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Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.3
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Financial Strength: A
BBB Rating: A
Coverages: 4/5
Flexibility: Policy customization available
Discounts: 4/5
Support: Phone, Online
User Ratings: Trustpilot 2
Availability: All 50 states
Pricing: Expensive

Is Liberty Mutual Insurance worth it? Read Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews to learn more about the coverage options and their discounts.

About the Company

Liberty Mutual Group was established in 1912 and started as a worker’s compensation provider for employers in Massachusetts. 

It is a mutual company, where the policyholders are considered as shareholders. Liberty Mutual provides a range of products, including life insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance

If you are wondering whether this insurance company is right for you, go through Liberty Mutual home insurance reviews to help you make the decision. Let’s get started. 

How We Reviewed 

We analyzed if the company’s website offers all the necessary information about the available products. 

We reviewed the financial strength and stability of the insurance company from leading insurance ranking platforms. 

Customer satisfaction rating was assessed on the basis of the reviews shared by previous and existing customers. We took note of the positive sides highlighted by the customers and the most common complaints. 

Where Is It Available?

The insurance provider operates in all the U.S. states. However, the insurance options that Liberty Mutual offers might vary depending on the different locations

Home Insurance Coverage Options

Liberty Mutual home insurance provides users with several coverage options, including:

Dwelling Coverage – insures the house and other buildings within your property (for example a gazebo or a shed). 

Physical Structures – covers replacement or repairs for the damages that happen to other buildings in the property. It is typically established at a percentage of the coverage limit of dwelling policy. 

Personal Property Coverage – this coverage is similar to physical structures, and includes the replacement or repair of items, like furniture or clothes. 

Additional Living Expenses – in case your house is undergoing repairs after covered damage this policy will cover the expenses of your temporary living place. 

Liability – it protects you from claims against a third party who might have experienced damage or injury on your property. 

Medical Payments – this is a no-fault medical coverage for a third party who gets injured on your property. It is available in numerous coverage levels. 

Aside from basic policy coverage, Liberty Mutual also offers additional coverage for enhanced protection:

Water Backup Coverage – pays for the damage caused by a drain, sewer backup, or pump failure. This option is available only in some states. 

Earthquake Insurance – this is not offered as a part of the basic insurance policy but can be purchased as an additional policy. It is recommended for high-risk areas. 

Flood Insurance – if you are living in a flood plain or high-risk flooding area, this coverage is very advisable. 

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage – this coverage offers around $15,000 to cover attorney fees, and other expenses to help you recover from identity theft or fraud. 

Blanket Jewelry Coverage – allows you the option to blanket protect your jewelry pieces up to $10,000 instead of individually protecting the jewelry. 

Scheduled Property – this policy allows you to add specific or individual protection for other items that can’t be covered in the coverage property, like firearms or furs. 

Umbrella Coverage – it increases the liability protection beyond that is offered in the standard policy.

Inflation Protection – your coverage limits will automatically be adjusted when the time comes to renew your policy in order to maintain the inflation pace. The company also offers a discount on the premium. 

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Pricing 

The home insurance cost typically varies from state to state, based on different factors. Liberty Mutual pricing is slightly higher than the average cost on the market. On average, the policyholders of Liberty Mutual have a $1,830 annual premium. The rates are also affected by the coverage options selected by the policyholder. 

Let’s have a look at the average homeowner insurance at different coverage levels with Liberty Mutual home insurance:

Coverage Amount Average Annual Premium
$50,000 to $175,000 $1,830
$175,000 to $217,000 $2,101
$217,000 to $300,000 $2,672

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Discounts 

This insurance provider offers the majority of the standard discounts, along with multi-policy options.  Liberty Mutual home insurance gives the following discounts:

Multi-Policy Discount – if you combine home insurance with other insurance products of Liberty Mutual, like auto insurance, then you can get this discount. 

Claims-Free Discount – if you have been claim-free for at least five years with your previous provider and switch to Liberty Mutual, then you will be entitled to this discount. 

Safe Homeowner Program – if you are claim-free for at least three years with Liberty Mutual, you can get this discount.

Protective Devices Discount – you can be eligible for this discount if there are protective devices installed in your house, including sprinklers, burglar alarms, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, deadbolts, smoke alarms, and smart house devices. 

New Homeowner Discounts – if your house is less than 12 years old, you can get this discount. 

Early Shopper Discount – you can get a discount if you request a quote before the policy with other carrier expires. 

Insured to Value Discount – you are eligible for this discount when your house is insured up to 100% of the cost that can replace your home. 

Renovated/New Home Discount – you can get this discount if you are buying a new house or are renovating your house. 

Military Discount – this is eligible for retired and active military service members.

Preferred Payment Discount – you can qualify for this when you sign up for the automatic monthly payment option through online funds transfer plan by Liberty Mutual. 

New Roof Insurance Discount – if you have recently replaced or added a new roof on your house, then you can get this discount.

Paperless Discount – when you opt for paperless billing, then the company will offer a small discount on your premium. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

Liberty Mutual customer satisfaction is average. This insurance provider had fewer complaints to the state regulators than can be expected for the company of its size according to three years’ worth of data. 

It ranked average for customer satisfaction in J.D Power study, but customers feel the claims are handled quickly and easily. It has earned a lower than average rating on Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs.

On the other hand, this insurance provider has strong financial stability. Liberty Mutual reviews on BBB show that the company is stable enough to manage the claims. It earned a rating of A+. 

Liberty Mutual AM Best and S&P ratings are A, mostly for offering comprehensive coverage options and range of discounts. 

Platform Rating
ConsumerAffairs 1.2
Trustpilot 2

Customer Support 

Liberty Mutual customer service has received about average ranking. The majority of customers are happy with their support as the company offers a 24/7 helpline. The representatives are available to help you with all your concerns and questions. 

The Liberty Mutual customer service number is 1-800-295-2820 and can be reached 24/7. They also have a separate number for roadside assistance if you are getting auto insurance from Liberty Mutual. 

There is a different number for claims service, 1-800-225-2467, that you can reach to report, track, or ask questions about the claims. 

Moreover, they also give customers the facility to pay insurance through their 24/7 helpline, with an app or online account, whichever way is more convenient for them.

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling 

You can purchase Liberty Mutual’s policies online, on the phone, or through an agent. The website of Liberty Mutual offers guidance to find an agent in your area, and you can also begin by using the price quote through the online estimating tool. 

When you purchase a policy online, you can save about 10% on the premium. The website is easy to navigate, allowing you to track or report a claim, access ID cards, make payments, and manage your policies. 

Liberty Mutual also has a mobile app that helps you track claims, make payments, and go through your policy documents. You can even get the insurance quotes by using Alexa, along with advice on common home insurance problems. 

Liberty Mutual claims can be filed via phone, online, or the app. The process takes about ten minutes. All you need is basic information and the date of the accident. Liberty Mutual’s representative will assess the damage and help you through the next steps. 

Comparison With Competitors 

To give you a better idea of the home insurance provider you should choose, we compared Liberty Mutual with Allstate, GEICO, and State Farm insurance companies. Let’s have a look:

Liberty Mutual vs GEICO 

GEICO doesn’t provide its own home insurance policy. Instead, the company connects its clients with one of its partners to get the home insurance they need. 

Reviews and ratings indicate that clients are generally satisfied with the service they received from the company’s partners. GEICO is a well-established insurance company and has the highest rating in the customer satisfaction survey. 

Liberty Mutual vs State Farm

Both State Farm and Liberty Mutual are well-established insurance providers and offer policies in all 50 states. Since both companies offer a range of insurance products, it makes it easier for clients to take advantage of multi-policy discounts by bundling up home insurance with other types of insurance. 

Liberty and State Farm offer great discounts, including claims-free discounts, home renovations, and so much more. However, State Farm has better prices than Liberty Mutual. State Farm also sells its insurance policies only through local agents, whereas, Liberty Mutual sells insurance through agents, over the phone, and online. Both have mobile apps through which you can make and track claims. 

Liberty Mutual vs Allstate 

Liberty Mutual and Allstate Insurance are popular home insurance providers. The rates of both companies are comparable, but customer satisfaction of Liberty Mutual is slightly higher than Allstate. Allstate is also one of the rare providers that offer claim forgiveness. Both of the insurance providers offer a wide range of discounts. 


  • Flexible coverage options
  • The mobile app allows filing claims
  • Claims-free discounts
  • Easy-to-use online quote tool
  • Some coverage and discounts not available in all states
  • Higher priced policies than some competitors
  • Expensive than its competitors
  • Mixed customer satisfaction

Homeowners in rural and suburban communities, who can invest in newer homes and security upgrades will find Liberty Mutual policies affordable. The standard features of the policy offer excellent protection in case of any covered damage, and additional coverages can enhance the protection in other situations. 

One of the main strengths of Liberty Mutual is its comprehensive policy and the number of discounts it offers. They also give you a big choice of ways to purchase the policies (online, through an agent, or over the phone) making it super convenient. 

However, they have an average ranking when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, the rates are higher than many other insurance providers’. If you are looking for affordable options and prefer excellent customer service, then this company might not be right for you. 


Does Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance cover mold?

Liberty Mutual might cover damage caused by mold, but it depends on the state you live in and your policy.

Does Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance cover termites?

No, termites are not covered. Generally, any damage caused by pet animals, insects or rodents, vermin, birds, or kept animals isn’t covered. 

Does Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance cover tree damage?

If a healthy tree falls on your house due to wind, it might be covered in your policy. If an unhealthy tree falls, it is considered that it might be due to a lack of maintenance and won’t be covered. If a tree falls in your yard without any damage it isn’t covered. Of course, coverage varies from policy to policy.

Does Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance cover dog bites?

Unless the breed of the dog is excluded from your individual policy, Liberty Mutual covers dog bites. The company reviews some dog breeds on a case-by-case basis. 

Is Liberty Mutual owned by Safeco?

Safeco became a part of Liberty Mutual in 2008.

Is Liberty Mutual expensive?

Liberty Mutual is one of the more expensive insurance providers on the market. Go through the Liberty Mutual home insurance reviews to find out the prices, and comprehensive coverages it offers to determine if it is the right choice for you.

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