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The General Car Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.3
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Financial Strength: A-
BBB Rating: A+
Flexibility: Policy customization possible
Support: 24/7 roadside assistance, Email, Phone
User Ratings: TrustPilot 4.7 stars
Pricing: $2,824
Availability: 47

About the Company

The General Automobile Insurance Services was established in 1963 in Nashville, TN, and is owned by American Family Insurance. This company specializes in offering car insurance coverage to high-risk drivers who may have poor credit scores and bad driving history. 

The General insurance company scored A- on financial stability AM Best rating, which isn’t an ideal score, but it is still a strong ranking that indicates that the company is stable enough to settle claims. 


Want to know more about this auto insurance company? This detailed General car insurance review will help you make the final decision.

How We Reviewed 

In order to get a better idea of the General insurance rating on the market,  we analyzed several General car insurance quotes.   

We collected quotes for age groups 25, 35, 45 in the states of NY, NJ, CL, TX, MI, for a Honda Accord 2015 with some conditions presented in this table: 

Age 25-year-old 35-year-old 45-year-old
Car type Honda accord 2015 Honda accord 2015 Honda accord 2015
States NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI
Condition 1 Full and minimum coverage rate Full and minimum coverage rate Full and minimum coverage rate
Condition 2 Pre and post-accident rate Pre and post-accident rate Pre and post-accident rate
Condition 3 Excellent and poor credit score rate Excellent and poor credit score rate Excellent and poor credit score rate

Where Is It Available

The General auto insurance locations include 47 U.S. states. You can easily find an agent in areas near you to help you with the insurance policy and other concerns.  

It is not available in Michigan, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

Types of Insurance Covered and Missing Coverages

The General Auto Insurance offers coverage for various types of insurance, including the following:   

Apart from these basic coverage options, The General also offers the following optional coverages:

Double Deductible – this optional coverage doubles the deductible for both comprehensive and collision coverage if you buy it within the initial 45 days of your policy. This coverage option might not be available in all states. 

SR-22 Forms – The company offers SR-22 document for drivers. This document is proof that the driver has sufficient car insurance. Many states require drivers to file an SR-22/FR-44 if they were convicted for a serious traffic offense or a DUI

Roadside Assistance – The company offers a roadside assistance plan that is administered by Nation Safe Driver (NSD). It offers 24-hours service, including towing the car if it breaks down or experiences operational issues. 

Pricing Review

If you are wondering whether or not the General insurance is cheap, let’s have a look at the General pricing review

The average national representative rate of The General auto insurance is $2,824, which makes it among the most expensive auto insurance options available. Of course, the total price varies by location and by various factors, including your age, driving record, and more. 

The average annual rate for:

The average General auto insurance payment rate for drivers as per the credit score is as follows:

Insurance Offers or Extras 

Aside from the coverages mentioned above, there are plenty of offers and discounts offered by the company. Here are some perks you can enjoy with General car insurance policies:

The company also offers excellent discounts to customers. The General auto insurance discounts are as follows: 

The General auto insurance discounts might vary, and some might not be available in all states. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength

Overall, The General insurance rating for customer satisfaction is high. The General has an A+ BBB rating and good rankings on TrustPilot, and ConsumerAffairs.

However, even with a high customer satisfaction rating, it has received higher than expected complaints from the state regulators. Most of the complaints are about denied claims, unauthorized payments, and issues with billing. 

The General insurance financial strength ratings are strong. Even though it hasn’t been ranked on S&P Global Ratings, it scored an A- on AM Best rating. While the A- may not be the best overall ranking, it still indicates that the insurance company is stable enough to cater to all the claims. 

Platform Rating
TrustPilot 4.7 stars
ConsumerAffairs   3.6 stars


Customer Support

There are many easy ways for existing and potential policyholders to get in touch with The General auto insurance customer service

The General auto insurance roadside assistance number can be reached 24/7. They also provide an option for the customers to request the company’s representatives to call them. There is also a contact form that you can fill to ask any questions, comments, or other queries. There is also a separate number to report any cases of fraud.  

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling

The General quotes process is simple. You can get a quote by calling the helpline and talking to their customer-friendly agents or get a quick quote online. 

Their website is easy to use and includes the necessary information for both existing and potential policyholders. You can also manage your policies online, make payments, view your policy documents, make changes in the policies, and get your insurance ID card. However, you can’t file a claim online. 

The relatively new mobile app of the company allows you to manage your policies, make changes, pay bills, and get on-demand phone support. The app also allows you to submit a claim.

The General claiming process starts when you file your claim through the mobile app or via phone. The claim line is open around-the-clock, which means you can start a claim as soon as the accident happens. To start the claim, you have to share the details of the accident, the location, date of the accident, driver, as well as the contact and insurance details of all parties involved.

Once the claim has been filed, you will be assigned a claims adjuster. He will gather information, collect pictures of the damage, and get in touch with the parties involved in the accident. The claim adjuster will guide you through the claim process and will be your contact person throughout the process. 

The General will cover your insurance claims, and will also settle with the insurance provider of the other drivers involved in the accident if the fault was on their side. 

Comparison With Competitors

Here is a comparison between The General car insurance and a few of its competitors:

State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm is one of the leading car insurance providers in the country and offers plenty of outstanding discounts for its customers. The General is more focused on providing reasonable rates to bad or high-risk drivers. 

State Farm offers safe driver discounts, new car protection, and rideshare insurance that isn’t offered with The General insurance. On the other hand, General offers military discounts and affordable rates to drivers with past claims. 

If your driving record includes a DUI, reckless driving ticket, or an at-fault accident, The General car insurance is a good option for you. If you are looking for more discounts and personalized policy, State Farm is probably a better choice.

Progressive Auto Insurance

Both companies are known for their customer service, however, their services are best suited for different customer categories.

Progressive is one of the leading car insurance providers that offer customized packages. 

Progressive provides the customers with what they actually need to make the insurance more affordable. It offers rideshare coverage, new car protection, safe driver discount, and usage-based discount.  

In comparison of The General vs Progressive, The General makes the insurance more affordable for high-risk drivers. If your driving record includes a DUI, reckless driving violation, ticket, or an at-fault accident, then The General car insurance is a great choice.  

GEICO Auto Insurance

GEICO is known as the most affordable car insurance provider in the country. GEICO offers excellent discounts for its customers. This company is also one of the most tech-savvy insurance providers in the market. 

GEICO offers new car protection, rideshare coverage, safe driver discount, special employment discount, and the option to file a claim online. On the other hand, The General offers homeowner discounts and fantastic rates for drivers with a previous claim or SR-22. Both companies provide affordable rates to high-risk drivers. 


  • Offers reasonable rates for bad drivers
  • Provides SR-22 form
  • Low-cost insurance
  • More complaints than expected
  • Few policy options and discounts
  • Claims handled by phone only

General car insurance is best for high-risk drivers whose driving record or credit score prevents them from getting reasonable rates or even attaining coverage from other car insurance companies. This insurance provider is also best for those who need proof of insurance quickly

It is easy to get a quote, attain SR-22, and purchase car insurance through an agent. The General free app allows you to manage your policy, file and track a claim. 

General is the best auto insurance for bad driving history, but it is not right for you if you are a driver with low-risk and are looking for customized policies. 


Can insurance payments be made online?

You can make online payments through a credit card. You would have to apply for Autopay via customer service. 

Must all drivers of the household be included?

You must include all residents of your household and any other individual who drives your car regularly as a driver, otherwise, they would be excluded from the policy. 

What is the process of filing a claim?

You can file a claim through your mobile app or by phone. The General doesn’t provide an option for online claim filing. 

How fast can I get a quote?

This depends on the number of vehicles and drivers you want to include. However, it usually takes less than five minutes to determine how much it would cost and the amount of down payment you would have to pay. 


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