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Detailed Clearcover Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.7
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Financial Strength: Not accredited by AM Best
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 5/5
Discounts: 5/5
Support: Highly regarded
User Ratings: Mostly positive
Availability: 20 states
Pricing: Affordable

If you are looking for an honest Clearcover insurance review, you have come to the right place. Clearcover offers affordable car insurance that provides quick claim payments; it is one of the most popular car insurance companies anywhere in the world. This article offers a full review, complete with all the essential information you need to know if you are considering using their services.             

There are many reviews for Clearcover online, but finding a truly unbiased one can be challenging. Nonetheless, you will want to make sure that you have compared it with some other companies.    

In this article, we cover everything you need to know to help you find the best Clearcover auto insurance rates around.       


Is Clearcover a good insurance company? That’s the question that you want the answer to, and the one that we aim to answer. Before we dive into the company’s specifics, it might be helpful to know a little more about our methodology, so you can be convinced that it is a genuinely fair and appropriate means of reviewing the company.         

We are most concerned with ensuring that Clearcover can provide you with the financial help you need when you need it.    

Therefore, primarily, we base our methodology on financial strength. That means that we are hoping to get to the bottom of how good Clearcover is for your financial wellbeing, as this is what matters most when you are thinking about choosing an insurance company.    

It’s a strict and complete methodology, and one which you will find is appropriate for reviewing any insurance company, Clearcover included.    

About The Company

Moving on now to the company itself, let’s take a deep dive into Clearcover and what they are all about, along with information on what they offer. The following is an in-depth Clearcover company profile, so you know exactly what the company is about and whether they are likely to suit your needs.   

Which Coverage Is Provided?

Clearcover provides auto insurance across the country. This is provided for all vehicle types and coverage ranges, such as third party, theft, and comprehensive. They operate as a software development company, offering a platform to check auto insurance prices to find the best price.   

Who Owns Clearcover? 

Clearcover is owned by Kyle Nakatsuji. 

Which States Does It Cover?

At present, Clearcover covers 20 states:

Is Clearcover Insurance Publicly Traded?

When looking at Clearcover insurance company claims, knowing how it trades can be important. Clearcover is publicly traded, meaning that its stocks and shares are available to trade.     

Clearcover Coverages Provided

Clearcover car insurance and Clearcover auto insurance are some of the most popular of their types in the US, despite not being country-wide at present. Clearcover offers auto insurance to the states listed above; it does not trade in any other kind of insurance. In truth, it is more of a comparison site than a direct provider itself. Through its service, an individual can find the best price for their auto insurance.      

You can easily find a quote online through their user-friendly website, or you can use the Clearcover insurance number found there. Plenty of Clearcover car insurance reviews focus on their service as being primarily online. However, this Clearcover insurance review will spend more time on the ins and outs of what you are actually getting with that insurance.

Important Features of Clearcover’s Policies

Clearcover insurance’s policies can vary a lot depending on your circumstances; so the exact details will always need to be looked into when you are trying to find the right policy for yourself. But there are some important features relating to Clearcover auto insurance that you may wish to bear in mind, whether you use the Clearcover app or go through the Clearcover insurance claims phone number.                 

Clearcover is certainly a good option to consider if you want cheaper insurance. Additionally, customers in the military also enjoy extra discounts. You can also get discounts through safe driving, extra security features, and paying upfront. These are automatically included in your quotes as you search, so you don’t have to include them yourself.         

What Are the Benefits of Clearcover’s Insurance?

One of the main benefits of Clearcover’s insurance has to be that the application process is straightforward. You can do it through an app or online, and in either case, it is quick and easy. There are only five short steps to the online quote process, and you could have your insurance the same day if necessary. As such, it is a hugely beneficial and hassle-free process.                   

On top of that, there are the discounts outlined above, which you won’t find with every insurance company, and therefore help set Clearcover apart from the rest. 

How to Get a Quote on Clearcover’s Website

If you are looking for a quote for Clearcover, the best way to get one is to go through their easy-to-use website. Any Clearcover insurance quote will be cheaper on their site. As it happens, the process is simple and fast too, and you won’t need to worry about having any trouble getting it right.     

To get Clearcover insurance quotes, you need to go to the website and input your details. This will include your name, date of birth, address, etc. After that, you will be asked to put in information about what you drive, what you are looking for in your auto insurance, and other questions relevant to getting this kind of insurance.        

After that, you’ll be given your quotes, and from there, it’s just a case of deciding which is suitable for you. The costs are generally pretty low, so it’s something that you should be able to get for a pretty good price on the whole.      

Clearcover Customer Service

One of the most important parts of any company is customer service. After all, there are many occasions when you might need their customer service. As it happens, Clearcover insurance customer service is one of the most trusted and highly regarded in the country, so you are bound to get a pretty good experience in general.            

Most of the Clearcover auto insurance reviews state that contacting them by phone is the best option. It is the best way to file a claim, and they are one of the quickest companies around when it comes to finalizing claims. You might even get your claim payment within minutes, which is practically unheard of in the wider world of insurance. 

Clearcover Customer Satisfaction 

So, is Clearcover good insurance? One of the most reliable ways to find out is by looking at customers’ reviews. Knowing the Clearcover customer satisfaction rates is one of the most effective means of appreciating what kind of service you are likely to get.                          

Clearcover insurance reviews on Trustpilot show that 68% of customers rate the overall service and experience as Excellent, with 8% saying it is Great. At the bottom end, 21% say it is Bad. Likewise, Nerdwallet reviews of Clearcover show similar ratings.  

There is not a Clearcover rating on AM Best, which is not often the best sign, but on BBB (Better Business Bureau), Clearcover has an average review rating of four out of five. However, they also show 39 complaints in the past three years and 35 in the past 12 months. The overall BBB accreditation rating is A+.           

Clearcover vs. Competitors  

As a consumer, you will also always need to know how a particular insurance provider compares with its competitors; otherwise, you can’t know whether you are getting the best deal or not. So how does Clearcover compare with some of the major competitors in the auto insurance world?  

Clearcover vs. Geico

One of the most popular competitors that Clearcover has is Geico, so we will begin by looking at how these two compare. For both companies, there is a real dedication to providing the lowest costs possible, but how do they stack up with each other in this regard?         

While Clearcover uses an AI that sets premiums automatically, thereby ensuring that they are generally pretty low, Geico offers a whopping 40% off with many of its stacked discounts, so it’s hard to say which is cheaper on the whole. Still, Geico does offer incredible competition in this regard.    

Another way Geico is competitive against Clearcover, and where they certainly come out on top, is where their service is run. Clearcover is only available in 20 states, whereas Geico is available in all 50 states. Therefore, you are more likely to be able to use it in the first place.  

Geico also offers new car protection, something that Clearcover does not provide. On top of that, they have accident forgiveness, unlike Clearcover again. You can also claim through an agent with Geico, which is not something you can do with Clearcover, and some consumers will certainly appreciate having that option available to them. 

You also have a lot more choice with Geico regarding how often you can pay and what payment schedule will be like, with options of 12 months, six months, or custom. In comparison, with Clearcover, you can only opt for six months or monthly packages, so you don’t get the same level of flexibility as you get with Geico.        

However, one way Clearcover comes out as the clear winner is through their discounts. For instance, Clearcover offers more anti-theft device discounts, and bundling discounts in all cases, whereas that is more varied with Geico. Additionally, the military and multi-car discounts are more generous with Clearcover, as is the safe driver discount.      

As you can see, there are definite benefits to both, and it’s hard to draw a direct conclusion about them. Geico might be your best option if you are after cheap rates from an experienced provider. On the other hand, Clearcover has low rates throughout and many options for discounts, and they keep things simple and easy for users.      


  • User-friendly app.
  • Rideshare insurance.
  • Easy to claim.
  • Quick claim payments.
  • Only available in 20 states.
  • Only sells auto insurance.

Is Clearcover a Good Company?

So, is Clearcover a good company to support? Overall, there are many benefits to Clearcover’s approach, and as an auto insurance company, it is one of the first you will want to consider. 

Most Clearcover insurance reviews are positive, and people seem happy with their prices and service. However, it would be better if they operated in more states, but that might happen in the near future if they receive more support. 

Overall, Clearcover can provide affordable and discounted auto insurance as long as you are in the right state. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering.

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