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ASI Home Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8
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Financial Strength: A+
BBB Rating: A+
Flexibility: Policy customization available
Support: Phone, Online
User Ratings: High customer satisfaction
Pricing: Expensive
Availability: 41 states

We studied ASI insurance reviews and found some interesting facts to share with you. Interested to hear more? Keep on reading...

About the Company

American Strategic Insurance (ASI) offers moderate to high priced home insurance policies. As a partner with Progressive insurance network, the company enjoys strong financial backing and stability. If you are looking for more information on this home insurance provider, you have come to the right place. We studied ASI insurance reviews and found some interesting facts to share with you. 

While being one of the younger companies on the market (23 years old), ASI is considered to be one of the 15 largest homeowners insurance providers in the U.S. The company operates in 41 states, providing customers with agent-based services through a huge network of independent agents.

The policies that the company provides are available for both homes and condos and come with comprehensive options that are customized to the user's needs. The company is well known for its exceptional level of customer service. 

How We Reviewed? 

To make sure we are able to provide you with the most accurate information regarding the ASI insurance rating in various factors, such as home insurance options, interest rates, customer service, and after-sales services, we have gone through the various features that have been offered on the official ASI website, along with coverage types, and other features. 

To get in-depth information on the service quality that ASI home insurance has to offer, we have also read reviews that have been left by past customers on multiple review websites to gauge the strength of the various offers and features of ASI home insurance. 

Where Is It Available?

The ASI insurance headquarters address is in St. Petersburg, Florida. ASI home insurance is an established home insurance company and is operating in 41 U.S. states

To find if you can get ASI home insurance in your state, log on to the ASI website and enter your zip code to find and talk to a local independent agent. You can get a quote from a local agency near you for free. You can also ask any questions that you may have regarding insurance coverage options. 


ASI operates as a collective group of subsidiaries that specialize in insurance under the parent company ARX Holding Corp., with Progressive being the controlling shareholder. Thus there are a number of affiliates that you can contact if you are looking for ASI home insurance in your state. 


ASI home insurance subsidiaries are ASI Assurance Corp., American Strategic Insurance Corp., ASI Select Insurance Corp., ASI Preferred Insurance Corp., ASI Home Insurance Corp., ASI Select Auto Insurance Corp., Progressive Property Insurance Company, ASI Lloyds, Sunshine Security Insurance Agency, ASI Services, Inc., ASI Underwriters, and ASI Underwriters of Texas Inc. 

Depending on the state you live in, you can easily find the perfect ASI home insurance policy for your needs from the aforementioned affiliates. 

Homeowner Insurance Review

ASI homeowner insurance offers comprehensive insurance plans. ASI homeowner insurance keeps you safe from risks such as theft, fire, and storms. While individual policies can be customized for your specific requirements, you can get a property and liability policy which will offer coverage for the following: 

What sets ASI home insurance apart from other similar policies is that it offers you additional coverage options with increased limits for personal injury and jewelry, apart from the traditional home damage insurance

The policies offered by ASI covers the replacement value of a home, living expenses, personal liability coverage, and personal property. 

But, it also offers an option to get umbrella coverage, which includes flood insurance, seasonal investment property insurance along with increased coverage limits. 

Homeowner Insurance Pricing

When it comes to insurance policies, the price is a major factor in the decision-making process. The good news is, it is easy to get ASI insurance quotes by simply visiting the official ASI website. 

The reasonable ASI insurance price makes it the go-to choice for many people looking for affordable homeowners insurance options. 

The average cost of an ASI homeowner insurance policy (12-months) will range from around $676 to $2,044 per month. It is also important to note that an ASI home insurance policy is going to vary depending on the state you live in, and your zip code. 

Other factors that will have an impact on the price include property location (coastal homes etc.), proximity to the fire department, homes near the forest, the crime rate in the neighborhood. The building materials can also impact coverage. 

You can visit their website to find out about the average home insurance cost by state. 

ASI Home Insurance Discount

ASI home insurance offers varied options and discounts depending on your specific requirements. The most popular is the bundle discount, which is available for all ASI home insurance customers. With this package, you are able to get an extra discount when you combine your homeowners, renters, or condo insurance policy with auto insurance for greater savings.

It should be noted here that similar to the pricing of ASI home insurance variances by state, the saving options and discounts you are offered will also vary depending on the state you live in along with other factors. This is why it is important to contact a local agent so that you can find out more about the ASI home insurance discount options available to you. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

When it comes to ASI customer satisfaction, it can be gauged by the consistently high ratings and positive reviews that the company enjoys. ASI home insurance enjoys an AM Best financial strength rating of A+, which is a good testament to the high quality of service that ASI offers.

When it comes to ASI insurance BBB rating, ASI has been accredited since 2004. ASI insurance has always enjoyed a high BBB rating and currently has an A+. 

Customer Support 

One of the highlights of ASI home insurance is that you get to experience ASI insurance customer service at its finest. 

While the customer reviews online are a mix of positive and negative, ASI goes the extra mile when it comes to catering to their customers. Based on a 1,000 point scale, ASI managed to score 867, which is just 35 points behind the highest-ranked company in the niche. ASI has a dedicated customer service page where you can find the toll-free contact number, along with the contact information for agents and claims. 

The ASI insurance customer service number is 866-274-5677. There is an online chat option that you can use to get your queries answered in real-time. 

Ease of Buying Claims Handling

The claims handling process is very straightforward. ASI provides an online form where customers can report their claims. Customers can also contact them directly at 1-866-274-5677. 

To report a claim, you are going to need the following details:

Once you have provided them with all the details in the required fields, all you have to do is click "Report Claim," and you will be contacted within 48 business hours. 

Comparison With Competitors

ASI vs AmicaWhile Amica tends to generally offer more affordable policies, ASI has a larger network of agents and fast-paced claims handling process along with many other tailored services. 


ASI vs Chubb – Chubb insurance offers higher than average homeowner’s insurance premiums. The company boasts a solid customer service, but ASI still enjoys a wider presence and offers plenty of attractive services and discounts, which gives it an edge. 


ASI vs American Integrity – Both ASI and American Integrity have an A+ BBB rating; however, ASI has an edge when it comes to claims handling and overall customer service. Besides, American Integrity mostly operates in Florida, while ASI has a more national presence.


ASI vs AllstateBoth insurance providers have a wide presence in the U.S. and offer similar services. However, ASI insurance has a wider network of agents and offers more options. ASI also provides quick claims handling.


  • Safe and Reliable - For those who are looking for a stable insurance company, the ASI home insurance is as good as they come.
  • Get a Complete Bundled Service - Not only do you get complete coverage, but you can also customize and expand the coverage according to your needs.
  • Great Prices – ASI offers some of the best rates available in the market today
  • Sluggish Customer Service - On the flipside, ASI has unfortunately been known for its sluggish customer service, which customers normally complain of.
  • Expensive Premium – Some might find the price of its premium a bit high as compared to other home insurance providers. This does not make ASI home insurance an attractive option for those people who are looking for affordable home insurance that allows them to bundle various features.

 ASI garnered much respect for being one of the highest-rated home insurance providers who have affiliates in 41 states. The insurance provider continues to offer high-quality insurance policies with the best interest rates, as seen in the ASI home insurance reviews.  The downsides of ASI: it is very expensive insurance.

This does not make ASI home insurance an attractive option for those people who are looking for affordable home insurance that allows them to bundle various features. 



What is the ASI insurance rating?

ASI enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and other rating agencies for its premium service quality. ASI also has a high AM Best rating of A+ (Superior) for financial strength.

What is Progressive ASI?

Progressive expanded the availability of the homeowners insurance coverage, especially after the acquisition of ASI. This improved the insurance policy features that are available for customers. 

What does the ASI acronym stand for?

ASI stands for American Strategic Insurance Corp.

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