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Figo Pet Insurance Reviews

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 9
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Financial Strength: A-
BBB Rating: B+
Coverages: Customiazable and attractive coverages
Flexibility: Additional options provided
Discounts: Multi-pet discount
Support: Live chat, phone number, and email
User Ratings: Canine Journal gives a 4.5 stars rating
Availability: All states, including Canada and Puerto Rico
Pricing: Competitive

Intro – About the Company 

Figo Pet Insurance offers personalized and comprehensive plans for cats and dogs throughout America. Their goal is to help you avoid any financial stress when choosing the best possible veterinary healthcare for your furry friends. 

According to Figo Pet Insurance reviews,  the best thing about this provider is that you get up to 100% reimbursement of your veterinary bill when visiting a licensed practice, specialist, or emergency hospital in Canada, Puerto Rico, or the US.  This provider is also on our list of the best pet insurance companies. 

You can contact a representative through the Figo pet insurance phone number 844-738-3446. The Figo pet insurance address is 223-W, Erie St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States, if you want to visit the office for more information. 

Here’s what we learned about Figo Pet Insurance, LLC:

How We Reviewed 

We wanted to give you the best possible review, so we: 

  1. Analyzed the company’s website for different coverage options, looking for: 

  1. Analyzed their customer support and claims process 
  2. Studied the reviews to gauge the Figo rating from user review websites 
  3. Compared it to the competition

Where Is It Available? 

Figo Pet Insurance is available in all states of America, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. The Figo pet insurance headquarters is in Chicago, but they operate in most of North America. Many famous pet hospitals are affiliated with Figo Pet Insurance, including Family Pet Animal Hospital in Chicago, which means you can use it for all licensed vets, clinics, emergency hospitals, and specialists. 

Figo Pet Insurance Review

There are three main insurance pet wellness plans by Figo Pet Insurance. They all cover emergency services, hospitalization, diagnostic and laboratory testing, chronic conditions, congenital and hereditary conditions, cancer treatments, and more. The only difference between the plans is the amount of maximum return you can get. 

Here are the maximum amounts you can receive from each pet insurance plan:

Pet insurance for cats and pet insurance for dogs have pretty much the same exhaustive coverage options. 

You get the basic pet accident insurance and coverage for any other unexpected illnesses in all the plans. These lifetime pet insurance policies get your pets the veterinary care they need to live a long and healthy life. 

Here are some pet insurance policies for additional coverage options that you may not find in other insurance companies: 

Figo Pet Cloud App options:

Optional coverages

Exclusive package

New product launch in 2021

Figo also recently launched a new product. It went live in most states and soon all the states will be covered. Figo included a wellness rider along with a few additional riders. According to Figo, their goal was to create a totally customizable policy for devoted pet parents.


Wellness rider example:

Figo Table Rider Example


What's Covered and Not Covered

If your beloved pet has an accident, injury, or illness and requires pet insurance coverage for the treatment, the comprehensive policy may reimburse you for the following: 

  1. Veterinary Specialists
  2. Imaging
  3. Knee Conditions
  4. Hip Dysplasia
  5. Physical Therapy
  6. Exam Fee
  7. Emergency And Hospitalization
  8. Hereditary Conditions
  9. Congenital Conditions
  10. Bloodwork
  11. Rehabilitation
  12. Prosthetics
  13. Orthopedics
  14. Financial Assistance For Surgery
  15. Alternative Medicine
  16. Non-Routine Pet Dental Insurance (Accidental)
  17. Emergency Veterinary Care
  18. Behavioral Therapy
  19. Cancer
  20. Chronic Conditions
  21. Holistic Medicine 
  22. Prescription Drug Coverage

All plans cover these services, and the only difference is the amount of coverage you get. 

Here’s what Figo Insurance doesn’t cover: 

  1. Experimental Procedures
  2. Pet Pregnancy, Breeding, Or Giving Birth
  3. Cloned Pets Or Cloning Procedures
  4. Cosmetic Surgery
  5. Coprophagia (The Medical Term For "Eating Poop")
  6. Pet Insurance Pre Existing Conditions
  7. Grooming

This shows that Figo Insurance only covers non-routine procedures and unexpected illnesses and injuries . 

Figo Pet Insurance Pricing

Figo Pet Insurance cost depends on the animal’s age,their breed, as well as your location. You can customize the plan by choosing reimbursement and deductible rates that fit your budget plan. It can be as low as $10/month or go as high as $100, depending on different factors, but the average cost is $31.13/month. The co-pay percentage is usually 10%, and you get reimbursements via direct deposits. 

Figo Pet Insurance Discounts and Features

You can avail of Figo pet insurance discounts through promo codes and coupons that can get you 10% off. They don’t offer any multi-pet discounts. 

Figo Pet Insurance reviews praise Figo Pet Cloud. You can check the status of claims through the app and even transfer your insurance plan to a new pet owner. There are different useful tools and features, like setting up playdates, exploring nearby pet-friendly restaurants, hike trails, pet parks, dog walkers, daycares, and more! The application also has reminders for shots and vaccinations. 

Ease of Buying 

No veterinary exam is needed to get pet insurance, but you must provide all medical records from 12 months before getting the insurance. You also need to submit all medical records whenever your pet goes to the vet for a routine visit, including x-rays, lab results, etc. 

The pet insurance policy has a waiting period that varies depending on the state you reside in. It is easy to add another new pet to the plan through the Figo Pet Cloud application or their customer support number. 

Waiting periods in Figo:


The Figo pet insurance claim process is simple. You can fill the Figo pet insurance claim form here and email it to Figo or call their customer experience number. You need a copy of the paid invoice and medical records for the claim. The veteran must send two years of medical records along with the notes they have written. 

After the claim has been filed, the Figo pet insurance waiting period is 30 days from the date of receiving the information. The company typically responds in 7-10 days. You can check the claim status in Figo Pet Cloud. Your reimbursement will arrive directly into your bank account through ACH within 3-5 business days once the claim is completed. 

Depending on the coverage plan, the reimbursement amount would be different. Choosing the Ultimate plan will ensure that you don't have any caps while the Essential and Preferred plans have certain limitations on reimbursements. They don't have any upper age limits or restrictions on hospitals, specialists, or practices. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

The Figo Pet Insurance BBB rating show 26 complaints, including problems in getting claims approved easily and other issues. However, Figo representatives have addressed all of them, indicating a good customer support system. Figo has a rating of a B+ on BBB 

Here are the ratings by other review websites: 

Customer Support

Figo pet insurance customer care is available on live chat, phone number, and email. The insurance provider is highly responsive to reviews. You can even text them at 844-262-8133. There are not many customer service complaints, but they do have specific timings for their customer support lines. 

Comparison with Competitors

Here are some comparisons with competitors:


  • No network limitations
  • 24/7 virtual vet visits
  • Great customer service options
  • No maximum enrolment age
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Doesn't offer wellness or accident-only plans
  • Enrolment exam recommended
  • Only covers dogs and cats
  • Exam fees not included
  • Both annual and lifetime maximum benefits

Figo Pet insurance offers all the basic coverage options, along with multiple benefits that can provide your pet with the right care. So, is it worth it?

According to Figo Pet Insurance reviews, this insurance provider is excellent for people looking for insurance covering any unexpected illnesses or injuries that. Since it doesn't have upper age limits, it is also suitable for people who want to prepare for illnesses that come with old age. 



Does This Insurance Cover Allergies?

No, it doesn't.

Does Figo Insurance Cover Medications?

It doesn't cover medication costs for unexpected illnesses or accidents. 

Does Figo Pet Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

No, it doesn't. 

What Is Figo Pet Cloud?

It is a mobile application that offers different features. It’s appreciated  by users, as highlighted  in many Figo Pet Insurance reviews.

What Is Figo Pet Insurance Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel the policy anytime by emailing or calling Figo. 

Does Figo Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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