Branch insurance review 2022

Last modified: April 30, 2022
  • Claims 7
  • Buying 8
  • Transparency 6
  • Coverage Variety 8
  • Value For Money 9.5
  • Financial Strength A+
  • BBB Rating A
  • Coverages 4/5
  • Discounts 5/5
  • User Ratings Average
  • User Ratings Generally positive
  • Availability 24 states
  • Pricing highly affordable

Branch is an insurance company that puts simplicity at the heart of everything it does. Now licensed to operate across 24 different states, the insurer has come a long way in recent years. With an easy-to-use website and a focus on community initiatives, it’s clear that Branch is a provider currently on the up. Because of this, Branch can seem like an organization with a difference. 

However, Branch insurance reviews can be few and far between due to the company’s age and different approaches to providing coverage. So, we’ve collected data from around the net to check out how Branch operates and what past customers have to say about its service. For any customers currently shopping around for a new insurance provider, check out our Branch insurance review in full below. 

About Branch Insurance Agency

The Branch insurance agency was founded in 2017 by insurance veteran Steve Lekas and tech entrepreneur Joe Emison, with the main office in Columbus, Ohio. 

Branch takes a more technological approach to the insurance world and runs its own insurance exchange alongside working with other providers who underwrite their policies. These providers include General Security National Insurance Company and Branch Insurance Exchange.

Branch also works with the world’s leading firms as investment partners, such as:

  • Greycroft
  • Hudson Structured
  • SCOR
  • SignalFire
  • American Family Ventures
  • Rock Holdings Inc.
  • Rise of the Rest
  • Elefund
  • Foundation Capital 

Branch’s Financial Strength

Financial analysis service Demotech currently rates Branch’s financial strength at ‘A’ and has done that since 2020. This means there are little to no customer complaints against the company, and it has a good ability to pay out claims. This is notable in the case of major claims, such as those occurring due to natural disasters. 

In addition, Branch insurance has an AM Best rating of A+ (Superior). AM Best is an agency that assesses the creditworthiness of insurance companies, and with this high A rating, Branch is a provider that can definitely be trusted. 

How Long Has Branch Insurance Been Around?

Branch Insurance company has been operating for five years. However, it started writing premiums only in 2020. 

Branch Auto Insurance: Plans and Coverage

As one of its main products, Branch offers a wide range of auto insurance coverages, including: 

  • Liability
  • Uninsured or Underinsured driver
  • Personal injury protection
  • Physical damage
  • Collision 
  • Comprehensive

In addition, Branch offers other auto-related products rarely seen with other auto insurance providers. Namely, many companies fail to cover rideshare under a standard policy, whereas Branch makes it available to all customers upon signing up. 

This allows anyone working for Uber or Lyft to get an extended coverage rather than be protected by the rideshare company only when giving rides. 

Branch insurance also covers accidents that are not caused by your actions, such as tree branches falling on the car. For example, if the car is parked or not in use, it will be covered by the comprehensive auto insurance policy. This kind of coverage isn’t always available, especially if you buy insurance from a third party. 

Branch Car Insurance Discounts

As part of our Branch car insurance review, it’s important to note that this insurer offers more chances for savings than a usual company of its type. Not only does it make ‘switching’ easy for customers thanks to its instant online filing system, but it also provides discounts for new members. And regarding discounts, Branch can be very generous. 

Regular insurance discounts, such as Multipolicy and Senior Citizens, are often included when getting a quote online. However, Branch doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, so discounts can be numerous and are always subject to change. 

One of the main ways Branch can offer discounts on car insurance is through bundling policies. By bundling your auto and home insurance, which according to Branch, can be done in as little as 30 seconds, you can save upwards of 15% off the total price compared to buying them separately. However, the discounts don’t stop there; through its partner ADT, Branch customers can also save up to 29% on a home and auto insurance bundle. 

Similarly, through the Community Pledge program, Branch customers can gain further discounts of up to 5% when other Branch members vouch for them. Customers will need to download the Branch app in order to take part in this. 

In addition, thanks to its use of the Branch Insurance Exchange, the agency can offer service-wide discounts for all coverage types. This works via eliminating various overhead costs by operating the Branch Exchange across multiple states, along with working with other insurance parties outside of its main remit. 

Branch Home Insurance

Branch’s home insurance tends to offer all the standard coverages you would expect from a policy of this type. The main home coverage options are as follows: 

  • Personal property protection
  • Liability protection
  • Guest medical coverage
  • Emergency living expenses

The last two policies can be hard to find in other standard home insurance coverages. Note that any of the above home coverage options can be either added or removed from a policy if need be. 

Furthermore, the company went the extra mile with more coverages, such as homeshare. For instance, if you’re signed up to apps like Airbnb, Branch will cover your home in case of damages by short-term tenants. 

Branch Insurance Products

It’s not just home and auto insurance you can take out from Branch. You can also purchase: 

These insurance products can be bought either separately or bundled together under one policy, usually at a discount. Umbrella insurance can be used to further the benefits of an existing policy by covering you under any eventualities. 

Similarly, working with the partners listed above can net Branch customers even more insurance-based products as part of their standard policy premium. From home security systems to home warranties, mortgages and refinancing, personal finance help, and smart home tech, Branch can offer a wide selection of add-ons that may prove beneficial to your overall premium price in the long run. 

Branch also funds a charitable platform known as Safety Nest. Intending to tackle income inequality, Safety Nest works via an applicant system. Submit your application, wait for a follow-up, and receive an insurance loan you don’t have to pay back. Keep in mind that this platform works retroactively and can only be used if a customer has already suffered due to not having car or home insurance. 

Branch Insurance Reviews: Customer Satisfaction and User Ratings

Branch insurance is a relatively new company when it comes to offering premiums to its customers. As such, it doesn’t have many reviews to depend on, but you can still find a few of them on TrustPilot and the Branch homepage itself. 

According to customer reviews, Branch insurance is good and reliable. With a total of 4.8 stars from over 1,500 reviews on TrustPilot, Branch proves its strong reputation. According to Better Business Bureau, Branch currently holds a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. 

Customers rate Branch highly on: 

  • Customer service
  • Affordable quotes
  • An easy-to-use app
  • Speed and simplicity

Customers also often comment on how easy submitting insurance claims with Branch is. This can be done via both the online portal and the app itself. You can submit a claim via a form, and if immediate help is required, you can contact Branch directly via its phone number. 

Branch Insurance Cost and Quotes

Branch offers some incredibly competitive rates within the insurance world, often beating out other big providers, such as State Farm. However, Branch does not use quotes and instead has a policy of offering a ‘real world’ price whenever a customer submits their details. 

This, of course, makes it much easier to determine just how much money you might save by switching to Branch. All submitted applications are subject to a data check, ensuring your details match the home address and car registration in question. 

For more details on the cost of the Branch insurance policy, it’s best to use the Branch insurance phone number to contact its representative. 

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Easy to use. The main pro of taking out a policy from Branch is just how easy the site and app are to use. The agency makes use of simple forms, simple inventory systems, and a handy way to stay in touch via live chat.
  • Community-focused Branch believes in the community principle of taking insurance back to its roots. The agency’s main mission is to make insurance affordable to all Americans.
  • Specializes in bundled insurance. The final pro of Branch is how it bundles different policies, which results in big discounts for customers.

The Cons

  • Suspiciously low rates. Finally, the fact that Branch can be so affordable can make many users suspicious. Some people can choose to buy insurance elsewhere with a slightly higher price, as a low rate can make the quality of service questionable.
  • Young insurance agency. The major con of Branch is just how new the agency is. It hasn’t operated in the insurance sector for long, meaning it’s still finding its foot.

Final Verdict

Our Branch insurance review was put together using internet analysis and real-time reviews from actual customers. Before buying insurance from any provider, always remember to read through in-depth reviews like this one.