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Pets Best Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.2
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Financial Strength: A-
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 4/5
Discounts: Multipet discount
Support: eMail and Phone
User Ratings: Average
Availability: All 50 States
Pricing: Customizable options

Technology is continuously changing the look of pet insurance, and Pets Best Insurance is an excellent example. The Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, has transformed years ahead of the competition by using exemplary digital tools to make owning a pet easier than ever before! The best part is that they can keep their costs down due to technological advancements, meaning that their insurance prices are the lowest in the insurance world. 

This Pets Best Insurance review found tens of thousands of insured pets with this insurer. The Pets Best Insurance phone number is 1-877-739-7237 in case you want more information. 

How We Reviewed

Our review method is as follows: 

  1. We analyzed the website of Pets Best Insurance for their coverage options, looking for: 

  1. We analyzed their customer support and claims process 
  2. We studied the reviews to gauge the Pet Best Insurance rating from user review websites 
  3. We compare it to the competition

Where Is It Available?

Pets Best Insurance Boise is offered in all the states of America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It is owned by CareCredit, a famed healthcare financing venture, and its headquarters is in Boise, Idaho.

Pet Insurance Review

Pets Best Insurance coverage includes surgeries, accidents, illnesses, cancer, and a lot more. They also have amazing pet wellness plans for coverage for routine care needs and specialized plans depending on your needs. Under their plans, you can select a licensed veterinarian of your choice, and the company strives to process almost all claims in just a few days. 

The Best Benefit Accident and Illness Plan

The Best Benefit plan by Pets Best Insurance offers comprehensive coverage that covers the veterinary bills for any unexpected situations like illnesses and emergencies. 

The Pets Best Insurance review highlights their customized plans that can include multiple coverage options as per your budget and your pet’s needs. While most coverage plans include acupuncture, exam fees, chiropractors, and prescription medication, you can exclude them to lower your costs. Pet insurance for dogs and pet insurance for cats have pretty much the same coverage options. 

You can explore pet insurance bundles for multiple pets. If you get insurance for more than one pet, you can get a great 5% discount on the Best Benefit program. 

What's Covered and Not Covered

The Best Benefit Illness and Accident Plan covers: 

  1. Accidents 
  2. Illnesses 
  3. Pet cancer treatment 
  4. Congenital and hereditary conditions 
  5. Hospitalization and emergency veterinary care
  6. Financial assistance for pet surgery
  7. Pet prescription drug coverage
  8. Pet chronic condition or ongoing conditions 
  9. Diagnostics 
  10. Older pets 
  11. Pet dental insurance
  12. Pet Behavioural therapy or conditions 
  13. Euthanasia 
  14. Pet prosthetics devices or wheelchairs 
  15. Travel coverage 
  16. Full coverage (even if not neutered/spayed)

You can exclude the following from the comprehensive pet insurance policy to reduce costs if you like:

  1. Exam fees 
  2. Chiropractic treatment or acupuncture 
  3. Physical rehabilitation 
  4. Prescription medication 

As with all insurance plans, some things that are not covered, which includes: 

The Pets Best Insurance waiting period is at the start of your policy. It is three days for accidents, 14 days for illnesses, the effective date for routine care plans, and six months for cruciate ligament conditions. 

You can add the routine care package to your plan with additional premiums, which pay for all expected and regular veterinary care, such as teeth cleaning and shots. There are no deductibles with routine care, and the coverage will start a day after enrollment. This can be a great way to manage the budget for expected expenses, especially if you are getting a puppy or a kitten. 

Pets Best Pricing

Routine care for dogs and cats is $26 for the Best Wellness Plan and $16 for the Essential Wellness Plan. Age is usually an important consideration for insurance, but with Pets Best Insurance, the only age-based premium is on illness coverage. 

There is a transaction fee of $2 for premium payments for semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. This fee exempted if you select annual payments or live in Alaska or Maryland. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pets Best Insurance Discounts and Features

You get a 5% multi-pet discount when you enroll more than one pet. 

Ease of Buying

The Pets Best Insurance quote is based on the breed and age of the pet.  


The best way to make a claim is to fill out the Pets Best Insurance claim form on their Customer Account. You can access it through their mobile application for iOS and Android or other mobile devices. You will need to submit your pet's name, cost of services, proof of the payment, and the itemized invoice that shows where the pet was. 

The reviews show that Pets Best Insurance claims are processed as quickly as possible. Choosing direct deposit options is the fastest way to get your reimbursement, with payments coming in as little as two days after the claim has been processed. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

Here are all the ratings by popular review sites and platforms for Pets Best Insurance:

Since their system is based on careful digital incorporation, there are fewer mistakes and quicker claims processing. However, some Pets Best Insurance complaints do revolve around the claims. Their customer service team is quick to respond, though!

Customer Support

You can reach Pets Best Insurance 24/7 through email, phone, and live chat. Their customer service is supportive and answers complaints quickly and efficiently while the customer portal addresses all your concerns. 

Comparison with Competitors

Here are comparisons with popular insurance companies:


  • No plan has lifetime limits
  • Consistently the best pricing after running quotes
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Different customer support options like phone, email, chat, and FAQ
  • Direct deposit and electronic claim filing options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 5% multi-pet discount
  • No age limits
  • Pet is covered during traveling within Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States
  • $2 transaction fees
  • Two week waiting period for illnesses and three days for accidents
  • On average, it takes 25-40 days for claim payments
  • Six months waiting period for CCL injuries

Pets Best Insurance is best for people looking for an affordable option. Since it's so cheap,  it can be the best option for you if you have multiple pets. Routine care is often not offered by most insurance companies, making Pets Best a good option for pet owners who want routine care coverage. 


Does insurance cover allergies?

No, it does not.

Does insurance cover medications?

Yes, it does.

How to cancel pet insurance?

You can call their call support center to cancel your plan whenever you may need to do so.

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