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Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8
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Financial Strength: A+
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 5/5
Flexibility: Customizable plans
Support: Online, phone,email
User Ratings: 3.9 on Consumer affairs
Availability: All states
Pricing: Affordable

Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance company is a subsidy of Allianz SE, a German multinational financial company that started operations in 1890. In the 1950s, Allianz initiated the Allianz Travel Insurance which was later rebranded to Allianz Global Assistance in 2014. The company is underwritten by BCS Insurance Company.

According to Allianz Travel Insurance reviews, the company is held in high regard and also provided insurance to the Wright Brothers’ first flight as well as for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Aside from these distinctions, the company also takes part in philanthropic causes around the world and its Allianz Corporate Giving Program has contributed over $2 million to students, seniors, and charities around the world.

In this review, we will take a look at the features that make Allianz stand apart from other travel insurance companies.

How We Reviewed

We assessed several important features provided by Allianz Global Assistance, including:

Where is it Available?

Allianz Global Assistance is available across the United States and Canada. Allianz Travel Insurance USA headquarters are located at 9950 Mayland Dr, Richmond, VA 23233, United States.

Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Allianz offers nine different travel insurance plans to choose from. If you need protection during a single trip, you can use any of the five single-trip plans. 

If, however, you prefer to take several small trips over the year, the annual travel insurance plans will offer you more convenient and affordable coverage. Additionally, annual plans cover you for an entire year, whether you travel domestically or overseas. You can take your pick from the four annual/multi-trip plans.

Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage Types

Here is a breakdown of the types of coverage provided by Allianz Travel Insurance plans:

OneTrip Cancellation Plus Plan

The One Trip Cancellation Plus plan is the most affordable single trip travel insurance plan offered by Allianz. As its name suggests, you are only covered for canceled, interrupted, or delayed trips through this plan. Coverage includes:

This plan is good for anyone on a budget and concerned about flight delays and cancellations but not much else.

OneTrip Basic Plan

This is another cost-effective plan for travelers who require coverage for flight cancellations to medical needs to medical evacuation. The coverage includes:

It should be noted that the OneTrip Basic Plan does not include coverage for airline change fees or even missed connections. Additionally, it will take into account fewer reasons for trip cancellation.

OneTrip Prime Plan

OneTrip Prime Plan is one of the most popular travel insurance plans for vacations as it provides excellent Allianz Travel Insurance trip cancellation coverage as well as protection against medical emergencies, emergency transportation, pre-existing condition coverage and more. The coverage list includes:

Aside from this, there is also an option to add Allianz Insurance rental car damage protector and required to work emergencies to the package. Kids 17 years old or under are covered if they are traveling with parents or grandparents.

OneTrip Premier Plan

OneTrip Premier doubles what is offered in the OneTrip Prime plan and comes with an extra set of benefits. This is the most comprehensive option for one-trip plans. Coverage includes:

However, it does not offer the required to work emergency coverage. Kids 17 years old or under are covered if they are traveling with parents or grandparents. There is also an option to add rental car damage protection for $9 per day.

OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan

OneTrip Emergency Medical plan is for travelers worried about getting unexpectedly sick or injured during travel, rather than concerned about trip delays or cancellations. Therefore, this Allianz Travel health insurance plan only offers medical expense coverage:

AllTrips Basic Plan

The AllTrips Basic plan is the most affordable annual/multi-trip medical travel insurance offered by Allianz Travel Insurance. This plan does not come with reimbursement options for trip cancellation or interruption but is for people who are concerned about travel mishaps. It covers:

AllTrips Prime Plan

This plan offers your multi-trip travel insurance coverage for a whole year and is a comprehensive and affordable annual plan. It covers:

However, keep in mind that a trip longer than 45 days is excluded from Allianz travel health insurance coverage.

AllTrips Executive Plan

AllTrips Executive plan provides excellent coverage for any possible medical mishap or trip issues during a vacation. This plan is for business travelers and comes with extra benefits for businessmen:

AllTrips Premier

AllTrips Premier is the most expensive and comprehensive annual Allianz Travel Insurance coverage plan. The coverage includes:

However, it does not have the Loyalty Program Redeposit Fee coverage or the change fee coverages.

Rental car damage and theft coverage are not available in Kansas, Texas, and New York when it is purchased as part of a multi-trip plan. In Washington, the rental car damage option may not be available for all plans.


Although Allianz trip protection covers a wide range of injuries, illnesses, and mishaps during travel, there are few exclusions:

Extreme Sports: Allianz does not provide coverage for injuries or death related to high-risk sports like mountain climbing, skydiving, or scuba diving.

Intentional Harm: Any loss or damage sustained from alcohol abuse, drug use, self-harm, or criminal activity is not covered.

Certain events: Natural disasters, epidemics, and war will not be covered by Allianz.

Trip Inconveniences: Items confiscated or destroyed by customs officials or traveling against the advice of your medical practitioner are not covered.

Allianz Travel Insurance Cancel For Any Reason: The cancel-for-any-reason option is not available through Allianz.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Allianz Global Assistance does not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions while traveling. It has a lookback period of 120 days and you cannot ask for medical reimbursement if you have had a diagnosis of a condition within those days.

However, you may get a waiver for pre-existing conditions if you purchase one of Allianz’s plans within 14 days of making your first trip payment.


Travel Insurance Pricing

As with all travel insurance company, Allianz Travel Insurance quote depends on your age, state, length, and cost of the trip.

To give an example, let us consider a plan for a 30-year-old from Illinois traveling to Croatia on a $1,450 vacation. Let us make an Allianz Travel Insurance price chart for the single-trip plans:

Allianz Plans Total Cost
OneTrip Basic $51
OneTrip Prime $67
OneTrip Premier $113


Now, let us consider a plan for a 48-year-old from Kansas traveling to Croatia on a $1,450 vacation. Let us make an Allianz Travel Insurance price chart for the single-trip plans:

Allianz Plan Total Cost
AllTrips Basic $135
AllTrips Prime $275
AllTrips Executive $500
AllTrips Premier $475


The cost difference between the plans may seem significant to you; however, more comprehensive options means you have less to worry about and more peace of mind during your trips.


Customer Satisfaction And Financial Strength Review

Allianz has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau but Allianz Travel Insurance reviews on BBB are not as positive. The insurance firm has achieved only 1.2 stars from customers and the page reports over 700 Allianz Travel Insurance complaints.

However, when it comes to its financial stability, the company checks all boxes. The company is highly competitive and serves 45 million customers, only in the United States. It also has the ability to pay off its claims as evident by Allianz Travel Insurance AM Best rating — an A+ (Superior), which is the second-highest rating by the credit rating agency.


Allianz Travel Insurance Customer Service

Allianz offers 24/7 assistance to its clients in multiple languages. The company offers multiple channels to support its clients: 

Allianz Website:https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/contact-us.htm

Allianz Insurance Customer Service Phone: 1-866-884-3556

Allianz Mail: Allianz Global Assistance, P.O. Box 71533, Richmond, VA 23255-1533

Allianz Travel Insurance Claim Handling

If you run into an unexpected travel issue while you are on a trip, you need to file a claim with Allianz so that they can reimburse you for your payments. You can file a claim online or through your mobile device. Here are the directions for that:

Comparison With Competitors

Allianz Travel Insurance Vs.World Nomads

World Nomad is one of the most popular Australian travel insurance companies. Unlike Allianz, which offers cost-competitive plans, World Nomads plans are pretty expensive and can cost double that of Allianz. This can be a letdown if you plan to travel several times around the world.

Additionally, World Nomads only offers two types of plans and also does not allow you to customize like Allianz. However, it offers a much higher reimbursement amount for medical emergencies and also provides coverage for thrill-seekers who love extreme sports.

Allianz Travel Insurance Vs. Amex

Members of American Express Platinum card can enjoy trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage of up to $20,000 per insurer per year. If you pay for your trip with your Amex card, you, your family members, and eligible companions will also be covered for non-refundable expenses that you pay for your travel supplier.

You can also be covered for trip delays longer than 6 hours and you may be reimbursed for up to $500 per trip for eligible expenses, with two such claims allowed in a single year.

Amex cards also come with emergency medical evacuation coverage.

However, a credit card company does not provide as many plans or as comprehensive a coverage as an experienced travel insurance company like Allianz Travel Insurance. Plus, you do not have the option to customize coverage either.


  • Trustworthy and credible travel insurance provider
  • Coverage for minor children and adventurous travelers.
  • Offers business equipment protection
  • Company does not sell “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance.
  • No coverage for travelers with pre-existing conditions
  • Claim service could be improved.

All in all, Allianz Global Assistance is a trustworthy and credible travel insurance provider. It offers a lot of plans which can be customized with optional add-ons for better protection. Additionally, its plans are ideal for all kinds of travelers, from those who take yearly vacations to those who go on trips several times, from those who are on a budget and for those on a budget.

However, some customers claim Allianz travel medical insurance customer service is a bit lacking from competitors like Travelex and John Hancock. Additionally, Allianz customers cannot adjust their coverage limits based on their individual needs.

Another downside is that the company does not sell “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance, not even as an add-on. It also does not provide coverage for adventure seekers or people with high medical needs or pre-existing conditions.

On the plus side, though, it does offer coverage to minor children traveling with adults and is one of the very few companies that offer business equipment protection.


What is covered under Allianz travel insurance?

To take a look at its coverage, jump up to the Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage Types.

Does Allianz cover trip cancellation?

Yes, Allianz covers trip cancellation on many of its plans but not on its OneTrip Medical Emergency Plan and AllTrip Basic Plan.

Does Allianz travel insurance cover flight changes?

Yes, Allianz Travel Insurance does offer you coverage for flight changes in most of its plans.

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