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Is Egg Freezing Covered By Insurance

Last modified: Jul 25, 2023

First, it's important to understand what egg freezing is. Egg freezing is when a woman's eggs are extracted and frozen for later use. This can be done for various reasons, such as preserving fertility for women undergoing cancer treatment or for those who want to delay starting a family. Is egg freezing covered by insurance? It can be described with - it depends. Remember to check the list of best health insurance providers to get more detailed info if they offer this type of procedure.

Is it expensive to freeze your eggs?

Egg freezing is a process in which a woman's stopped-up menstrual cycle is unfrozen and released from the ovaries after being stored for later use. This process can be done through various procedures, but the results vary greatly. There are many factors to consider when going through this method of fertility preservation, including:

Does health insurance cover egg freezing?

Unfortunately, there has been no advancement in health care policies to have egg freezing treatments covered by insurance companies as they currently do not deem this as an "experimental procedure". 

In fact, insurance companies see this as a routine part of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Therefore, as previously stated, if you want to take advantage of this service, you will have to pay out of pocket.

How much does it cost to freeze eggs?

The average price to freeze your eggs is around $5,000 in the United States. However, this price can vary depending on the location, clinic, and procedure used. In some cases, if you are using your own eggs, the process can be less expensive. However, if you use donor eggs, the cost will be significantly higher.

In the United Kingdom, there is no standard policy regarding whether or not insurance providers cover egg freezing. However, there are a number of private clinics that offer the procedure, and most of these clinics will work with patients to find a payment plan that suits them.

Egg freezing cost California

In California, a few clinics offer egg freezing services with different pricing options. For example, at Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, the cost for egg freezing is approximately $4,500, while at CCRM in Los Angeles, the cost is about $7,500.

Freezing eggs cost Illinois

A few clinics in Illinois offer egg-freezing services with different pricing options. For example, at the Fertility Centers of Illinois in Chicago, egg freezing is approximately $4,950, while at Midwest Reproductive Center in Oakbrook Terrace, the cost is around $5,500.

Is egg freezing worth it?

This is a question that only you can answer. There are many pros and cons to consider when making this decision. 

Some of the pros include:

  • You have more time to make a decision about when you want children
  • You can focus on your career and other life goals without worrying about your fertility
  • The process can be repeated if needed in the future
  • You can freeze your eggs when you are in peak fertility, which will increase the success rate of pregnancy

On the other side, some of the cons include:

  • The procedure is expensive and not typically covered by insurance companies
  • There are risks with anaesthesia associated with egg retrieval procedures. 
  • There is no guarantee that frozen eggs will result in a successful pregnancy if they are unfrozen at a later date. 
  • You have to wait until you are ready to have children until fertilization takes place.

Does insurance cover egg retrieval?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not offer coverage for this kind of procedure. This means that it may be an out-of-pocket expense for you if you choose to go forward with the egg freezing process.

Insurance Laws in the US for egg freezing and fertility treatment:

To qualify as a treatment of infertility, it must meet one of two standards:

1) It must be part of an FDA approved clinical trial protocol or

2) It has been deemed experimental by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Which health insurance covers egg freezing?

Does Medicaid cover egg freezing?

Medicaid specifically does not cover the cost of egg freezing as of now, though this may change in the future as the technology becomes more popular and more widespread.

Some state Medicaid programs do cover IVF treatments, which would include the costs associated with egg freezing, but again you will want to check with your specific provider to see if this is the case.

Does blue cross blue shield cover egg freezing?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, and they currently do cover egg freezing for their members. They classify it as a fertility treatment that is covered under most plans, though there may be some exceptions depending on your specific policy.

United healthcare egg freezing?

United Healthcare is another major insurance company that covers egg freezing. They, too, classify it as a fertility treatment, and as such, it is generally covered under most plans.

Aetna egg freezing coverage?

Aetna is another large insurance company that offers coverage for egg freezing. As with the others, they classify it as a fertility treatment and as such, it is generally included in most plans.

Cigna egg freezing coverage?

Cigna also covers egg freezing for their members and, like the others, classifies it as a fertility treatment. This means that it should be covered under most plans.

Healthfirst IVF coverage?

Healthfirst is one of the few insurance providers that does not cover egg freezing at this time. However, they are considering adding it to their list of benefits in the future.

In Conclusion

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of egg freezing insurance before making a decision about whether this option is right for you. Only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the cost.

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