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National General Auto Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 7.4
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Financial Strength: A- (AM Best Rating)
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 4/5
Flexibility: Policy customization possible
Discounts: 4/5
Support: Customer satisfaction guarantee
User Ratings: Consumer Affairs 3.8 stars
Availability: All states
Pricing: $4,822 average

About the Company

The majority of  National General auto insurance reviews posted online agree that the company is a good choice for members of the GM family and high-risk, low-mileage drivers. 

National General Insurance, formerly GMAC insurance, is the only insurance company to rise from the automotive industry and it has been operating since its establishment in 1920.

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, National General Insurance  is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States. 

The company operates and sells auto insurance, as well as other types of insurance products through independent agents and brokers  in all 50 states. 

Other products they offer include homeowners insurance, RV insurance, small business auto insurance, andinsurance for people with a prior DUI

The company provides its customers with several additional coverage options on top of their basic auto coverage, including discounts. 

The company has a comprehensive website and the National General Insurance phone number is a contact option available 24/7.

Our National General car insurance review can help you decide if you should contact them for a quote and choose them as your official auto insurance provider.

How We Reviewed

Our National General car insurance quotes are based on 3 different age groups. 

We looked at  age groups, 25, 35, and 45 for the states of NY, NJ, CL, TX, and MI for a Honda Accord 2015. 

Refer to the chart to understand the conditions mentioned. 

Age 25-year-old 35-year-old 45-year-old
Car type Honda accord 2015 Honda accord 2015 Honda accord 2015
States NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI
Condition 1 Full and minimum coverage rate Full and minimum coverage rate Full and minimum coverage rate
Condition 2 Pre and post-accident rate Pre and post-accident rate Pre and post-accident rate
Condition 3 Excellent and poor credit score rate Excellent and poor credit score rate Excellent and poor credit score rate


The review below will give you a thorough idea about the National General Insurance rating. 

Take a look.


Where Is It Available?

National General auto insurance employs independent agents across the United States. You can find an agent in your area from their website. 

You can search the states served by entering the zip code, name, and city.

Types of Insurance Covered and Missing Coverage Options

National General auto insurance offers several different types of coverage options with the following being the main ones:

Bodily Injury and Property Liability Coverage

 This insurance option covers situations where another person is injured or his property suffers damage.. It also covers any expenses that result because of a lawsuit.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Collision coverage pays for the damage your car sustained when you ran into another vehicle or object, resulting in your car becoming damaged. 

Comprehensive coverage covers vehicle damage due to an auto accident, theft, vandalism, hitting an animal, natural disaster, and inclement weather conditions. 

Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection

Medical payments coverage covers medical expenses due to an auto accident. Personal injury protection or no-fault insurance covers lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages resulting from an auto accident.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Liability Coverage

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for damage and covers medical costs caused by an auto accident by a person with no auto insurance or inadequate insurance coverage.

SR-22 Availability 

SR-22 Availability is required by most states. It is an SR-22 form that proves the driver involved in a DUI or a serious violation has insurance. 

Drivers in Virginia or Florida will need to show the FR-44 form, which is a similar form that shows they have more than the minimum required auto insurance coverage established by the state. 

Guaranteed Claims Service Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction guarantee offers a deductible waiverup to $250 in the event you are not satisfied with the company’s claims service.However, this option is not available in every state. 

Emergency Expense Allowance

Emergency expense allowance covers lodging, food, and travel costs up to a daily limit. This ensures that you will not be stranded after filing a claim. 


SmartValet picks your vehicle after you get involved in an auto accident. After you file a claim, they provide you with a rental car. Once your car is repaired, they will deliver your car to you and take the rental car back.

Insurance Offers or Extras

The company offers numerous discounts for customers taking out an auto insurance policy with them. Here is a list of the most widely known National General auto insurance discounts: 

National General Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customers report facing issues with the claims process and getting their questions addressed by the customer service, which explains the National General auto insurance rating of A- on AM Best.

They have yet to be evaluated by S&P Global Ratings. 

For now, here is how consumers have rated them on the following review websites. 

Platform Rating
AM Best A-
TrustPilot 3.2 stars
Consumer Affairs 3.8 stars


Customer Support

National General auto insurance’s customer service department is open from Monday to Saturday but is closed on Sundays. 

You can get in touch with their customer service department online from their website or by calling on their given number. 

You can get a National General car insurance quote online either through their website or by calling them. 

The National General Insurance does not provide an app for their customers. 

Ease of Use and Policy Customization

You can find different resources on the website that tell you more about the company’s claims process and various insurance policies they offer. 

The company website has an easy-to-use layout. 

You can use the quick pay option to access your policy without having to log in. 

You can track your claim through their website by entering your policy number. 

You need to create an account to access some of the features offered on the website. 


National General Pricing Review

Compared to other auto insurance providers, National General provides the highest rates in most instances. 

On average, they offer 50% higher quotes than the mean for each customer profile. 

They offer high rates for teens that are three times higher in comparison with other auto insurance companies. 

Even though the auto insurance provider is considered to be a costly insurer, National General offers insurance benefits and discounts for drivers who qualify.

Comparison With Competitors

We have compared National General with a few of its major competitors. Have a look:

National General vs GEICO

National General is an ideal option for people part of the GM club, whereas GEICOis great for people searching for low premiums, excellent customer service, and a fast claims process. 

Although GEICO offers low premiums, they offer few insurance products. 

Some National General  Insurance reviews report that the company has a habit of charging its customers' hidden fees.

National General vs Progressive 

Progressive auto insurance offers amazing discounts and coverage options. 

National General offers additional benefits to the members of the GM family, but it has a slow claim process. 

National General vs State Farm 

State Farm offers several different discounts and a user-friendly desktop and mobile platform.

National General auto insurance coverage provides unique discounts, but the premiums are high. 

National General also offers a discount on paying the full premium, whereas State Farm does not. 

Claims Handling 

You can file a claim online or call on their dedicated claims number provided on their website. 

Once you have filed your claim, you can track its progress online by logging into your account on the company website. 

National General also gives you the option to chat online with their customer service representatives regarding your claim either in English or Spanish. 

Their claims methods for filing a claim have been given in detail on their website. Their claims service department is open 24/7.  


  • Offers coverage for people charged with their first DUI
  • Can file an SR-22 if needed
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Several complaints
  • Below average reviews from customers
  • No app to help people manage their policy

Is National General good for you? If you are a high-risk, low-mileage driver or part of the GM family, you can consider choosing them as your official auto insurance provider. 

You can count on receiving suitable policies and several discounts. 

Although the company has done a fairly good job of providing all the relevant information on their website, you may find yourself confused  regarding some aspects of the auto coverage. 

For further details about the auto insurance policy, you will need to contact the company representatives. Use National General auto reviews to help you make the right choice.


Is National General Insurance owned by Allstate?

Allstate announced on July 2020 it would acquire National General for $4 billion, which closed on January 2021.

Is National General car insurance legit?

National General Insurance has a low rating on the NAIC charts which means they have more than nine times as many complaints as the average company. They have high premiums and sub-par customer service.

Is National General a non standard company?

National General is considered a non-standard auto insurance company, they offer policies for high-risk drivers.

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