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John Hancock Travel Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.3
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Financial Strength: A
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 4/5
Discounts: No discounts
Support: Responsive customer services
Availability: all states
Pricing: Affordable

John Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc. is a leading travel insurance company founded in 1862 that offers emergency travel assistance, including the coverage of unexpected costs rising from missed, canceled, or interrupted trips, due to reasons like bad weather, illnesses, strikes, travel supplier default and more. The company is underwritten by Starr Indemnity & Liability Company and is administered by Seven Corners, Inc. based in Indiana.

Although John Hancock has a pretty basic website, it offers good coverage limits, customizable add-ons, and a few exclusions. Due to their high service standard, John Hancock Travel Insurance reviews are mostly positive. In this guide, we will evaluate the various factors behind the success and long-standing reputation of this insurance company.

How We Reviewed

To write a review on John Hancock Travel Insurance, we went over multiple factors without bias. Many of the aspects that we evaluated are key elements that let consumers decide whether they should use a service or not. These include:


Where Is It Available?

John Hancock Travel Insurance, Inc., is authorized to do business in all US states, including DC and Puerto Rico.  John Hancock Insurance office locations are in Indiana and Massachusetts.

You can contact customer service or the claims department at the Indiana address: 303 Congressional Blvd., Carmel, IN 46032.

John Hancock Travel Insurance Review

Types of Coverage

John Hancock offers a three-level suite of travel insurance services, including coverage for trip cancelations, interruptions, lost baggage, emergency medical care, and accidental death.

They offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans:

Bronze Plan

Bronze plans are good for people who are traveling economy or with their families as it offers them affordable basic coverage in line with their visa requirements. This plan includes:

Aside from these, the basic plan also provides up to 75% coverage limit for cancelation, $300,000 or $500,000 for Air Flight Only AD&D, and $50,000 for rental car damage if you have an optional rider package. Additionally, it provides coverage for change in itinerary in case of a terror attack.

Silver Plan

With a modest increase in premiums, the Silver Plan offers all the coverage in the Basic Plan with a higher limit. These include:

Additionally, it provides coverage for change in itinerary in case of a terror attack for 90 days.

Gold Plan

John Hancock Gold travel insurance plan offers the highest coverage limits and is hence suitable for families or business travelers with valuable items. Coverage includes everything in the Silver Plan plus higher limits:

John Hancock Insurance Company plans can be customized for each tier, depending on the needs of the policyholder. However, some coverage may vary from state to state.

John Hancock Add-Ons

As mentioned above, John Hancock plans may provide you more protection if you beef them up with optional add-ons. These include:

Cancel-for-Any-Reason (CFAR) Provision

This rider package allows travelers to reimburse up to 75% of their covered travel costs if they cancel the trip 48 hours before departure.

Air-Only Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage (AD&D)

With an additional payment of $19 or $27, you can get AD&D coverage of $300,000 and $500,000, respectively, from John Hancock Insurance Company.

Rental Car Damage Coverage

With a $9 add-on per day, you can get coverage of $50,000 with 0% deductible in case of damage, accident, theft, or vandalism.

Pre-existing Condition Insurance

Typically, a John Hancock insurance policy has a lookback period of 180 days for pre-existing conditions; however, it can be shortened to 60 days under certain conditions.

What are its Exclusions?

John Hancock Travel Insurance, Inc. excludes only a few things, including:

Kids Covered For Free: Although the plans are pretty comprehensive, they do provide free coverage to kids under the age of 18. So if you are using John Hancock Travel Insurance Policies, you won’t have to buy extra policies for your kids. This is why we believe that John Hancock is best for solo travelers.

Extreme Sports: John Hancock does not provide any sort of coverage for injuries from extreme sports like scuba diving, skydiving, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping. If you need coverage for that, you will need to turn to other travel insurance companies like Travelex.

High-Risk Destinations: John Hancock does not provide coverage to travelers going to high-risk countries like Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Crimea.

John Hancock Insurance Quotes

John Hancock Travel Insurance is comprehensive and affordable. The pricing for the three plans are:

Additionally, if you are traveling with children, it will cost you more to buy the additional policy. You will also have to pay $19 or $27 for AD&D coverage and $9 per day for rental car damage coverage as John Hancock Insurance payment for add-ons.

John Hancock also allows you to cancel your policy after 14 days of your purchase, if you haven’t filed a claim or if your trip hasn’t started. The refund policy is for travelers who make changes to their plans. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

John Hancock Travel Insurance has a good reputation among customers because of their ability to quickly close John Hancock complaints. Policyholders are happy with the company’s claim handling process as well and it has 3.7 stars of Trust Pilot out of 5-star rating.

John Hancock BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating is A+ and the company currently has 54 complaints, though it is responding to them.

As for its financial strength, John Hancock Travel Insurance has an excellent ability to pay out all its claims. John Hancock AM Best rating is A or Excellent, which is the third-highest rating category of the credit rating agency.

John Hancock Customer Service

John Hancock offers excellent 24/7 emergency travel assistance to all its policyholders, from the Bronze to the Gold Plan. The support service representatives are courteous, professional, and helpful and are readily able to answer all your questions related to travel emergencies. Additionally, multilingual phone support is also available by Seven Corners customer service.

John Hancock Travel Insurance site is simple but it is updated with the necessary claims documents for all coverage types. Additionally, John Hancock customer service center reps can provide you with the locations of nearby health care facilities, arrange medical transport, and guarantee payment of medical bills in case you fall sick. Plus, they can also contact regional embassies, find interpreters for you, and assist you in case of loss of passport.

The customer service is available, no matter which country you are in, provided the place of travel is covered. Some channels where you can quickly contact the support team are:

John Hancock website: www.johnhancocktravel.com

John Hancock customer service phone number:1-866-888-7803

John Hancock customer care and claims office address: 303 Congressional Blvd, Carmel, IN, 46032


John Hancock Claim Handling

The travel insurance company allows policyholders to fill an online form to apply for reimbursements. You can access John Hancock Insurance claim forms here.

You can also find out about the claims filing instructions here

The company provides separate claim submission requirements for all events. For a trip cancelation claim, you will need to:

John Hancock’s claim submission forms may be sent by email, standard mail, or fax. You can also upload the document online through the Seven Corners customer service portal.


Comparison With Competitors

Travelex vs John Hancock

John Hancock Insurance Agency and Travelex are both financially stable and strong insurance companies. However, John Hancock offers three travel plans while Travelex only offers two. The latter also provides free coverage for extreme sports.

John Hancock is a better option for solo travelers while Travelex provides many benefits for families. The prices of both these travel insurance companies are comparable but John Hancock’s is more affordable.

Allianz vs John Hancock

John Hancock Insurance Company and Allianz offer stellar customer services and a wide range of coverage in their plans with some exclusions. However, Allianz offers nine different plans for long trips as well as free coverage for minor children in trips up to six months. In contrast, John Hancock offers more flexible customizable coverage.

Allianz also offers coverage for trips for up to one year which is a great form of student travel insurance. John Hancock does not offer this feature, though it allows travelers to cancel for any reason for a little extra charge.


  • Customizable Plans
  • Great for solo travelers
  • Free-look period
  • No coverage for children
  • Doesn't cover extreme sports activities

John Hancock is a comprehensive and affordable travel insurance plan for solo travelers. It offers emergency travel insurance in three main plans which can be customized with add-ons. In most states, John Hancock also offers a free-look period. Additionally, it also has a shorter than average lookback period for pre-existing conditions which is great for middle-aged and senior travelers.

However, people who love adventure sports or people with kids will need to look elsewhere for relevant coverage as John Hancock does not provide these.


What is AD&D – Air only?

Accidental death or dismemberment for air flight only is coverage that offers reimbursement in the event of an accidental loss of life or loss of limb on a flight. At John Hancock, you can get $300,000 coverage for AD&D- Air only for an add-on of $19 and $500,000 coverage for an add-on of $27.

What perils are covered under the Trip Cancellation benefit?

With John Hancock Insurance Company, you may get up to 100% of the trip cancellation cost. Perils include sickness or injury, death, bad weather, traffic accidents on route to the airport, strikes, terror attacks, destination evacuation, and more. With a simple add-on, you can also cancel the trip for any reason.

What if a trip is more than 90 days?

The policyholder will have cover for the first 90 days. Coverage will lapse at the start of the 91st day.

When does the coverage end?

The coverage for John Hancock Travel Insurance ends at 11:59 pm local time on the date you cancel your covered trip, on the scheduled return date written on your travel tickets, the date you return to your origination point if that is before your scheduled return date, and the date you change or leave your covered trip.

What is a free look refund?

John Hancock Insurance agency allows you to look at the coverage and terms of the insurance policy for 14 days after payment of premiums. During this time, you can cancel the policy if you are not satisfied with it, provided that you have not yet started the trip. This option is not included in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Oklahoma.

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