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Auto-Owners Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 9.1
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Financial Strength: A++
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 5/5
Flexibility: flexible policies
Discounts: 5/5
Support: phone number, online portal
User Ratings: 2.4 on Consumer Affairs
Availability: 26 states
Pricing: affordable

The Auto-Owners Insurance Group is a big insurance company covering different insurance products, such as life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and business insurance. It was founded in 1916 in Lansing, Michigan, and since then, the Auto-Owners Insurance Company has been providing state-required coverage types to approximately 3 million customers.

Auto-Owners Insurance works with 48,000 independent agents who are all licensed practitioners of their craft. The company has several accolades to its name. It received a superior rating of A++ from AM Best, a renowned independent authority on insurance ratings. Moreover, Auto-Owners Insurance has received several awards for its premium quality customer service. The company is now a certified Great Place to Work®, and according to Auto-Owners Insurance reviews, the company continues to receive a high ranking when it comes to employee satisfaction.

The Auto-Owners Insurance subsidiaries include:

This insurer is a large mutual insurance company that increased its premium growth by 7.2% in 2019. Due to the company’s commendable service, independent agents collected around $1.2 billion in new business premiums.

How We Reviewed

In-order to review the Auto-Owners Insurance Company, we don’t merely consider the Auto-Owners Insurance ranking. To provide you with an in-depth review, 

  1. We analyze the website for features and coverage types
  2. We ask for quotes with different conditions 
  3. We study reviews are ratings from user review websites
  4. We find data on the financial strength

Where Is It Available?

The headquarters of Auto-Owners Insurance Company is in Lansing, Michigan, but the company’s services are available in 26 states throughout the country, including:

The Auto-Owners Insurance Group has formed partnerships with the Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company, the Concord Group Insurance Companies, and the Capital Insurance Group.

Auto Insurance Review

Auto Insurance coverage provided by Auto-Owners Insurance is more comprehensive than the coverage plans of other auto insurance companies. Its coverage plan includes:

Comprehensive Package

This comprehensive package covers all the cost of damage to your car caused by incidents such as vandalism, fire, bad weather conditions, theft, or an accident caused by an animal. 

Road Trouble Service

This unique auto insurance coverage offers 24 hours of service if you experience minor challenges on the road. You have to call the toll-free number 1-888-869-2642 if your car is having mechanical issues or has run out of gas. The company will even help you if you have locked yourself out of your vehicle. The road trouble service is available 365 days a year in all 50 states of America and Canada. 

List of additional coverages

The company also provides some additional benefits to its auto insurance policyholders. These include:

Auto-Owners, Auto Insurance Pricing

Auto-Owners Insurance offers affordable auto insurance to its customers. The Auto-Owners insurance quote online shows that their ’s auto insurance pricing is cheaper than its competitors. Auto-Owners Insurance, however, makes no such claims and requests its customers to get an Auto-Owners Insurance quote from one of their independent agents.

The Auto-Owners Insurance pay bill is dependent on age and gender. 21-year old single men pay the highest auto premiums, whereas 68-year old married men pay the lowest.

Auto-Owners Insurance Discounts

The Auto-Owners Insurance discount programs include the following wide range of discounts:

Multi-Car Discount

You can avail of this discount if you insure multiple personal cars under your name. If your family has more than one passenger vehicle, you can be the sole policyholder for all those vehicles and benefit from this discount.

Paid in Full Discount

You will get a discount when you pay the full amount of your annual premiums on time.

Life Insurance Multi-Policy Discount

You can save big on your auto premiums if you combine your auto insurance policy with a life insurance policy with Auto-Owners Insurance.

Multi-Policy Discount

If you are the policyholder of more than one policy with Auto-Owners Insurance, you qualify for a multi-policy discount. For example, if you have auto insurance and home insurance policy with Auto-Owners Insurance, you can save a lot on your auto premiums.

Safety Feature Discount

Auto-Owners Insurance discounts include a safety discount. If your car is equipped with safety features, like anti-theft alarms, airbags, or anti-lock braking systems, you can get the safety feature discount at Auto-Owners Insurance.

Payment History

Auto-Owners Insurance offers discounts if you pay all the premiums of the last 36 months in one go and on time.

Green Discount

When you opt for a paperless billing method and choose to make all your payments online, you automatically qualify for an online payments discount.

Student Discount

There are three different types of student discounts offered at Auto-Owners Insurance.

Additional Discounts

Two additional discounts can help you lower your car insurance premiums. These are:

No Claims Discount

You instantly qualify for this discount if you haven’t made a single insurance claim on your car throughout the year. Many people avoid claiming insurance if the car requires minor repair work. They prefer to pay for their repairs out of their pocket. If you do this, you can ask Auto-Owners Insurance for a no claims discount.

True Ride Discount

TrueRide has been developed by Auto-Owners Insurance, and using this app automatically qualifies you for a TrueRide discount.

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength

According to the Auto-Owners Insurance consumer reports, the company has received the following ratings for its customer satisfaction:

The A++ (superior) rating of Auto-Owners Insurance on AM Best Company indicates its great financial shape. The Above Average mark on the JD Power rating demonstrates that customers are completely satisfied with the company’s services.

Customer Support

Auto-Owners Insurance customer service includes a wide range of customer support options. The types of customer support available at Auto-Owners Insurance include a telephone helpline and online customer support.

You can reach the helpline by dialing Auto-Owners Insurance customer service phone number: 1-517-323-1200. For life insurance, you can dial 1-800-346-0346.

There is also an online portal for all its policyholders. You can access  the Auto-Owners Insurance customer login page directly via their website: https://www.auto-owners.com/

On the website, customers can directly make a claim by clicking on the ‘Claims’ tab. The customers can even ask questions regarding their billing through the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website. Auto-Owners Insurance is very responsive to its customers’ queries and replies via email.

You can even pay your bills at the following address:

PO Box 740312

Cincinnati, OH 45274-0312

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling

It is effortless to buy insurance policies from Auto-Owners Insurance. You have to find your nearest independent agent and contact them for the best insurance policy on your car, home, business, and life.

It is equally easy to apply for Auto-Owners Insurance claims. An easy way to get your financial representative’s information online is by logging in to your account or using the representative locator to find your independent agent’s website and contact details. You can also dial this Auto-Owners Insurance claim number 1-888-252-4626 to make an emergency claim.

According to Auto-Owners Insurance claim reviews, the company is very responsive, and processes claims urgently. They want their policyholders to experience a hassle-free service.

Moreover, the Auto-Owners Insurance claim review comparison available online indicates the company processes claims a lot faster than their competitors and is very compassionate while analyzing claim applications.

 Comparison with Competitors

Auto-Owners Insurance vs State Farm

State Farm is more expensive than Auto-Owners Insurance. On average, State Farm charges $163.10 per month for auto insurance, while Auto-Owners Insurance charges around $136.32 per month.

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Geico

Auto-Owners Insurance has a higher rating than Geico. The overall satisfaction rate of Auto-Owners Insurance is ‘better than most’ while for Geico, it is ‘about average.’

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Foremost Insurance

No recent or conclusive data is available that compares the two high-performing insurance companies – Auto-Owners Insurance and Foremost Insurance. However, Foremost Insurance has been rated twice as good as The General, according to The Zebra’s comparison charts.

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Progressive

Auto-Owners Insurance has a slightly higher rating compared to Progressive. The overall score of Auto-Owners Insurance is 86, whereas the overall score for Progressive is 80.


  • It is a well-renowned insurance company operating since 1916
  • It has its own mobile app, named TrueRide
  • It offers multiple insurance services, including life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance
  • Has excellent discounts, deals, and coverages
  • Works with high-qualified and licensed independent agents
  • Affordable pricing on insurance policies and premiums
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Fast processing of insurance claims
  • Customer login portal
  • Outstanding customer service
  • It does not serve all the states in the USA
  • Policies cannot be purchased directly
  • Quotations cannot be requested directly

According to auto owners auto insurance reviews we explored online - our verdict is that this insurer provides numerous benefits.  The only downside is that is not available in all states.


Is the Auto-Owners Insurance any good?

Auto-Owners Insurance is one of the best insurance companies, according to NerdWallet’s Best Car Insurance Companies for 2021.

Is Auto-Owners Insurance going to give refunds?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Auto-Owners Insurance has decided to refund 15% of the premiums on private passenger autos. This refund is only applicable to the monthly premiums of April and May 2020.

What is the grace period for Auto-Owners Insurance?

The grace period is seven days for auto insurance premiums and 31 days for life insurance.

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