tickets are just a step away. Contact AAA to get expert advice on your next Disney vacation. There is also a handful of additional services, including:

  • Home security services
  • Auto repair services such as oil change, tire change, and more
  • Complimentary identity theft monitoring
  • An extensive array of AAA DMV services: driver’s license renewal and replacement, duplicate learner’s permit issuance
  • 24-hour emergency travel assistance 

AAA Membership Cost

Finally, the time has come to answer the most commonly asked question: how much does AAA membership cost?

People who are wondering, “How much is AAA membership per year?” should know that AAA charges either annual or monthly fees. Remember that the costs depend on the state. If you prefer a yearly payment, look at the price range below:

  • AAA Classic membership is $38 - $74 per year and $25 - $48 for each additional member.
  • AAA Plus membership is $60 - $124 per year and $34 - $80 for each additional member.
  • AAA Premier membership is $77 - $164 per year and $45 - $109 for each additional member.

AAA and Insurance

AAA is most widely known for providing roadside assistance. But they also offer insurance and a wide range of policy options to their members. The types of coverage provided by the AAA membership insurance program include:

  • New car coverage
  • Medical payment coverage 
  • Homeowner’s insurance 
  • Personal injury protection 
  • Dental insurance (Massachusetts and Rhode Island only)
  • Small business insurance

AAA Car Insurance Coverage

The largest auto groups you can choose from are:

  • Auto Club Group
  • CSAA Insurance Group 
  • Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group 

AAA membership insurance discounts include safety inspection and pay-in-full option. The discounts offered to members vary from state to state — that’s the major downside of AAA membership insurance. 

Pros and Cons of AAA Car Insurance

A wide variety of discounts are offered. Lease gap coverage is available. There are good financial ratings.Road trip extras such as trip interruption insurance are included. Only AAA members can receive the coverage.The discounts and special offers vary from state to state. 

Canceling AAA Membership

To cancel AAA membership, call using a designated phone number for your state or visit your local AAA store if you prefer canceling in person. Cancelation is possible at any time, and there’s no cancelation fee, but some customers mentioned that they were charged 10% of their remaining plan balance.

You can cancel AAA membership through your membership account as well. 

Can you cancel Automatic Renewal? Yes, you can do it by calling AAA Member Services.

How Do I Downgrade My AAA Membership?

If you want to change your AAA membership, you can either do it from your account or call AAA Member Services. 

Follow these steps to downgrade your membership:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to your account’s dashboard. 
  3. Click on the Downgrade link. 

Is It Worth It?

So, is AAA membership worth it? 

We say yes! Frequent travelers can make the most out of AAA membership. You get 20% off on Hertz, complimentary Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership, a wide array of roadside services, and additional benefits like discounted movies and Disney tickets. 

However, AAA membership is best suited for people who take frequent road trips. If you think you are not one of them, AAA might not be the right fit for you. 


How to Transfer AAA Membership to Another State?

You can visit your local AAA store or call using a designated phone number for your state to transfer your membership. Make sure you do it prior to the expiration date.

How Do I Find My AAA Membership Number?

You can call AAA Member Service to get your 16-digit membership number. 

How Much Is AAA Subscription?

The prices differ from state to state: 

Can I Join AAA and Use It Immediately?

AAA Basic membership benefits are effective immediately. However, Plus or Premier members can start using AAA services seven days after enrollment. 

What Does AAA Membership Include?

AAA membership includes roadside assistance, traveling discounts, repair services, and additional benefits that vary from plan to plan. Regardless of your plan, you will get free tire replacement, four roadside assistance calls per year, and free fuel delivery. 

Which AAA Membership Is the Best?

It all comes down to your needs. If you are on the road quite a lot, consider opting for Plus or Premier membership plans. 

Do You Get a Free Battery With AAA?

Premier members get one free battery per year. 

What Does AAA Basic Cover?

AAA Basic covers tire replacement, free fuel delivery, bicycle assistance, locksmith services (up to $50) and offers many travel benefits. 

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