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Detailed NJM Insurance Reviews, Coverages, Discounts And More

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.3
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Financial Strength: A+
BBB Rating: B-
Coverages: 4/5
Discounts: 5/5
Support: via online form, email, phone
User Ratings: Overly positive
Availability: five states only
Pricing: affordable

We know how vital good auto insurance is for every driver; therefore, this article will talk about how you can find the best NJM auto insurance rates to maintain peace of mind while out on the road.  

If you are interested, read on to learn more about the NJM Insurance group to make the most informed decision regarding your next auto insurance purchase.  

About The Company

NJM Insurance Group was formed as a New Jersey Manufacturers Casualty Insurance Company, focusing on workers’ compensation insurance. Their original goal was to offer affordable, safety-focused, and financially secure insurance to business owners in the New Jersey area. Since then, they have branched out to cover various insurance types, including auto insurance.       

Now, NJM Insurance Group provides personal auto, commercial auto, workers' compensation, homeowners, and renters insurance, to name just a few. NJM's headquarters is still in New Jersey, but they serve five state markets across the US— Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.      

Although they only serve five different states, the limited-service means that they can specialize in state laws and ensure that their customers are more than covered, rather than having to stretch their efforts out far and wide across the country. With over 50 years of various insurance formats and experiences under its belts, NJM is undoubtedly a trustworthy and reputable provider.       

What Insurance Does NJM Offer?

NJM Insurance doesn't just provide one basic auto insurance type. They provide the most common cover types, including comprehensive, collision, underinsured/uninsured driver, and roadside assistance. If you choose to invest in comprehensive and collision insurance with NJM, your policy will include extras such as:   


Comprehensive auto insurance can be helpful in situations such as when a powerful storm drops a large branch through your sunroof, or perhaps a vandal breaks into your car by smashing the window.     

Additionally, if a car kicks up a rock that cracks your windshield, comprehensive auto insurance will have you covered. Even if a deer slams into the hood of your car on the highway or a protest or celebration in your neighborhood damages your car, you will be safe and sound with comprehensive insurance.        


When you have collision insurance, if your car is damaged in an accident, you can report your claim, pay your deductible, and receive the necessary funds to repair or replace your vehicle. Collision insurance covers damage to your car when you're at fault or if your friend or family member is driving, including if you hit a tree or other object.        

Additionally, damage caused by another car will be resolved if you have collision insurance. However, it's important to note that animal collisions are not covered in this package.   

Underinsured/Uninsured Drivers 

Uninsured motorists (UM) coverage will reimburse the victim for damages resulting from a car accident originally caused by an uninsured driver. In contrast, underinsured motorists (UIM) coverage helps pay the gap between an at-fault driver's liability insurance coverage and your damages.             

There are many uninsured or underinsured motorists on the road at any one time, so it can be beneficial to explore this kind of insurance type to cover yourself against such irresponsible drivers.     

Roadside Assistance 

Whether you break down or get locked out of your vehicle, adding roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy will mean that NJM can provide you with near-immediate assistance. You can benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance for labor on a disabled vehicle at the place of disablement or a single tow of a disabled vehicle due to an emergency.  

You can also expect to receive options such as emergency towing, a lockout service, jump-starts to get you back on the road, flat tire changes, and even the delivery of up to two gallons of gasoline or any other essential fluids that your car needs.  

Does NJM Cover Out-Of-State? 

You must register the vehicle you are insuring in the state you're applying for; otherwise, your policy will be null and void. NJM does not cover out-of-state vehicles; it sticks to five states, which include Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.    

What Are the Benefits of NJM Insurance?  

One of the major benefits of NJM Insurance is the ability to add endorsements to your policy. Endorsements (also referred to as riders) allow you to add various options to your NJM auto policy so that it can be customized to fit your unique driving needs. 

Some endorsements include:        

Gap Insurance  

This will pay for most of the difference between the balance of a loan and the total sum paid if your car suffers a total loss. However, gap insurance won't pay for deductibles, balances from prior loans, missed payments, or late fees.         

Transportation Expense  

If your vehicle is involved in a covered loss and carries physical damage, your policy provides rental, ride-sharing, or taxi reimbursement.       

NJM Roadside Assistance  

There are two options available for roadside assistance, but no deductible applies to this coverage.  

Trailer/Camper Body Coverage (Maximum Liability)  

This cover protects against bodily injury or property damage caused while a trailer or camper is towed by an insured vehicle, as well as offering protection for the trailer or camper body and any facilities or equipment designed to be used with the trailer or camper. 

What Is the Process to Apply for NJM Auto Insurance? 

To apply for auto insurance with NJM, you can use the online quote tool to get a better idea of how much you are likely to spend and identify which services you can expect to receive for the package or policy that best suits your needs. Then, you can call an agent and arrange your application through the phone.          

Unfortunately, applying for a new auto insurance policy online isn’t possible, as all applications must be made through the telephone. Once you're accepted, all of your documents will be available online through your customer dashboard if you need to file a claim.    

It’s very easy to get in touch with an agent via the phone or email if you have questions about your policy or your application, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance or clarification.   

The Costs of NJM Insurance 

The average cost of an NJM auto insurance package is around $370 per year for a minimum coverage policy, but closer to around $1,271 per year for full coverage (though such full coverage policies are fully customizable and can subsequently change). 

Various factors are considered when an insurance provider calculates your rate; some of these factors will be entirely out of your control, such as your age, driving history, and the state in which you live and drive.   

Thankfully some other influencing factors can be controlled, including the amount of coverage you purchase and your deductibles. However, it's more than likely that every driver will pay a different auto insurance price based on their circumstances.    

How Can You Reach Customer Services?

There are several different ways to reach the customer service department at NJM Insurance, with the easiest option being their online form. This page is for questions or comments that can be conveniently addressed through email. A representative will respond to your email within two business days.    

However, if you don't like talking through email or instant messaging, you can easily call the customer service team at +1-800-232-6600 from 7 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday, or between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm on Saturday.   

NJM Customer Satisfaction

NJM auto insurance had significantly fewer complaints to state regulators of the same size. Additionally, it was the highest-rated Mid-Atlantic insurer for customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2021 US Auto Insurance Study.    

Many customers seem extremely satisfied with the service and policy they receive from the NJM Insurance group; there are thousands of positive reviews online that detail all of the best selling points and advantages that you can expect to receive from NJM. Customer satisfaction seems to be the main focus for this insurance provider, so you're likely to benefit from the most positive experience when you choose to invest with the NJM group.  

NJM vs. Competitors (Geico)  

Though NJM has many benefits and selling points that certainly make it a worthwhile company to spend with, there are competitor insurance companies that have their unique advantages that you might like to get clued upon. For example, Geico is one of NJM's biggest competitors, and their major selling point is that they cover all 50 states rather than being limited to five locations.                   

Both NJM and Geico offer accident forgiveness, multi-car discounts, and a paid-in-full discount, but their similarities stop here. Geico does not offer a homeowner discount, and they have around 20 years less experience in the insurance industry when compared with NJM. 

Geico appears to be a more contemporary provider; they offer a mobile application for their insurance holders and allow their users to file claims through the web and their dedicated application.  


  • Multipolicy discount for numerous policyholders
  • Multi-vehicle discount for several insured vehicles
  • Discount for paying all of your premium in full, upfront
  • Discount for receiving documents electronically rather than by mail
  • Discount for enrolling in an automatic payment plan to manage monthly fees
  • Discount for buying both collision and comprehensive coverage in unison
  • Discounts for vehicle safety features such as anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices will decrease your chances of needing to file a claim.
  • Discount for driving a car that is no more than two years old from the original manufacturing date
  • Student discount for good grades and for leaving the car at home if living at a school that is over 100 miles away
  • Young driver training discount
  • Only available in five states.
  • BBB mark can be higher

NJM generated no valid complaints in the years 2010, 2012, and 2013, according to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. NJM also receives the lowest complaint ratios out of all carriers, insuring more than 100,000 vehicles in the New Jersey region. 

They have also been ranked among the best for overall satisfaction in the US Auto Insurance Study.

In addition to numerous other awards and recognitions, NJM has long been known as a safe, trustworthy and valuable insurance provider that you can put your faith in. For years, NJM has been widely known for its top level of customer service and its dedication to protecting its clients (and their vehicles), so it's fair to say that most would agree that NJM is a good company. 

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