Pumpkin Pet Insurance Review 2022

Last modified: August 6, 2021
  • Claims 9
  • Buying 9.5
  • Transparency 9
  • Coverage Variety 9
  • Value For Money 9
  • BBB Rating A+
  • Coverages 5/5
  • Flexibility Customized pet policies
  • Discounts Multi pet discount
  • Deductible You can adjust the amount of deductible
  • Pricing Highly affordable
  • Availability 28 states

Pumpkin Insurance is a relatively new insurance provider that opened doors in early 2020. According to many Pumpkin Pet insurance reviews online, the insurance provider is considered among the top-rated ones because of its holistic approach. 

The company specializes in offering preventive care and insurance coverage for the lifetime of your pet.  But is it the best one out there?

We embraced on a journey to find out. You can see the results in our review below. If you are still checking the options for your pet insurance – make sure to check out the list of best pet insurance companies.

How We Reviewed? 

The Pumpkin pet insurance rating is impressive, and it’s easy to see why. This pet insurance provider offers some highly-rated products that received rave reviews from customers. Factors we considered when reviewing insurance providers include the pricing and discount options, customer reviews, claims processing time, and the company’s financial strength. 

Where is it Available?

The Pumpkin pet insurance headquarters is located in New York City. The insurance provider only offers insurance products in 28 states, including Washington D.C. It is also important to note that all Pumpkin Plans provide reimbursement for covered care administered by any licensed veterinary clinic in the U.S. and Canada.

Pet Insurance Review

Pet Insurance offers insurance packages and wellness plans for your pets when they are sick, hurt, and even when healthy. Getting pet insurance for your dogs means you can get coverage for diagnostics, Rx medication, emergency care, surgery, rehab therapy, annual checkups, lab tests, and vaccinations. This alone makes Pumpkin pet insurance the most comprehensive insurance provider that caters specifically to pets. You can also easily find pet insurance bundles for multiple pets. The best part is, you can visit the Pumpkin website, fill out the required information, and save up to 10% on the plan for every additional pet. 

What’s Covered and What’s Not

Aside from surgeries, the Pumpkin pet insurance coverage covers x-rays, anesthesia, blood work, prescriptions, and hospitalization, making it one of the most comprehensive insurance policies available in the market today. 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Pricing 

Pumpkin insurance covers exam fees for illness-related or accident-related vet visits, which offers the ultimate savings. 

Some of the features of Pumpkin pet insurance include preventative care and insurance coverage for the lifetime of your pet, 90% reimbursement for all plans, easy to navigate website, mails parasite protection, works for vets in USA and Canada, covers chronic conditions and dental disease, annual deductible, multiple pet discounts, coverage for sick exam fees and reimbursements for vaccinations. 

Pumpkin pet insurance pricing is highly affordable and ensures that your pet is completely protected. Pumpkin offers a single pet insurance coverage that covers up to 90% of the vet bill that amounts to $10,000 per year. You can adjust the amount according to your personal requirements from deductible of $100, $250, and $500. Remember, the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly cost for your plan. Additionally, the cost of a pumpkin pet insurance plan varies depending on your specific situation. 

Pumpkin also offers a preventive pack, which is one-of-its-kind in the pet insurance niche. While some pet insurance providers offer optional wellness plans, not all of them offer prescription care at a discount. The Pumpkin preventive pack costs $12.95 per month, with no limitations on your pet’s age or breed. Furthermore, customers can choose between 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursement, but it’s best to go for 90% to save more.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Discounts and Features

If you are looking for pet insurance coverage that also allows you to save money, you have come to the right place. Pumpkin pet insurance discounts amount to a 10% multi-pet discount on every additional pet added to the policy. The multi-pet discount is offered for pets regardless of their age or breed. 

Ease of Buying

Pumpkin offers an extremely easy way for pet owners to get the best pet insurance policy for their needs. To get the process started, you must visit their website to get a quote. You have to add in all the information on pet insurance for a cat or a dog. Other information that you will have to include here is the gender and the name of your pet. If you want to get pet insurance for more than one pet, you can get 10% off the total price of the pet insurance plan. The company doesn’t have a mobile app, but their website is fully optimized for mobile use. 

There are three steps to purchasing a Pumpkin pet insurance coverage for your pet:

  • When your pet gets sick or injured, you should take your pet to a licensed veterinarian.
  • Log in to your Pumpkin account and file a claim for your expenses.
  • You will need to provide them with further details to proceed.
  • The claim will be processed quickly, and you will receive reimbursement on your expenses via a direct deposit or a check, which will be for 90% of the covered costs up to the annual limit. 

It should be noted that no pet insurance policy is going to cover everything. Pumpkin pet insurance is no different. The insurance provider excludes pre-existing medical conditions, but there is an exception to this rule, meaning it will cover treatable medical conditions that have not yet shown any symptoms for an extended period. Also, aesthetic and personal choices are not covered under the Pumpkin pet insurance plan. 

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

The Pumpkin pet insurance BBB rating is an impressive ‘A+,’ which is a testament to its high level of quality. The Pumpkin Pet insurance AM Best rating is also high, ensuring the high level of quality that the insurance provider offers. Pumpkin pet insurance also enjoys a low number of Pumpkin Pet insurance complaints, which is another indicator of high customer satisfaction. 

Customer Support

Pumpkin ensures that its customers have an easy way to contact their company whenever needed. Customers can contact the company Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm (EST) on Pumpkin insurance customer service number (1-866-273-6369). You can also contact a customer support agent at help@pumpkin.care. Overall, Pumpkin customers are provided with a high quality of customer support when doing business with this insurance provider. 

Comparison with Competitors 

Pumpkin vs Healthy Paws

 While both pet insurance providers offer accident and illness insurance for pets, Pumpkin offers up to 90% coverage of the vet bills. On the other hand, Pumpkin has an annual limit of $10 k for dogs, and $7k for cats, while Healthy Paws pet insurance has no limit. Pumpkin does offer many other features; for instance,  you can enroll all pets aged 8 weeks and up, pets with behavioral issues, sick visit exam fees, and dental illnesses. 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance vs Nationwide

Pumpkin offers a more comprehensive pet insurance package than Nationwide pet insurance. Pumpkin allows all pets over 8 weeks to enroll, while there is an age limit with Nationwide. Pumpkin also offers end-of-life services while Nationwide does not. Furthermore, Pumpkin pet insurance offers easy enrollment and fast claim processing, which is always appreciated.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance vs ASPCA

 Crum & Forster pet insurance group offers ASPCA pet health insurance, which is known for providing comprehensive pet insurance products. However, Pumpkin pet insurance does have an edge on ease of insurance coverage and claims processing. Pumpkin also provides excellent customer support for all of its customers.

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Customized Pet Insurance – The biggest benefit of Pumpkin pet insurance is its customized pet insurance policy. This ensures that you can reap more benefits with their pet insurance policy.
  • 10% multi-pet Discount – Those who have more than one pet can avail the 10% multi-pet discount for more savings.
  • Quick Claim Processing – Pumpkin Pet Insurance offers lightning-fast claims processing for its customers. You just have to send them an email or call them via phone -easy as a breeze.

The Cons

  • Only for Cats and Dogs – One downside of Pumpkin pet insurance is that it is only available for cats and dogs. If you have other pets, you will not be eligible for the amazing features available with the Pumpkin pet insurance policy.

Final Verdict

Pumpkin pet insurance is the best option for those looking for a comprehensive pet insurance plan to save on expenses. The following are some pros and cons of using Pumpkin pet insurance.


Does insurance cover allergies?

Yes, Pumpkin pet insurance covers allergy testing and treatment. 

Does insurance cover medications?

Pumpkin pet insurance covers medical expenses. However, herbal supplements, medication, or products used in clinical trials are not covered under the policy.