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Travelers Auto Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.5
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Financial Strength: A++ (AM Best rating)
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 5/5
Flexibility: Policy customization possible
Discounts: 5/5
Pricing: $1,267
User Ratings: ConsumerAffairs 3.5 stars
Availability: 43 states
Support: 24/7 support, online, email,phone

About the Company

Are you browsing web pages in search of constructive information on Travelers auto insurance? Our Travelers auto insurance reviews will help you learn more about the company and decide whether it is the right fit for you. 

Travelers is an insurance company with offices located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, China, Brazil, and Ireland. 

The company offers three types of insurance coverage: 

Travelers offer numerous discounts and competitive pricing. Their quoting process and claim filing is online. 

How We Reviewed

We reviewed the Travelers auto insurance by collecting quotes for various age groups. 

We divided the categories into 3 age groups for the states of NY, NJ, CL, TX, MI, for a Honda Accord 2015 and some conditions mentioned here in this table: 

Age 25-year-old 35-year-old 45-year-old
Car type Honda Accord 2015 Honda Accord 2015 Honda Accord 2015
States NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI NJ, NY, CL, TX, MI
Condition 1 Full and minimum coverage rate Full and minimum coverage rate Full and minimum coverage rate
Condition 2 Pre and post-accident rate Pre and post-accident rate Pre and post-accident rate
Condition 3 Excellent and poor credit score rate Excellent and poor credit score rate Excellent and poor credit score rate


Where Is It Available

Travelers auto insurance has field offices in all the U.S. states. You can locate an agent in areas near you from their website. 

Types of Insurance Covered and Missing Coverages

Our Travelers insurance reviews uncovered that the company offers a wide range of insurance options, including the following:  

Liability Coverage

This insurance covers bodily injury and property damage. If you are involved in an accident, which results in property damage or an injury to another person, it will pay for the damages, including any expenses due to a lawsuit. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage pays for vehicle damage caused by a collision. This includes vehicle damage due to vandalism, theft, hitting an animal, inclement weather, and natural disasters.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage pays for the damage to your vehicle in the event you hit another car or object, your vehicle got damaged by another car, or your vehicle rolled over. This coverage is ideal for people who have leased or financed their vehicles.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection or no-fault insurance is not available in every state. The coverage pays medical costs, lost wages, and other damages irrespective of who caused the auto accident. 

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for medical expenses and damages due to an auto accident caused by another person who does not have auto insurance coverage or they have insufficient insurance coverage. 

Medical Payments Coverage

This option covers the medical expenses resulting from an auto accident. The coverage pays your or the other drivers’ medical bills irrespective of who caused the auto accident.

Loan/Lease Gap Insurance

Loan/Lease Gap Insurance protects you in the event you total your car. It only protects leased or financed vehicles. The coverage pays the difference between the unpaid loan or lease balance and the vehicle’s actual cash value.    

Rental Coverage

Travelers auto insurance rental car coverage only pays for the car you rented if your primary vehicle is out of commission for over 24 hours because it was damaged in a collision covered under your existing insurance coverage.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is available around the clock and they offer two coverage levels. You can choose from a standard package, which covers a radius of 15 miles, or the Travelers premier roadside assistance, which covers a radius of 100 miles. You can select the package according to your needs.

New Car Replacement

Travelers new car replacement coverage pays the cost of a new car, replacing the car you totaled with a vehicle of the same make and model. The coverage only applies within the first five years of you owning the car. 

Accident Forgiveness

Accident Forgiveness is for responsible drivers worried about the impact a violation or an accident will have on their insurance coverage. 

You can choose from two programs, the Responsible Driver Program, and the Premier accident forgiveness Travelers Program. Both programs cover minor violation forgiveness and accident forgiveness, but the premier program also covers decreasing deductible and total loss deductible waiver. 

Ride Sharing 

Ridesharing is only available for drivers in Illinois and Colorado. 

The coverage protects people who work as drivers for transport network companies. The coverage only goes into effect after you open a mobile ride-sharing application, before you connect with a passenger. 

Insurance Offers or Extras

The company offers an incredible number of Travelers insurance discounts along with add-ons and other benefits. 

The company offers vehicle drivers with the following discounts:

Save up to 7.5% for paying your coverage in full, up to 2% to 5% for paying your coverage via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or from payroll, and up to 15% for paying your premium consistently and on time. 

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Travelers auto insurance has not been claimed on Trustpilot, but it does hold a commendable financial strength rating of AA on S&P rating and A++ on AM Best rating.

Platform Rating
Trustpilot Unclaimed 
ConsumerAffairs 3.5 stars


Customer Support

Travelers auto insurance offers customers several ways to get in touch with them. You can contact them on the given number or email address. You can even fill out an online form with your questions. 

Travelers insurance has a separate number for roadside assistance and another for claims handling. You can even file a claim through their website and then check its status. 

One downside of this auto insurance company is that it does not have a virtual agent available, but their customer service department is available 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week.

Ease of Use and Policy Customization 

You will find an incredible number of resources on Travelers’ website. You can read in-depth about their services, including the different coverage options they have available. 

Once you choose your insurance policy, you can log in or make a one-time payment without logging in to access all aspects of your policy. 

This includes paying your bill, signing up for automatic payments, viewing or printing your insurance cards, seeing your policy and billing details, reporting a claim, and more. 

Pricing Review 

The average national representative rate of Travelers auto insurance is $1,267, which makes the insurance company the fourth least expensive auto insurance provider. 

The total amount is subject to change, as it’s based on numerous factors such as your driving record, age, etc. 

The annual average car insurance rate for: 

The annual average insurance rate for drivers as per coverage type is as follows:

The annual average insurance rate for drivers as per the credit score is as follows:

Travelers Insurance Competitors

Here is a comparison between Travelers auto insurance and a few of its prominent competitors on the market:

Travelers vs The Hartford 

In the insurance industry, both auto insurance companies have become hugely popular among consumers. 

Travelers offer 12 discounts to their customers whereas The Hartford only offers 10. Travelers also have a better financial strength rating than Hartford. 

The financial strength rating of Travelers is “Superior” compared to The Hartford’s “Excellent.” Travelers have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than The Hartford, too. 

Travelers' roadside assistance coverage is superior to Hartford's, as they offer far more benefits such as emergency car services, fuel delivery, and flat tire service.    

Travelers vs GEICO 

Travelers and GEICO have become trusted names in the auto insurance industry

In terms of discounts, Travelers wins hands down, as they offer 10 discounts whereas GEICO offers just 8. In terms of financial strength rating, they both are rated as “Superior.”   

Even though GEICO came to the market after Travelers, the company managed to set itself apart from its competitors by offering numerous products. 

Travelers only offer boat, condo, homeowners, and renters insurance whereas GEICO offers the above-mentioned and in addition life, travel trailer, RV, motorcycle, mobile home, motorcycle, and travel trailer insurance. 

GEICO has created a mobile app to allow people to call for roadside assistance. However, an app is not a deciding factor on who offers the best roadside assistance. Although GEICO has the app, it offers far fewer benefits to drivers while Travelers offer several. 

Travelers vs State Farm 

State Farm and Travelers have been around a long time. Both companies offer 12 types of discounts.  

Both have a financial strength rating “Superior,” but the user satisfaction rating of Travelers auto insurance is somewhat worse in comparison with State Farm.

Travelers fail to offer many products to their customers, but State Farm provides all except travel trailer and RV insurance. 

Claims Handling

Travelers auto insurance has streamlined its claim handling process. The customers can create an account to make a claim from their online portal. They have the entire section of the website dedicated to their claim handling process.  

From the portal, they can upload a file, report a claim, find a service provider, and check the status of their claim. 

If they do not want to use the company’s online feature to make a claim, they have the option to make a claim through the customer service representative via Travelers auto insurance claim phone number. Both the portal and customer service is available 24/7.


  • Excellent financial strength rating
  • Several policy lines from one company
  • Informative website with user-friendly interface
  • Coverage options are limited to states
  • Some customers complained about billing
  • No virtual assistance

Is Travelers insurance good for you? The answer to the questions depends on several factors. The company is an optimal choice for you if you are looking for an auto insurance company that offers you several discounts. 

With most of the information about their services found on the website, you will not need to call customer service for more information. 

They offer great insurance options for both experienced and new drivers, including entire households. 

We hope our Travelers auto insurance reviews can help you make a decision that’s good for you and your family.   

Have a look at the short table below for a final summary of the company pros and cons.


What kind of Insurance Company is Travelers?

Travelers is a Fortune 500 company that provides financial and insurance products. They are the largest provider of property and casualty insurance in the world. Travelers also offers life insurance, annuities, retirement income solutions, home and auto insurance, and healthcare coverage.

Which countries are covered by Travelers Auto Insurance?

Travelers Auto Insurance covers Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

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