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Primerica Life Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8
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Financial Strength: A+
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 4/5
Flexibility: No customization
Discounts: 4/5
Support: Phone, Email
User Ratings: TrustPilot 3.8
Availability: All states
Pricing: Expensive

Primerica life insurance offers term life insurance options, along with multiple riders. Read Primerica Life Insurance reviews to learn more.

About the Company

Primerica life insurance company is a multi-level marketing company offering life insurance and other financial services. Established in 1977, the company was first named A.L. Williams & Associates and is known for using its “buy term and invest the difference” strategy. 

The company also offers other financial services and products, like homeowners’ insurance, long-term care, and auto insurance, through other insurers. Primerica life insurance reviews show that they have more than two billion-dollar revenue, which mostly comes from its term life insurance premiums. Primerica life insurance phone number is 1-800-257-4725.

Let’s get started with the review. 

How We Reviewed 

This review is based on numerous factors assessing different aspects of the company. We examined the company’s website for available policies and features, as well as the amount of useful information provided to the clients. 

We also determined the financial strength of the company, the ratings, and customer reviews found on different websites.  We also assessed the discounts they offered and how they affected the cost of insurance. 

These major factors helped in determining the overall Primerica Life insurance ratings. We recommend that you shop around before making the final decision. 

Where is it Available?

Primerica Life insurance products are available in all states. The Primerica address is 1 Primerica Parkway Duluth, GA 30099.

Life Insurance Coverage Options

Primerica life insurance policies only include one type of product - term life insurance.

The term life insurance offers a death benefit that is set for a predetermined amount of time when the policy term is complete; the policyholders can either find another coverage or renew the same policy. The life term insurance with Primerica has a set coverage for a certain period of time. 

Policyholders can get coverage up to $300,000 without any need for medical examination and can also get coverage up to $400,000 with a medical exam. The policies start at $15/month in premiums or $15,000 in face value. These policies are available for 10, 15, 20, 30, or 35-year terms. 

The term life policy of this insurance company also provides guaranteed insurability until the age of 95 years- policyholders can renew their policies without another exam. Primerica life insurance offers two options in their term policy:

Primerica Custom Advantage

This option provides policyholders death benefits that are as high as $1,000,000. It takes one to six weeks for the application process to complete, and you also have to take a medical examination for this policy.

Primerica TermNow

This policy provides policyholders death benefits that are up to $300,000. The application process is much quicker than the custom policy. This policy doesn’t require taking a medical exam. However, the company does background checks to determine whether an individual qualifies or not. 

Primerica Life Insurance Pricing 

You can get a Primerica Life insurance quote by calling their helpline and speaking to a representative. The overall cost of the insurance depends on several factors, like age, gender, health, and location. The Primerica life insurance cost for State Farm Life for $150,000 term policy for both man and woman are as follows:

Age Male and Female
25 $15.34
35 $15.96
45 $25.94
55 $47.74
65 $135.24


Primerica offers minimum requirements for policy, and the policyholders have to spend at least $15 every month in premiums. Moreover, the premiums don’t vary in terms of life insurance between women and men with similar health ratings. 

It is recommended that you get the quote from the Primerica Life insurance representative based on individual needs and budget to get a better estimate of the policy. Moreover, shop around to determine which insurer provides you with the best deal. 

Primerica Life Insurance Discounts and Addons 

Primerica life insurance doesn’t have any specified discounts. However, the company does offer some riders that you can add with the standard term life insurance policy. Insurance riders are additions that can enhance the benefits and can be included in the policy with additional charges. 

Here are some of the main riders offered by Primerica life insurance:

Increasing Benefit Rider

This rider allows you to enhance the death benefit in your policy for a specific amount of time. The company offers you the option to increase the amount of your policy by 10% each year for ten years and cap at $400,000, which is the maximum policy amount. 

Waiver of Premium

This rider enables you to skip the premium payments if you are eligible. For instance, this rider can be activated if the policyholder becomes disabled or is diagnosed with a qualifying chronic disease. 

Guaranteed Insurability

This rider provides you with a guaranteed renewal of policy for a specific age without the need to reapply or take another medical exam. This rider is available with all the term life policies, and it guarantees renewals up till the age of 95 years. 

Child Rider

This rider can be included in all the term life coverages. The child rider adds a certain amount of coverage that can cover your children for a flat rate, no matter how many children you have.  

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

Primerica life insurance complaints to state regulators have been fewer than average. You can expect a better than average customer satisfaction level from the company. However, there have been complaints about pushy insurance agents and misrepresentation of products. 

Primerica life insurance BBB rating is A+. The company has more than 100 registered complaints but have made an effort to resolve them. Common complaints include pushy agents and undelivered refunds. S&P gave this insurance company a rating of A-. It shows that the company is financially strong to handle claims and meet the expectations of its customers. 

Primerica life insurance AM Best rating is A+. AM Best is a credit rating company that specializes in the insurance industry. The rating again indicates that the company has a superior financial ability to manage obligations towards customers. 

Consumer Affairs and TrustPilot allow the customers to rate and review the companies directly. Primerica insurance has a below-average rating at Consumer Affairs. However, it received a higher rating at Trustpilot, with 3.8 stars with customers praising their fast claim handling. 

Platform Rating
BBB Rating A+
Consumer Affairs 2.9
TrustPilot 3.8

Customer Support 

Primerica life insurance customer service is not top-notch. You can only get in touch with a representative through their helpline or email address. There is no live chat on the website, but the website does offer all the information you would need about the policies available. 

You can use the online account to view your policies, make payments, and access claim documents. Primerica life insurance customer service number is 1-800-257-4725.

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling 

While there is information available on the website about the available policies, there is no information related to pricing. There are no online tools available to get quotes. You have to call their helpline to get more information and to purchase the policy. 

Primerica life insurance claim form isn’t available online since claims can only be filed via phone or email. You can access the claim document and track the progress through your online account. According to Primerica life insurance reviews, 94% of claims are completed within the first 14 business days of the claim being filed. 

Primerica life insurance claim service phone number is 888-893-9858, and you can also file a claim by emailing at us_lifeclaims@primerica.com

Comparison with Competitors 

To give you a better idea of the life insurance provider you should choose, we compared Primerica Life Insurance with State Farm life insurance, Transamerica life insurance, and Erie life insurance. Let’s have a look:

Primerica Life Insurance vs State Farm Life Insurance 

Primerica life offers a range of coverage options for term policies but doesn’t provide alternatives for individuals looking for other permanent life products or whole life insurance. The company has an excellent financial strength rating and has been known to pay claims promptly. 

State Farm, on the other hand, offers a range of coverage options. You can get lifelong coverage with permanent insurance and short-term protection through term insurance. This insurance company offers more discounts, policy customization, and affordable rates than Primerica. 

Primerica Life Insurance vs Transamerica Insurance 

Unlike Primerica life insurance, Transamerica offers a variety of life insurance options. It also offers term coverage for young individuals without the need for a medical exam. The company has a strong financial stability rating, like Primerica. Transamerica provides a range of riders like Primerica and also offers discounts, which you can’t get with Primerica. 

Primerica Life Insurance vs Erie Life Insurance 

Erie life insurance offers universal, whole, and term life policies while Primerica only offers term life. However, Primerica is available in all states. Erie is not available in New York. You can purchase up to $90,000 coverage without a medical exam, which is not the case with Primerica. 

It also allows policyholders to add in accelerated death benefits in both whole life and universal insurance. Both companies are financially strong to handle claims. Erie offers much cheaper rates than Primerica. 


  • Standard life term insurance
  • No medical examination for coverage under $300K
  • Wide local agent network
  • Average premiums
  • Agents use pushy tactics
  • Permanent insurance not available

Primerica life insurance provides policyholders with term life insurance policies and other financial services. While it doesn’t offer many life insurance coverage options, there are still a few options available with term life insurance. 

The company also offers a number of riders for policyholders to enhance the value of their coverage. Primerica life insurance also provides certain policies without the need for a medical examination. It has a wide network of agents and has a strong financial stability rating. 

Make sure to shop around to get the best price and options before you make your final decision. 


Is Primerica a legitimate life insurance company?

Primerica is indeed a legitimate life insurance company, offering term life insurance. The company has an A+ rating by AM Best and an A+ rating at BBB, indicating their strong financial stability. However, there have been complaints about pushy agents and cunning sale tactics to sell insurance.

How do I cancel a Primerica life insurance policy?

You can get in touch with a representative at Primerica life insurance through their helpline or through email to cancel the policy. However, term life insurance doesn’t offer any refunds. Don’t forget to also cancel direct deposits you might have set up to pay your premiums automatically once you have canceled the policy. 

How long does it take Primerica to pay out a life insurance policy?

Primerica pays a majority of the insurance policies within 15 days of filing the claim. However, in some cases, it might take longer than two weeks to receive a payout.

Is Primerica life insurance expensive?

According to Primerica life insurance reviews, their term life insurance is slightly more expensive than other competing insurance companies. While it is certainly not the most expensive option available, there are plenty of more affordable life insurance companies that offer more variety and discounts 

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