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AIG Travel Insurance Review -Travel Guard

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.2
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Financial Strength: A
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 4/5
Support: phone numbers, mobile app, email, and your online account
Discounts: No notable discounts
Pricing: Expensive
User Ratings: Lower complaint rate

AIG Travel Insurance is the biggest provider of travel insurance in the United States. AIG travel insurance USA offers travel protection to around 6 million people per year. AIG Travel Guard provides broad coverage to travelers and only takes 24 hours to review your claims. It includes security and medical services for business and leisure travelers around the world. The services are provided through their huge network of service centers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. While we have outlined everything you need to know in the AIG travel insurance reviews below, you can still call them on 1-715-345-0505.

How We Reviewed 

The AIG Travel Guard Review is designed to give you some insight into Travel Guard, and it is based on the following methods: 

We analyze the company website for different coverage options, looking for: 

We analyze the customer support representatives and claims process

We studied the reviews to gauge the AIG travel insurance rating on user review websites 

We compared it to the competition

Where Is It Available?

Travel Guard provides travel insurance over the globe through its centers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. You can call their helpline in case of emergencies or for travel assistance. Travel Guard operates under its umbrella company called AIG. Its headquarters is on 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54482. 

Travel Insurance Review 

There are many coverage options that you can choose from. AIG travel insurance plans offer worldwide travel assistance to travelers like you. Here is an overview of their plans. 

Deluxe Plan

The Deluxe plan offers the most extensive coverage, 24/7 access to travel, and global assistance services. It also includes services like emergency travel assistance, trip delay insurance, emergency evacuation, baggage coverage, travel medical insurance, trip interruption insurance, and much more!

Preferred Plan

The Preferred Plan also comes with expanded and new coverage options that can offer you greater protection. You will have coverage options like luggage coverage, medical evacuation insurance, trip cancellations, emergency services, and more! 

Essential Plan

The Essential Plan offers travel insurance for people on a budget. It is a great option for domestic or business travelers requiring basic coverage. You can also include add-ons like pre-existing conditions travel insurance. 

Pack N’ Go Plan 

Who doesn’t love a spontaneous, last moment plan? The Pack N’ Go Plan offers 24-hour emergency travel, post-departure, and AIG travel cancellation coverage

Annual Travel Plan 

If you are traveling for leisure or business, the Annual Plan can cover any investments you have made for the trip. You can get essential coverage for tours throughout the year. 

Travel Guard Plus

AIG annual travel plans also include the Travel Guard Plus, which is designed for travelers who want a detailed and comprehensive package as well as additional services such as Adventure Sports. If you are looking for medical coverage and trip cancellation coverage, this is the best option for you. 

Medevac Per Trip Plan

Going abroad for an extended stay? The Medevac Per Trip Plan provides evacuation coverage and worldwide medical for trips up to 365 days. It even covers the cost of transportation to the hospital as well as Security Evacuation services. 

Travel Guard Annual Travel Insurance

The Annual plan includes AIG travel guard coverage for multiple trips. It is perfect for business or personal travelers who want to cover all the trips they take in a year. 

Rental Vehicle Damage Coverage

This affordable Rental Vehicle Damage plan offers better coverage than rental car insurance companies do. It has a $35,000 or $50,000 primary coverage option for collision damage to rented vehicles. It is subject to a $250 deductible only. 

Flight Guard

Fight Guard offers protection against accidents while you are flying on a commercial airline. You can select from five different levels of coverage, which will give you protection from any unexpected accidents that can occur while boarding, on, or leaving the aircraft. The cost starts from $9 and goes up to $45, depending on which coverage level you choose. 

Travel Guard Silver

The Silver plan is a budget-friendly plan that is perfect for personal or business travel. It starts at $438.

Travel Guard Gold

The Gold plan offers comprehensive coverage options such as medical expenses, trip cancellation, trip delay, missed connection, baggage delay, and much more. It starts at $588. 

Travel Guard Platinum

The Platinum plan offers extensive coverage with 100% reimbursement options. This global assistance plan can help travelers maneuver the multiple nuisances of travel. It starts at $706.

AIG Travel Insurance Pricing

AIG travel insurance quote is based on where you are traveling to, which transport you are choosing, the date of the trip, where you live, the cost of travel, and the number of travelers. You can learn more about their pricing by checking out the AIG payment chart. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

There are numerous customer testimonials on the AIG Travel Guard website that praise the high quality of their services. On average, customers give them 4.75 stars out of 5. Most of the positive reviews are from previous years, as 2020 has seen an onslaught of different complaints against Travel Guard. Due to the pandemic in 2020, a lot of trips were canceled, and thousands filed complaints. With the high volume of claims, customers saw a major dip in their services. In fact, it has largely impacted their ratings and exceeded what can be seen as acceptable or normal. 

There are many long-term customers who did not hear back from AIG Travel Guard even after months of filing their claims. Some customers’ claims have been rejected too. There were also multiple complaints about cancellation and miscommunication. The average time the company takes to answer complaints is also pretty long, which can increase the frustration of the consumers. 

The AIG BBB rating is A+. However, out of the 20 reviews, 17 are negative, and only 3 are positive. Some of them have not been resolved. 

As for financial strength, AIG is quite stable and considered a good investment. Here are some other ratings from popular review websites to help you get a better picture of Travel Guard:

Customer Support

AIG travel insurance customer service is available through phone numbers, mobile app, email, and your online account. The AIG travel insurance login can be used to navigate through policy purchasing and claims processing. The AIG travel insurance customer service number is 1-855-203-5962 for the United States and 1-715-345-0505 for international contact. 

AIG Travel Guard customer service has never had any complaints. Most of the complaints made in 2020 had more to do with processing claims and reimbursements due to the COVID crisis. Their customer service is known to be helpful, responsive, and approachable. 

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling 

AIG travel insurance online is pretty easy to purchase. All you need is:

You can then purchase the insurance policy by calling the customer service center or buying online. To book over the phone, you can call 800-826-5248. 

Filing for an AIG travel insurance claim is also pretty easy. You can call them online or use your personal account. You can also use this easy AIG travel guard claim filing option, which makes it quite easy to submit the claim. You can also check the AIG travel insurance claim status online using your claim number to track progress. 

Comparison with Competitors

In the AIG Travel Insurance vs. Allianz debate, you need to look at different factors to get an idea of which insurance company you should go for. Each insurance company has its own merits and demerits, so you need to see which one is right for you. 

Both insurance companies have a mobile application and 24/7 support. 

When it comes to travel assistance services, both insurance companies offer the following:

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Guard Insurance
Return Travel Arrangement Rebooking
Rebooking Document Assistance/Lost Passport
Document Assistance/Lost Passport Up to the Minute Travel Advisories
Emergency Cash Roadside Assistance
Translation Services
Up to the Minute Travel Advisories
Legal Assistance Referrals


When it comes to emergency medical assistance services, both insurance companies offer the following:

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Guard Insurance
Physician Referral Physician Referral
Emergency Medical Cases Management Emergency Prescription Replacement
Arrangement of Medical Payment Where Available
Updating the Family at Home


When it comes to concierge assistance services, both insurance companies offer the following:

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Guard Insurance
Event/Restaurant Referrals and Reservations Event/Restaurant Referrals and Reservations
Ground Transportation Recommendation Ground Transportation Recommendation
Weather Advisories
Wireless Devices Assistance
Boat/Plane Charter Assistance


You should also take into account that Travel Guard offers many comprehensive add-ons and coverage options, so you can pick and choose a customized plan. Travel Guard also offers greater baggage reimbursements while the rest of the reimbursement amounts are pretty similar. The coverage for emergency medical and baggage has similar guidelines too. 


  • Strong Insurance Partner
  • Good Evacuation Cover
  • Large Variety of Coverage Options
  • Available Worldwide 
  • 25 Years of Experience
  • Expensive
  • Weak Medical Coverage

Travel Guard offers many comprehensive plans at affordable prices. You can feel safe knowing that you are protected by the insurance policy. The company provides 24/7 services to accommodate all your travel questions and strives to give customers the best care.

Travel Guard is perfect for people who want extensive options for their travel insurance policy. If you are a frequent flier worried about the journey you are about to embark on, selecting one of their plans is a good idea.

We hope our detailed AIG Travel Guard Review has helped you learn a little more about travel insurance. 


What does AIG travel insurance cover?

It covers different factors depending on the plan you choose, including medical payments, evacuation services, trip delays, baggage loss, etc. 

How do I claim AIG travel insurance?

You can speak to a customer representative on Travel Guard’s helpline at 800-826-5248 or file a claim through their website. 

Is AIG good travel insurance?

AIG is one of the most popular travel insurance providers in the United States, with thousands of travelers protected by their policy. 

Does AIG travel insurance cover pregnancy?

No, they do not.

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