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A-MAX Auto Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 7.8
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Financial Strength: No rating
BBB Rating: A
Coverages: 4/5
Flexibility: No policy customization
Discounts: 4/5
Support: Email, Phone
User Ratings: No rating
Availability: Texas only
Pricing: Affordable rates

About the Company 

Want to know more about A-MAX auto insurance company? Our detailed A-MAX Auto Insurance reviews will help you in making the final decision.  

A-MAX Auto Insurance was established in Dallas, Texas, in 2002. The company focuses on providing low-cost auto insurance plans. 

The company has more than 170 locations throughout Texas, but it is not available in other states.

The representatives of A-MAX are independent agents who shop around 20 insurance carriers to offer the clients the best possible rates.  

While this is an excellent way of finding the right insurance for you, it also indicates that the company is acting as a middleman between the client and the insurance carrier.  

How We Reviewed         

Here is what we did to review the cost and contents of A-MAX Auto Insurance rating:

Where Is It Available   

A-MAX insurance is only available in Texas. A-MAX Auto Insurance has its corporate office headquartered in Dallas, Texas. 

There are about 170 A-MAX Auto Insurance locations throughout the state, and you can easily get in touch with the office near you

Types of Insurance Covered and Missing Coverages

A-MAX offers various types of insurance, including the following:

Aside from these basic coverage options, the A-MAX also offers the following optional coverages:

A-MAX Pricing Review

Let’s have a look at A-MAX Auto Insurance quotes. The average national representative rate of A-MAX car insurance is $600. Of course, the total cost varies by location and various factors, including your age and driving record. 

The average annual rate for:

Insurance Offers or Extras

Aside from the coverages mentioned above, there are plenty of offers and discounts offered by the company. A-MAX Auto Insurance discounts are as follows: 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength

A-MAX Auto Insurance customer satisfaction rating is generally high.

The customer reviews are mostly based on locations. Some are satisfied with the services in some locations, but others have complained about the long processing time in other areas. 

A-MAX Auto Insurance has an A on BBB ranking.  

The company’s ranking on ConsumerAffairs and Trustpilot isn’t available.    

Moreover, since the company serves Texas exclusively, it isn’t well known. A-MAX Auto Insurance hasn’t been ranked on AM Best and S&P, which means its financial stability is unknown. 

Platform Rating
Trustpilot N/A
ConsumerAffairs N/A


Customer Support

You can easily reach A-MAX Auto Insurance customer service on the A-MAX Auto Insurance number, online contact form, and email.

 A-MAX Auto Insurance has an online payment option. They also have an FAQ page and billing support.

Users often praise customer support on review websites for being very helpful and friendly. They are very responsive to comments.         

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling

The A-MAX Auto Insurance claiming process depends on your location and the insurance carrier you have chosen.

If you have purchased the policy through A-MAX, you can file your insurance claim through your account online. You can also call A-MAX insurance claims number to start the process.   

Comparison with Competitors 

Here is a comparison between the A-MAX car insurance and a few of its competitors:

A-MAX Auto Insurance vs State Farm 

State Farm is one of the country’s leading car insurance providers and offers a wide range of discounts. It is ideal for families and is available in all states. 

A-MAX is only available in Texas and has limited discounts and coverage options. 

It offers cheap car insurance rates and is suitable for high-risk drivers.    

A-MAX Auto Insurance vs Allstate 

Allstate is another leading auto insurance provider that is known for its affordable rates and comprehensive policies. Allstate is also available in all states, unlike A-MAX. 

Still, if you are in Texas and have a bad driving record, then A-MAX would be a better choice for you. 

A-MAX Auto Insurance vs GEICO 

GEICO is known as the most affordable auto insurance provider in the country. GEICO also offers excellent discounts. 

A-MAX offers slightly better rates than GEICO, but it isn’t available in all states. Moreover, in comparison with GEICO, it is a better option for bad drivers.  


  • Multiple offices in Texas
  • Reasonable rates for high-risk drivers
  • Surety bonds and SR22 availability
  • Only available in Texas
  • Fewer online service options
  • No mobile app

A-MAX Auto Insurance is a suitable choice for drivers residing in Texas looking for affordable auto insurance. It is also an ideal choice for drivers who need help with unconventional insurance services such as SR-22 and surety bonds. 

It is not for individuals looking for a wide range of coverage options, perks, and discounts. 

The A-MAX Auto Insurance reviews show that drivers with good credit scores and a decent driving record best get insurance from another provider.


Who owns a-max insurance?

A-max is successfully operating for 20 years. The owner of this company is Irshad Meherally.

How do I file a claim with Amax?

Easy! Just call the 877-971-6300 number and you will be prompted how to report an emergency or non-emergency claim. You can also report it online if you are unable to call.

Does Amax have roadside assistance?

You can get reliable auto insurance with A-MAX Auto Insurance, which offers low-cost coverage. They offer Liability Auto Insurance, Towing/Roadside assistance, Uninsured/Underinsured motorist, Comprehensive/Collision, and Medical payments coverage.

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