Safeco Auto Insurance Review 2021

Last modified: September 23, 2021
  • Claims 9
  • Buying 8
  • Transparency 9
  • Coverage Variety 9
  • Value For Money 8.5
  • Financial Strength A
  • BBB Rating B+
  • Coverages 5/5
  • Flexibility Policy customization possible
  • Discounts 5/5
  • Support 24/7 roadside assistance, Email, Phone
  • User Ratings Trustpilot 2.9 stars
  • Availability 46 states
  • Pricing Expensive

About the Company 

People often ask “is Liberty Mutual and Safeco the same?” 

Here’s what they need to know: Safeco is the subsidiary of Liberty Mutual – a Boston-based insurance powerhouse – and has a wide range of insurance policies. 

The company offers insurance plans at competitive rates, becoming people’s favorite. It also offers optional coverage such as ride-share insurance and coverage for the customization added to the interior and exterior of your car.    

The company has a wide network of local agents who are ever ready to listen to the complaints of insurers. But Safeco auto insurance reviews show that when it comes to customer satisfaction, the company’s score is not very impressive. 

Still, with the help of its discounts and other great features, the company has managed to claim a permanent position on the market. 

Backed by a Fortune 100 company, Safeco also has great financial stability – the company’s S&P rating is A-. This means that it has enough cash to pay for the claims. 

Want to learn more about the company? In this article, you will find in-depth Safeco auto insurance reviews and ratings

How We Reviewed

We closely studied the coverage plans provided by the company. We also reviewed what customers are saying about their services. We checked to what extent the company has been able to handle claims and resolve complaints.

Where Is It Available? 

Safeco auto insurance is available in 46 states. The services are not available in New Jersey, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Delaware. 

The company has a large number of local agents who will help you choose a fitting coverage plan. 

Types of Insurance Covered

There is a wide range of coverage plans provided by Safeco. In this section, we will have a brief look at Safeco insurance plans. 

First, let us explain the unique features of the company that set it apart from other insurance providers: 

Safeco Accident Forgiveness: If the driver has no accidents or violations for a certain period of time, your insurance rates will not increase after your first accident.

First Aid Reimbursement: Through the company’s insurance plans, you can get first aid reimbursement after an accident. The limit for reimbursement is up to $10,000. 

Diminishing Deductible: If you don’t make Safeco auto insurance claims, the company will reduce your deductible cost by $100 each year or up to $500 for five years.

In addition to these amazing insurance plans, there are other policies as well. Have a look: 

Pet Coverage: In case your pet dies or gets hurt in a collision, the company will pay for vet expenses or death benefits.  

Electronic Key and Lock Replacement: This option will cover you with no deductible in case you get your electronic keys, remote control pads, and locks stolen or lost. 

New Car Replacement: If your less than one-year-old car is stolen or totaled, the company will pay you to replace it with a comparable car.

Safeco Gap Insurance Coverage: The company will pay the difference between the value of your car and the lease or loan on it in case your car gets stolen or totaled.

Emergency Assistance Coverage: This includes personal property protection and roadside assistance. Under this plan, you will also receive $100 for expenses and up to $500 for meals in case you get involved in an accident 25 miles away from home. 

Custom Equipment Coverage: This will protect the equipment that wasn’t installed in your car at the dealership or the factory, including roll bars, murals, permanently installed audiovisual equipment, or a modified or custom engine.  

CD and DVD Replacement: This option will cover the cost if your audio-visual media such as CDs, videotapes, and DVDs are either stolen or damaged. 

Insurance Offers or Extras 

Safeco auto insurance offers a wide range of discounts that you can benefit from: 

  • Safe driver discount 
  • Anti-lock brakes discount 
  • Safeco low-mileage discount 
  • Discount for home, townhouse, mobile home, or condo ownership
  • Multi-car discount 
  • Multi-policy (policy bundling) discount 
  • Accident prevention course discount 
  • Discount for adding an anti-theft device to your vehicle
  • Discount for using Teen Safety Awards, a collection of tools benefits and discounts created to help your teen becomes a safer driver 

Customer Satisfaction 

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the company doesn’t have a high rating. Its J.D. Power Claims Satisfaction rating is only 848. 

On the other hand, the company has great financial stability, which means that it can easily pay off its claim liability. 

Safeco’s financial strength rating with AM Best is an A and Moody’s rating is A2. 

S&P Global gives Safeco an A- rating for financial strength.

Platform Rating
Trustpilot 2.9 stars
ConsumerAffairs 2.6 stars

Customer Support 

Safeco auto insurance rates below average in terms of customer satisfaction. 

It has an impressive number of agents, though. You can contact a local agent and get your complaints resolved. The company doesn’t provide any online quote process

Ease of Use and Policy Customization 

Claims processing is fast and easy here. You can file the claim over the phone or online.

It allows you to track the claim online or through an assigned representative. It has a mobile app for roadside assistance that allows you to send photos and record contact information from witnesses. 

Pricing Review

The annual Safeco car insurance costs are $1,138 making Safeco auto insurance lean towards the expensive side. 

We were calculating Safeco car insurance rates and put them in a table. Here is a quick look at the results:

Profile Rates
18-year-old male $9,806
42-year-old married couple $3,550
81-year-old female $2,040
Family with 17-year-old son $8,686


Comparison with Competitors 

Here is a quick look at how the company performs in comparison to its competitors. 


Amica auto car insurance has a great name in customer service. It enjoys a good position in the J.D. Power ranking. In comparison to this, Safeco auto insurance reviews 2020 are not so positive. 

Both companies offer great discounts and coverage plans. Amica doesn’t offer ride-share coverage, and Safeco does. 

In case you are looking for great customer service, Amica will be the right option. 


Allstate is quite ahead of Safeco. It ranks great in terms of financial stability. But when it comes to customer satisfaction with regard to complaint resolution, both companies rank the same. 

One significant difference between the two is that Safeco makes use of local agents while Allstate asks customers to deal with provider-exclusive agents. 

Allstate also offers educational materials and auto insurance guides. 

Claims Handling 

The Safeco claims management process is quite easy. Even though the company has an online portal for claim filing, if you choose this option, Safeco car insurance most likely will provide a phone number for further contact. 

This doesn’t imply that the process of filing the claim is long or tiring. The agent will lodge your complaint and a team will work on your case. 

Through your Safeco account, you can easily monitor the progress. 

Keep the following information on-hand when you are filing your claims with Safeco car insurance

  • Contact information for everyone involved and any witnesses
  • Time and place of the accident 
  • Details about other vehicles involved
  • A recollection of the accident 
  • Any injuries incurred to either party
  • Police report number and the name of the responding police department (if any)
  • A short description of the damage incurred to the vehicle

In case you’re stranded, you can also call Safeco insurance for immediate roadside assistance.

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Great features and impressive insurance plans
  • Competitive discounts and perks
  • User-friendly website and app

The Cons

  • High premiums
  • No quotes online
  • Poor customer service

Final Verdict

Safeco is an expensive insurance provider but it gives a fair range of discounts that help you save some money on your policies. 

The Safeco car insurance reviews show that when it comes to customer satisfaction, the company is not the right option. 

If you are looking for a company that will give you impressive customer support, Safeco will not give good value for money

In case your priority is unique coverage plans, Safeco is the ideal option to go with.