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Otto Insurance Explained: Is Otto A Legit Insurance Provider?

Last modified: Jul 25, 2023

Today, numerous tools are designed to help you compare multiple insurance rates online without calling insurance agents. However, with so many options out there, it becomes difficult to know which of those tools are trustworthy.

Otto insurance is one of the best insurance quote comparison tools currently available in the market. Here, we will be providing an in-depth review of Otto insurance so that you can understand whether it’s worth considering. Let’s get started!  

What Is Otto Insurance?

Selecting the right insurance is not an easy task, but the Otto insurance tool stands out among the sea of options. It’s a lead-generation website that sends your information to its vast network of 1,000 affiliates and partners instead of returning quotes immediately. 

It’s extremely easy to use, but don’t expect to receive quotes immediately. Otto will collect your personal information, and then you will be connected with one of their many insurance agents to continue the quote process. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on ‘Get Started Now’ on the website. 
  • You will need to answer some questions about yourself, your home, and your vehicle. 
  • You must inform Otto about whether you’re getting insurance from scratch or you already have one. 
  • Otto promises to get you the lowest insurance rates possible.
  • Once you build your profile, Otto will ask you about the car you drive. You can complete this part yourself or let Otto search for your vehicle information based on your home address and name.
  • It’s easy to answer the additional questions regarding your marital status, home, and gender. 
  • The company will offer you to combine auto and home insurance (to save on insurance premiums).
  • Otto will let you know within minutes if you qualify for major discounts.
  • You should read the fine print before adding your phone number and name. 
  • Once you click the ‘Get Your Free Quote Button,’ the Otto’s marketing partners or affiliates will contact you. 

Remember that Otto doesn’t offer any additional information. It just provides two carriers for you to compare, with a link to each company’s website.

Background About Otto Insurance 

Otto insurance helps people compare insurance quotes for auto, pet, home, and life insurance within seconds for free. 

Otto insurance isn’t an insurer but a concierge service for the insurance industry. At Otto, the consumer comes first, above all else. 

Otto’s team is remotely distributed across the United States, with the home base in Miami Beach, Florida. Otto works tirelessly to connect consumers to their best insurance partners to secure their financial future. Their team works with individual agents and regional and nationwide carriers to provide the best insurance rates in the industry. 

Otto insurance uses the latest technology combined with decades of experience to provide customers with a safe place to get their insurance quotes. In addition, their network communicates with hundreds of insurance carriers in the United States to get consumers’ data to the best potential match securely and quickly. 

Customers will be connected with the best agents within seconds as Otto always works to improve their efficiency and speed. Otto insurance wants consumers to have the best experience possible and connect with a partner that will meet their needs. You can join the growing community of over 2 million satisfied savers with Otto insurance today. 

Is Otto Insurance a Scam?

There’s very little information about Otto insurance on the internet. The website has two different addresses. It doesn’t mean the company isn’t legit, and Otto insurance is a scam. However, the information on the company is conflicting and scarce. According to customer reviews, you may receive more calls than quotes. 

In addition, you can’t find much information about the company’s background. The strange part is that the company is listed as “No Longer in Business” with the Better Business Bureau, but the phone numbers on the websites are still active. 

Otto Reviews: Here Is What Customers Are Saying 

Even though Otto insurance shows hundreds of positive reviews on their website, finding a positive review (or any review) online is hard. We did some digging and came across some reviews from unsatisfied customers:

  • 1-Star Rating – Doesn’t Recommend Otto Insurance – Scott A Fussnecker

“Tell people that they will be bombarded with phone calls from companies trying to sell you their insurance. The worst mistake I ever made was clicking on your ad.”

  • 1-Star Rating – Doesn’t Recommend Otto Insurance – Katrina Siverts

“I agree with all the other posts. Horrible service. I have been getting so many calls it’s ridiculous. How can they improve? Quit misleading people about their services. It’s a scam. All they do is send your number out to all the local insurance companies. Then, they call and call and call. Horrible service.”

  • 1-Star Rating – Doesn’t Recommend Otto Insurance – Chaim Friedman 

“It’s a scam to lie to the public and say that you’re an insurance company, when in fact, you are only a referral company. I want to know how to report to Google to remove Otto insurance from being searched, and YouTube should stop running their ads because they are deceiving the public.” 

Our Comment on These Reviews: 

Otto insurance is up-front about the fact that it's not an insurance company and it only matches you with other companies that can give you quotes. However, content on their website leads people to believe that they will be getting an actual quote fast. That isn't the case. 

Otto Insurance Through Different States 

Otto insurance compares home, life, pet, and auto insurance and provides people with quotes from the best insurance companies. Currently, Otto insurance operates in all 50 US states and territories. 

Otto vs. Other Insurance Quotes 

To give you a fair reflection of the services you can avail of from Otto insurance, we will now compare Otto with other insurance quotes. Here are the best ones:

  • Otto vs. Insurify

Even though customers use Insurify and Otto to get insurance quotes, Insurify is the only one that returns actual quotes (around 20) when you complete your insurance profile. Apart from that, the driver profile you create using Insurify is more complete than the one built by Otto. Insurify also allows users to have more control over their data. 

  • Otto vs. Jerry

Jerry AI is another online tool that lets people compare insurance coverages from different companies. You must go through some steps to give it access to your current insurance policy. Then, it compares your insurance profile against 45 insurance companies and selects three options for you to choose from. 

Jerry is the same as Insurify, an excellent option for people looking for lower rates from a reliable platform. However, Insurify makes it easier for users to sample different coverage amounts and features quotes from more insurance companies.

  • Otto vs. Quote Wizard

Like Otto, Quote Wizard also claims that it offers quotes for home insurance and life insurance. However, Quote Wizard helps users save on renters’ and health insurance as well. Unlike Insurify, neither Otto insurance nor Quote Wizard delivers actual quotes on the page, requiring users to scroll endlessly through other pages and websites. 

In Conclusion

Otto insurance is a legitimate lead-generation site that sends user information to a network of over 1,000 insurance agents and affiliates. It matches you with two insurance companies that can give you quotes. 

Even though people left plenty of negative reviews about Otto, claiming that they were getting massive numbers of unsolicited calls, there are still some positive reviews available. 

So, if you’re not worried about getting too many calls, Otto insurance is worth a shot.

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