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Openly Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 9
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Financial Strength: A-
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: Exclusive coverages for luxury homes
Discounts: Multipolicy discount
Support: Great customer support
User Ratings: Great user reviews
Availability: 18 states
Pricing: Expensive

Openly Insurance offers a premium solution for luxury homes. They have coverages that can be completely customized and tailored to your needs.  

Additionally, they offer excellent and competitive prices that aim to make high-end policies more accessible on the market. The policies, however, are only suitable for high-valued properties. They can pay claims up to $5 million through replacement or repairs. 

This Openly Insurance review provides you with up-to-date information about the company and its offers to help you choose the right home insurance policy. Read on if you want to learn more about Openly Insurance, its history, and its current home insurance policy.    

About Openly Insurance  

Openly Insurance was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2017 by Ty Harris and Matt Wielbut. Harris is a former Liberty Mutual executive, and Matt Wielbut has a history at Elements Insurance and Goldman Sachs. Using their knowledge and expertise, they partnered up to market themselves as a luxury brand that makes home insurance accessible, efficient, and affordable for everyone. 

However, the company itself does not write its policies or handle the claims personally. Instead, it acts as a managing agent and upholds high standards. Openly partners with reputable companies that share its values. This includes Rock Ridge, which is a subsidiary of Clear Blue Insurance, and Crawford, who manage the claims process and the underwriting of the policies.      

Openly are known for working with experts in the industry, the best technology, and high-level data sources to create their products.     

Over the years, Openly Insurance has been quickly expanding its business. Currently, it operates in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. 

However, they continue to grow and will soon be available in more states, such as Connecticut, Maine, South Carolina, and Utah.    

The Openly Insurance company ethos stands on simplicity and transparency and aims to provide modern insurance experiences and excellent service to every customer. This is also the reason behind the company’s name, reflective of its culture and mission.         

Financial Strength 

One indicator of a reliable company for your home insurance policy is its financial strength, because you can trust they will live up to their guarantees.         

As previously mentioned, Openly works with Rock Ridge Insurance Company to pay claims. Rock Ridge is a well-established company with a solid reputation. They are an admitted insurance carrier with an AM Best A- (Excellent) rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Rock Ridge has also been given a rating of zero on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index, which means that they have fewer complaints than the average insurance company. These ratings show that Rock Ridge is reliable in paying out claims, even in the case of a disaster.  

How Long Has Openly Insurance Been Around?  

Openly Insurance has been around since 2017. However, the founders of Openly Insurance have been in the industry for much longer and only partner with people and companies that have a wealth of knowledge and experience.    

Openly Insurance Plans and Coverage 

Openly Insurance core offering is a policy specially designed for homeowners, with customizable solutions to suit your needs. Openly Insurance homeowner policies are available for different types of occupancy, including primary occupation, and secondary, seasonal and rented.   

The insurance policies aim at high-valued residents with a replacement cost between $250k and $5 million.  

The policy is comprehensive, as it covers the structure of your property, including attached fixtures, the walls, and the roof. Policies can also include:   

Additionally, their customization option enables you to add on features that benefit your circumstances and protect you beyond just your home and possessions, including: 

Openly Insurance pays the claims through the guaranteed replacement costs. This means that they endeavor to rebuild to the current state using the same materials, up to a value of $5 million.              

In addition to that, Openly Insurance offers a policy for residences called enhanced ISO HO-5, which is much broader than the standard policy in the market, which is typically HO-3. This provides more protection as it excludes fewer causes of damage or perils. It also enables high limits for claims of personal liability.    

The typical rental policy is based on a Dwelling Fire contract; however, Openly Insurance offers an HO-3 policy for landlords, including coverages B, C, and E, and replacement costs.  

Openly Insurance Discounts 

Openly Insurance does not currently offer any discounts on its website or partner sites. However, it does offer discounts for existing clients who hold another policy within the agency. 

Other Insurance Types Offered by Openly 

Openly Insurance does not offer any other policies at this time. 

Openly Insurance Reviews, Customer Satisfaction, and User Ratings

Openly Insurance is highly recommended by both customers and employees. It boasts a variety of positive and five-star reviews on Google reviews.   

Frontline Claims 

Openly Insurance makes claims easy and accessible by letting customers choose their preferred method. The current ways to make a claim are by phone, email, or completing an online form.       

Openly Cost and Quotes 

Openly Insurance does not offer the option to obtain insurance quotes online for their policies. Instead, they use local agents to gather your information either by phone or via the contact form. Then, you are contacted shortly after by an independent agent to talk about your needs and the policies available for you. You only qualify to get a quote if you have a high-value home.     

Openly Insurance boasts competitive pricing and aims to make high-quality insurance policies more accessible. They use market expertise and technology to provide sophisticated pricing options and customisable solutions for their customers.  

Pros and Cons of Openly Insurance


Standard Coverage as Expected

Openly home insurance offers a broad coverage as their standard policy, which guarantees customers protection on a range of different aspects, as you would expect with any home insurance policy, without any exceptions or small print.              

Go Above and Beyond

It offers more than just the standard insurance policy that provides homeowners with robust protection; it also has fewer limits on its coverage than a standard policy with other companies in the market. It also covers a lot more without any additional charges.          

Methods of Communication

Openly Insurance offers a range of ways to contact them to apply for home insurance. These include telephone, email, chat, an online contact form, or liaising with an independent agent. To apply, you only need to provide your name, address, email, phone number, preferred contact method, date of birth, and preferred agency.         

Stable and Strong Financial 

Openly Insurance partners with stable and reputable companies, such as Rock Ridge Insurance Company and Crawford. They have been rated excellent by the NAIC with an AM Best A- rating. This shows their ability to pay out claims.      

Independent Agents

Openly Insurance covers many places and has independent agents available in different states to help you with your policy needs. They partner with different agents who will tailor a policy for you or ensure you are matched with the best policy to suit your requirements and budget.   

Cash Options 

Openly Insurance offers a replacement cost, which you can take as a cash option. This would cover total losses and will be paid in line with the current market's replacement costs. This includes damage, as well as buying or rebuilding a home elsewhere. The extent of this cover does, however, depend on the state you are located in due to different laws.   


Openly Insurance is a forward-thinking company that strives to provide excellent service and top-quality home insurance policies. They boast about using cutting-edge technology and filling gaps in the insurance market with their premium solutions.  

They are also involved in many projects and partnerships; for example, more recently, Openly Insurance has partnered with a technology firm to remove property assessments and make them easier and more accessible for customers.   

High Quality and Trustworthy         

Openly Insurance reviews reflect significantly on the high-quality service and products they promise on their website. With many five-star reviews and other recommendations from independent websites, they appear to live up to their reputation.      


Limited Availability

Unfortunately, it only offers a high-end policy to cater to highly valued homes. You have to meet a strict criterion to be eligible for a policy. You will have to go through a selection process with an independent agent before obtaining a quote.  

Limited Information on Their Website    

Their website is attractive; however, it does not provide you with the small print of the policies that some customers like to review before obtaining quotes.  

Limited Area of Service 

Openly Insurance does not operate nationally or even globally. Although it is growing, currently, it only operates in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.               

Features Not Included 

While Openly Insurance offers a lot in its policies, there are still a few key features missing that customers may wish to have. This includes:  


  • Standard Coverage as Expected.
  • Robust home protection.
  • A wide network of independent insurance agents.
  • Great cash options
  • Excellent service.
  • Great reputation and user ratings.
  • It is created for high-end luxury homes.
  • Limited Information on Their Website .
  • Limited Area of Service

Overall, Openly Insurance provides a comprehensive home insurance policy for individuals with high-value homes. It offers a broad range of protection, and free perks you don’t often see with a typical home insurance policy. They are still a relatively new company but appear to be expanding as they operate in more states in the USA. 

In summary, Openly Insurance offers coverage of up to $5 million to repair or replace your dwelling in the event of an incident. The claims are managed and paid out by Rock Ridge Insurance Company, as Openly Insurance operates as just managing agents. Both Openly Insurance and its partners have good claims and customer reviews. 

To apply for a home insurance policy with Openly Insurance, you will need to call, email, or complete an online form with your information. An agent will contact you shortly after to discuss your needs and options. Unfortunately, you cannot apply directly on their website or obtain an online quote.

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