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Homeowners Of America Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 7.8
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Financial Strength: N/A
BBB Rating: N/A
Coverages: 3/5
Flexibility: Policy customization possible
Discounts: 3/5
Support: Phone, Email, Online
User Ratings: NAIC Satisfactory (fewer complaints than average)
Availability: Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia
Pricing: Variable but competitive

If you’re interested in buying homeowners’ insurance and HOAIC is an option that you want to consider, this post is a must-read. 

Our Homeowners of America reviews will provide a complete and comprehensive understanding of this insurance company. 

We have covered everything possible about Homeowners of America Insurance Company in detail

About the Company

Founded in 2005 in Delaware, the company started as Homeowners of America Holding Corporation. It expanded into selling homeowners and dwelling fire policies under Homeowners of America Insurance Company in 2006.              

For more than 13 years, the company has been providing top quality insurance products backed by excellent customer service and affordable pricing. 

HOAIC has an ‘A’ rating from Demotech, Inc. that shows the company’s superior financial strength.

Homeowners of America Insurance Company provide a comprehensive range of coverage options, making it easy for policyholders to protect their investment. Its stellar market reputation is owed to its attributes like good discounts, payment plans, and fast claim processing.

How We Reviewed?

We thoroughly reviewed the company’s official website for features and coverage options. We evaluated the site on its ease of use and navigation to see how simple and easy it is for users to find the coverage they want to apply for.

In addition to this, we did some legwork on the level of customer service provided by Homeowners of America insurance company and what customers think on that subject. 

We assessed the company’s financial standing, which is essential as it shows the company's ability to pay the claims without delay.    

Where Is It Available?

The Homeowners of America offers insurance in Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. The company plans on extending its offerings to customers in more states in the future. 

The Homeowners of America Coverage Types 

One of the best aspects of HOAIC is that it gives users the possibility to customize policies. The company believes that there is no one-size-fits-all and that every homeowner has different needs. Therefore, you can customize your insurance policy with the coverage options and add-ons you desire.

HOAIC offers coverage limits that are enough for most people searching for a home insurance policy with a limit ranging from $50,000 to $750,000.

Here’s an overview of the standard set of coverage options:

This coverage protects the physical structure of the home if it gets damaged in the event of a covered cause of loss. The dwelling coverage limit is between $50,000 and $750,000.

Personal property coverage is created to provide homeowners with protection and coverage if their valuable possessions get damaged or are stolen due to a covered loss. Please note that limits of liability may apply to some items. In general, the personal property limit is up to 75% of your dwelling coverage.  

This coverage is included in the standard set to help people cover the temporary living expenses or additional living costs if they have to leave home and move somewhere else for a while until the house repair is complete. The loss of use is 20% of your dwelling coverage.

The medical payments coverage helps you as the homeowner to pay for the injuries and medical expenses of visiting people injured on your property. Please note that the medical payment coverage does not apply to you or other residents of the house.  The medical payment coverage limit is $500 to $5,000.

The limit for personal liability is from $25,000 to $500,000. This coverage offers you and your family the protection that you need in the event someone files a lawsuit against you and makes a claim holding you or your family responsible for their injuries or property damage. Personal liability coverage doesn’t offer motor vehicle liability. 

This coverage is 2% of your dwelling coverage and 10% in Texas. It covers structures that are not permanently attached to your property but are connected to your dwelling via a fence, utility line, and any other similar connection.

If you need more information about the coverage options, you can contact the company’s agent. Also, note that coverage options and discounts vary from state to state.

Now let’s take a look at some additional options which you may not find in some of the Homeowners of America reviews over the web. But this review will help you have a good understanding of the add-ons available with the standard coverage. 

Those who have pets and fear that they might attack people on their territory should consider including this coverage in their standard policy. Although most breeds are covered, however, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls don’t qualify for this coverage. 

Add this coverage to your policy if you are concerned about identity theft. This coverage provides up to $15,000 in reimbursement to the policyholders for legal fees and other applicable expenses that might come with identity theft.

This add-on coverage offers $5,000 worth of protection for the valuables like jewelry, fur, and watches in the event of a covered loss. It doesn’t cover the entire value of the items.

The Homeowners of America Pricing 

Overall they have competitive rates but the pricing is variable. It depends on the coverage and add-ons you choose and what state you reside in. All these factors can significantly impact the pricing of you policy. 

The Homeowners of America Discounts

The company offers a variety of discounts. Their availability predominantly depends on the state you live in. This means that policyholders in Texas and South Carolina may have access to different types of discounts.

Below is a description of discount offers along with eligible states and how you can avail it. Take a look: 

Discount Eligible State(s) How Can I Receive it? 
Advanced Shopper Discount Texas You can get a quote minimum one day before the effective date of the chosen policy.         
Companion Product Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia Avail the discount by purchasing another type of insurance policy with HOAIC while you purchase home insurance with them.
Hail Resistant Roof Texas If the roof of your home meets certain criteria this discount will apply automatically.
Accredited Builder Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia This is added to the home policy if the house is less than 5 years old, and if it was constructed by an accredited builder. At present, there are roughly 340 builders that are considered accredited by HOAIC.
Security Features Discount Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia Get a discount if you have a burglar alarm or a fire alarm installed in your premises, or if your house is located in a gated community.

Please note that only one discount is available regardless of how many conditions you fulfill.

New Purchase Arizona, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia As the name suggests, you can get a discount if you buy a policy with HOAIC on the same date as you buy your new house.
New Roof Discount Texas and Virginia Save up to 15% on a home that is 10 years old if the roof is less than 2 years old. This discount will continue to remain on your policy until the roof becomes 6 years old. 
Claim-Free Renewal Discount Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia Get a discount on the 1-st as well as 2-nd renewal of your policy, if you have been claim-free. 
Fire Department Tax Credit Arizona Offered only to the policyholders of, you can receive a discount of about 1.35% if you live in Fountain Hills or Carefree.

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

Let’s focus now on customer satisfaction and the financial strength of the company. 

Homeowners of America have a compliant rating of 0.49 by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). This rating shows that Homeowners of America Insurance Company has a below-average number of customer complaints. An evaluation of 0.49 is about 0.51 lower than the national median.

Therefore, just like other Homeowners of America reviews, we can say that the company has an excellent customer satisfaction rate and receives few complaints.

The company has received an ‘A’ rating from Demotech, Inc. This rating shows that Homeowners of America have excellent financial stability. Demotech, Inc. is a well-reputed and leading financial analysis and actuarial consulting firm.  Lenders in and across the U.S. widely accept it.

Platform Rating
Demotech, Inc.   ‘A’ exceptional
AM Best N/A
NAIC  Satisfactory (fewer complaints than average)

Customer Support 

The company offers award-winning customer support. You can reach out to their agents via Homeowners of America customer service number. Just call on 866-407-9896 or email at customerservice@hoaic.com. You can also create an online account to manage and keep track of your policy, renewals, and claims.         

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling 

They have a team of friendly and professional agents who are ready to assist customers at every step of the way. If you want to make a claim, you can do so right away. 

Homeowners of America claims can be filed online or called in via a toll-free line that is available 24/7. An email address is also provided for those that prefer not to use the claim form on the website but still want to submit electronically.

The company’s claim’s department goes the extra mile to provide policyholders with the help and support that they need to make sure that the claim process is handled smoothly and is stress-free. 

Comparison With Competitors 

Now let’s compare Homeowners of America with its competitors to see which fits you better:

Homeowners of America vs Allstate  

When compared to Allstate, Homeowners of America offers competitive rates, but they don’t serve all 50 states. Allstate offers more coverage options like water backup coverage, scheduled property, and green improvement coverage. The Homeowner of America insurance company does not offer these coverage options. 

Both companies offer policyholders the possibility to customize their policy as per their requirements. 

Homeowners of America vs Farmers

Likewise, Farmers offers coverage to customers in all 50 states. Apart from that, when compared to HOAIC, Farmers is a well-established insurance company providing insurance policies for almost a century. They specialize in not just homeowner insurance but also in auto insurance and provide financial service products. 

Their pricing is affordable, but HOAIC has more competitive rates. Both companies have a strong financial standing in the market with ‘A’ ratings given by all the financial companies. 

Farmers offers more discounts to homeowners as compared to Homeowners of America. These include discounts like a multi-policy, good payer, bundling, claims-free, non-smoker, UL approved roofing materials, protective devices, new home, declining deductibles, claim forgiveness, home renovation, and home safety, and security upgrades.  

If you want better discounts and policy from a more experienced company, Farmers is a better choice. If you want an affordable plan, then Homeowners of America insurance company may be a good option.


  • Relatively new but it is still a good choice
  • Top quality coverage
  • Excellent discounts
  • They don't serve all states
  • A lot of complaints online.

In conclusion, Homeowners of America may be relatively new to the industry as compared to its competitors. Still, it has built an excellent market reputation with top-quality coverage options, discount offerings, and exceptional customer service.   

So, if you live in the states that they serve you might want to shortlist HOAIC and get a quote. The majority of the Homeowners of America reviews like that HOAIC gives a customized policy at competitive rates.


What coverage does Homeowners of America offer?

They offer a standard set of coverage, including dwelling coverage, personal property, loss of use, medical payments, personal liability, and other structures. The policy can be customized as per your requirements with a variety of add-ons.

How do customers rate Homeowners of America?

Customers are happy with their service and products. This is evident from a low rate of customer complaints that Homeowners of America insurance gets. 

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