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Last modified: Jul 25, 2023

What does T-Mobile insurance cover? That’s the question we address in this article. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about this carrier’s insurance products and how they can protect you against losses. 

You’ll also get to know about different types of handset protection and some of the other benefits that you get with T-Mobile phone insurance. If you are looking for more gadget insurance coverages and compare your options.

What Does T-Mobile Insurance Cover?

T-Mobile insurance coverage depends on the type of insurance you take out. 

All policies cover malfunctions, accidental damage, loss, and theft. Accidental damage includes cracked screens and water damage — the two most common forms of accidental damage. 

T-Mobile will also cover the battery, charger, and SIM card if stolen. 

While T-Mobile phone insurance coverage includes cracked screens, the carrier may still charge you for repairs. Currently, there is a $29 fee for screen repair when you get it through authorized repair centers, which includes local repair shops and official T-Mobile outlets. The deductible amount depends on the handset tier. 

AppleCare Services are available through T-Mobile insurance. However, customers will need to upgrade to Protection 360 plans to access this level of support. 

If your phone has a cracked back, you can still trade it in with T-Mobile, as long as you have your T-Mobile insurance number and it passes the carrier’s condition checks. To qualify, you’ll need to have your device turned on. In addition, it must not have:  

  • Screen & LCD damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Anti-theft technology enabled

If your device doesn’t pass these tests, but you are using T-Mobile insurance plans, you can make a T-Mobile insurance claim and get a new phone. 

T-Mobile phone insurance cost and deductible depend on your phone's make and model. The carrier will charge you according to the value of your handset. The more expensive it is, the more you’ll pay when you make a claim — something we discuss in more detail below. 

What T-Mobile Insurance Doesn’t Cover

T-Mobile, like other carriers, will not cover you in all circumstances. For instance, it will not cover damage from abuse, misuse, intentional or cosmetic damage, or unauthorized repairs. It also doesn’t protect against “acts of God.” 

If you get the prepaid-only Premium Handset Protection, you don’t get coverage for damage caused by corrosion or rust. You also don’t get coverage for power fluctuations and failure to follow proper maintenance procedures. 

How long does a T-Mobile insurance claim take? On average, T-Mobile insurance claims take just a couple of days. However, the carrier will first need to approve your claim. This, according to the network, “may be instant or may take several days,” depending on the type of claim. 

Once you make a claim, the carrier will ship your new device overnight. It should arrive within one to two business days. T-Mobile lets you track your shipment with email alert info sent to your address. 

Basic Device Protection

T-Mobile offers several tiers of protection for customers' devices. The entry-level product is called T-Mobile Basic Device Protection

With Device Protection, you get the following perks: 

  • Convenient claim filing – an easy process to claim quickly (mostly or entirely online)
  • Extensive coverage against a range of mechanical breakdown issues – including loss, theft, accidental damage, water damage, and keypad failure
  • Affordable service fees – T-Mobile promises to keep the cost of replacements and servicing of devices low

You can enrol in Device Protection when you buy your handset or register for it within 30 days of the purchase date via any T-Mobile store. If you register after the purchase date, a T-Mobile Expert will perform a visual check to ensure that the device still qualifies for the plan. 

You can file a claim via My T-Mobile. Before you file, you will need the make and model of your device, your telephone number, the date of the incident that caused damage, and the last time you used your device. In some circumstances, you may also need to provide extra information, such as proof of ownership. 

Go into your My T-Mobile account and select Phone, then either:

  • Report lost or stolen
  • File damage claim
  • File a claim

Once you’ve done this, you then follow step-by-step instructions to complete the claim. 

T-Mobile basic device protection cost depends on your handset value. The higher the tier, the more you’ll pay monthly to protect it. When making a claim, you will also pay a higher deductible. You can find out your deductible via My T-Mobile. Once you agree to the terms, the carrier will collect payment from eCheck, debit or credit card. 

Protection 360

What is Protection 360? Protection 360 is T-Mobile’s premium handset protection service. 

What does T-Mobile insurance cover? It includes all of the protection you get with Device Protection, plus: 

  • Walk-in repair – simply walk into a T-Mobile store, and they will attempt to fix your phone for you. You may also qualify for screen repair for just $29.
  • JUMP! Upgrades – customers qualify for these on EIP devices after paying 50% of the cost.
  • McAfee Security for T-Mobile – includes ID Theft Protection technology and helps with safe browsing. It also includes antivirus and antimalware technology, lost device inactivation, and lost wallet protection.
  • Protection<360>® app by Assurant® – a system that provides users with live technical support for all connected devices, including smart TVs, game consoles, and routers.
  • Unlimited screen protector replacements – applied in-store by T-Mobile Mobile Experts.
  • Various repair fulfilment options – include device replacements through JUMP!, replacements via mail, in-store repair, and AppleCare for Apple devices, such as iPhone.

Is T-Mobile Protection 360 worth it? That depends on your requirements. The T-Mobile Protection<360 deductible varies by the value of the handset (as it does on Device Protection), but you get additional convenience, particularly under the T-Mobile warranty exchange. 

T-Mobile Protection<360 tiers affect the monthly cost. Here’s the breakdown: 

Device TierProtection<360> Monthly Cost ($)
5 and BYOD18

T-Mobile Protection 360 tier 5 is for both handsets in tier 5 and people using their devices in a BYOD capacity for work. 

As with Device Protection, T-Mobile offers the following options for enrolling in Protection 360. You can either: 

  1. Buy Protection 360 when you purchase your phone
  2. Get Protection 360 within 30 days of buying your phone, as long as it passes a visual inspection

Service fees and deductibles depend on the reason for making a claim and the tier of your device. For loss and theft, you’ll pay:

  • $10 for tier 1
  • $49 for tier 2
  • $99 for tier 3
  • $149 for tier 4
  • $259 for tier 5 and BYOD
  • $499 for tier 6

For accidental damage, you’ll pay: 

  • $10 for tier 1
  • $49 for tier 2
  • $99 for tiers 3, 4, and 5 (if you don’t have AppleCare services)
  • $199 for tier 6

Hardware services cost nothing (except for a $5 processing fee that T-Mobile charges to your account). 

You’ll need to follow the My T-Mobile process outlined above to make a claim. Make sure that you have your T-Mobile insurance claim number to hand. 

Premium Handset Protection (Prepaid Only)

Premium handset protection is for prepaid devices only. You should select this option if you use the T-Mobile network but don’t have a monthly contract with the carrier for services. 

Premium handset protection provides the following benefits: 

  • Protection against mechanical breakdown – includes malfunctions, water damage, cracked screen, accidental damage.
  • Protection against loss and theft – covers the device itself and chargers, batteries, SIM cards, and other accessories.

Premium Handset protection is similar to Device Protection for contract customers. No extras, such as JUMP! Upgrades or AppleCare are available through the plan. 

Malfunctioning phone deductible, accidental damage deductible, and loss or theft deductible amounts are all the same for each phone tier. 

Tier Premium Handset Protection Deductible ($)

Under the Premium Handset Protection plan, you may only make two claims in any 12-month period. In addition, with Device Protection, you don’t get protection for failing to follow maintenance guidelines or if your phone is damaged after unauthorized repairs. 

Is It Worth Getting T-Mobile Insurance?

Whether it’s worth getting T-Mobile phone insurance is a delicate balancing act of cost versus benefit. 

If you are somebody who is prone to damaging their handset, then getting T-Mobile insurance is probably worth it. However, you’ll need to compare the expected loss with the premium cost. 

If your handset costs $1,000 and there is a 50% chance that something will go wrong in the next year (loss, damage, theft), then your expected loss is $500. On the other hand, if the insurance cost is $100 for the year, getting it is probably worth it. 

So, what does T-Mobile insurance cover? In a nutshell, everything you’d expect. Plus, you can upgrade it. With T-Mobile, you get a range of perks, including the ability to make online claims and get coverage for accidental damage. If you get Premium 360, you can also receive all of the benefits of AppleCare services. 

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