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TruStage Life Insurance Review

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Overall Raiting: 8.7
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Financial Strength: A
BBB Rating: A+
Coverages: 5/5
Flexibility: No policy customization
Support: phone, email ,website
User Ratings: NAIC complaint ratio of the company is 0.43
Availability: All states
Pricing: Expensive

TruStage is a reputable online company that provides life insurance policies to its customers. The policies are directly underwritten by TruStage's parent company, CUNA Mutual Group. CUNA, also known as CMFG and the Credit Union National Association was established in 1935 and is a mutual life insurance organization offering direct services and products to credit union members around the U.S.

About TruStage

As mentioned above, TruStage is a life insurance company, which offers policies underwritten by CMFG, which has been in business for over a century. Throughout that time period, the companies and teams behind TruStage have remained committed to fulfilling the mission of their founders i.e. to put the insurance needs of their valued consumers first and provide them with reasonable and accurate policies.

The team at TruStage believes that insurance plans shouldn't be complicated. Therefore, they enable users to simply apply for a policy online and receive it as soon as they approve. Currently, TruStage operates primarily in Madison (WI), Great Bend (KS), and Fort Worth (TX). Over the past century, TruStage has grown from what was once just a small operation to a reputable organization that has partnered with thousands of credit unions and insured over 19 million individuals.

If you are looking for detailed TruStage life insurance reviews, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about TruStage including TruStage life insurance phone number, pricing, discounts, ratings, and much more!

How We Reviewed

Every review that we write is intended to offer value to our online review community and allow readers to make informed decisions regarding the subject in question. For this particular purpose, we try our best to conduct in-depth research and carry out the necessary comparisons to structure highly-accurate reviews. First, we analyze the website of the business to discover all the features and coverage types it has on offer to its customers, and then we dig a little deeper.

We figure out whether the online platform of the business is responsive and user-friendly and how well it caters to tech-savvy clients and traditional customers. Further, we collect quotes from the business to be reviewed under various conditions, we study ratings and reviews from other reliable websites, and finally, we find data on the financial strength and overall performance of the business. If you are looking for an accurate TruStage life insurance rating that you can count on, we have got you covered!

Where Is It Available

Trustage’s corporate headquarters are located in Madison (WI). Currently, the company operates primarily in Madison (WI), Great Bend (KS), Fort Worth (TX), and Waverly (IA). TruStage offers straightforward insurance backed by a reputable, strong company and is available in all states.

TruStage Life Insurance Review

TruStage is a guaranteed term life insurance provider that offers quality insurance policies to its customers. TruStage life insurance offers multiple types of life insurance coverage with a simple lineup of term and permanent policies including the following:

TruStage Term Life Insurance

The TruStage term life insurance policy offers up to 300,000 dollars in coverage and a policy that lasts a preset number of years.

TruStage Whole Life Insurance

This policy is available for customers until they reach the age of 85. It offers up to 100,000 dollars in predictable premiums and lifelong coverage. Furthermore, this policy builds the value of cash over time.

TruStage Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance

Applicants aged between 45 and 80 years can benefit from this coverage. This policy doesn't require applicants to take any medical exam or fill a health questionnaire. The maximum amount that is covered under this policy is 25,000 dollars.

When it comes to the authenticity of TruStage instant term life insurance quotes and CMFG life insurance accidental death and dismemberment, customers don't have much to worry about. However, people have escalated concerns regarding the company's increasing rates. Just like many other CMFG life insurance providers, TruStage generally has good ratings with only a few complaints.

One of the best offers of the company is the instant term life insurance (no medical exam required). With the rapid development in technology, consumers are constantly looking for instant solutions to their insurance needs. The ability to underwrite policies and manage risk is becoming quicker and cheaper with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Since these advancements are leading businesses to offer customers more affordable options, the competition is constantly increasing. Along with being an expensive insurance provider company, TruStage also doesn't allow their policyholders to customize their coverage using life insurance riders.

TruStage Life Insurance Pricing

The TruStage life insurance rates are influenced by multiple factors, including the type of insurance coverage you are applying for (guaranteed, whole or term), your age, the coverage amount, and gender. You can get a TruStage life insurance quote according to your specific needs. The TruStage term life insurance rates range from 10,000 to 300,000 dollars in death benefit. 

While at first glance, the rates seem perfectly alright, after taking a deeper look at TruStage life insurance rates 2018, we realized a problem with the coverage. The TruStage insurance payment that the customers are required to pay for the coverage increases every 5 years. Unlike a traditional term, the TruStage premiums are not guaranteed to remain the same for the entire length of a contract. In order to get a quote, all you need to do is visit the TruStage life insurance login page and go from there.

TruStage Life Insurance Discounts

Life insurance providers often offer various discounts such as bundling discounts, group discounts, loyalty discounts, and more. Currently, this is where TruStage is lacking behind as it is not offering any discounts.

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength Review

TruStage life insurance’s BBB rating is A+. This is because it is backed by CMFG Life, a company that has an extremely solid financial outlook as compared to other institutions that the Better Business Bureau has evaluated. The reputation and customer experience of TruStage life insurance has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

The TruStage life insurance AM best rating is A. CMFG is a renowned organization that holds an excellent rating with all reputable raters. When it comes to TruStage life insurance complaints, the NAIC complaint ratio of the company is 0.43. This means that the reputation of TruStage based on NAIC complaint ratios and online reviews is exemplary.

Customer Support

If you are wondering whether CMFG life insurance and TruStage insurance customer services are up to the mark, we are here to ease your trouble. The simple answer to this question is: yes! The website portal of TruStage is very efficient at handling the application and underwriting process of life insurance.

You can call TruStage from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM CT.

TruStage responds to its customers within one business day.


TruStage cannot answer all queries by mail. Therefore, they call or send a follow-up email to their customers, asking them to call in order to resolve their requests more effectively, while keeping the customers' personal account information safe.

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling

The Buying Process

In order to purchase insurance coverage at TruStage, you need to call them at 1-844-379-2625 or directly apply at https://www.trustage.com/life-insurance/term. Once they approve your application, they will email the policy to you without conducting any medical exam. You will be only asked two simple health questions.

Claim Handling

Here is everything you need to know about TruStage life insurance claim handling:

CMFG Life Insurance Company

2000 Heritage Way

Waverly, IA 50677-9202

Information Needed to File a Claim

In order to file a claim with TruStage, you need to send the name, policy number, date of birth, and date of death of the insured individual. If you are not nominated as a policy beneficiary of that individual, TruStage will need the address and contact info of the deceased. Furthermore, if your insurance policy is less than 2 years old, TruStage might ask you to show proof of your policy status.

Additional Information Required

If the policyholder dies during an accident, TruStage might ask for some additional information. Common accidents include:


TruStage might ask you to send the Accident / Incident / Police Report.

Prescription Overdose

You may be asked to send the Accident / Incident / Police Report along with a list of prescriptions from a pharmacist or a doctor.


TruStage might ask you to send the Attending Physician's Statement or the Accident / Incident / Police Report.

Motor Vehicle Accident

You may be asked to send the Blood Alcohol Report if the policyholder was driving when the accident occurred and the Police Report.

If the beneficiary of the policyholder is a minor (an individual under the age of 18) and holds a trust (an account that the deceased used to hold their money for a certain time period), or an estate (a collection of property, money, or any other possessions of the deceased), TruStage might need additional documents to process a claim. You can contact their Claims Specialists for any further assistance.

Settlement of TruStage Claims (Duration)

TruStage normally takes 3 to 5 business days to process claims after they receive all completed forms and documents. They send a letter of confirmation to the beneficiary, a state of values, and their settlement check through the mail. They also offer various other payment options.

Comparison with Competitors

Whether it's TruStage vs. State Farm Whole Life, TruStage vs. USAA, or TruStage whole life insurance vs. New York whole life insurance, we have come to one single conclusion: TruStage is more expensive than all of them. While cost is an important factor when comparing life insurance providers, over the past years, customer sentiment toward large banks has shifted.

Today, there is an increased interest for credit unions in the market, given that they support local members and communities, and operate as nonprofit entities. As mentioned earlier, TruStage has partnered with thousands of credit unions and insured over 19 million individuals, giving it an advantage over many other life insurance companies.


  • Expertise: TruStage, due to its partnership with CUNA, strives to offer its customers everything. CUNA Mutual doesn't only offer consumers a wide range of portfolio options but its financial strength, size, and experience level are also impressive.
  • No Medical Exam Required for Coverage: In order to qualify for an insurance policy starting from 10,000 dollars at TruStage, customers don't need to take any medical exams. This aspect is quite difficult to find in insurance providers.
  • User-Friendly Website with very intuitive interface.
  • Financially Strong: TruStage has excellent ratings with BBB and AM Best. This means that the company has sufficient cash reserves for paying out claims.
  • Environmental Impact: TruStage is known to implement environmentally sustainable policies and their buildings are eco-friendly.
  • Community Service: Non-profits such as Literacy Network, Madison-Area Urban Ministry, Lussier Community Education Center, and Operation Fresh Start, all receive immense support in the form of whopping six-figure donations from TruStage.
  • Insurance Policies Cannot Be Customized: Customers cannot customize their insurance policies with common riders.
  • Low Coverage Amounts: The coverage amount that TruStage caps at is 300,000 dollars. If you are looking for a higher amount, you need to opt for another company.
  • Cost: The policies offered by TruStage aren't competitively priced as compared to other whole life and term life providers.
  • Lack of Riders: The exclusion of policy rider options at TruStage for most of their policies is a major downside.

The financial strength of TruStage enables it to come up with practical and innovative solutions for policyholders. TruStage's online interface features straightforward questions and is intuitive, thus ensuring a simple and easy application process. According to positive Trustage life insurance reviews, this is a huge plus. They are also environmentally friendly and financially strong.  Yet some downsides include lack of policy customization and it is one of the expensive insurers on the market. 


How does TruStage work with CMFG Life Insurance?

TruStage life insurance is underwritten by the consistently-rated-A company, CMFG Life Insurance Co.

How do I apply for TruStage life insurance?

TruStage offers a no-exam, simplified application process to customers so that they can protect their family with straightforward insurance. All you need to do is:

Can I still get coverage even if I’ve had some health problems?

If you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions and are trying to receive life insurance, your insurer will learn about your illness and look into its manageability level. For instance, a medical condition such as Lupus is manageable and it might allow the diagnosed individual to get a policy. Conditions like MS or HIV, however, are more aggressive and they might prevent users from getting standard insurance coverage. In either case, you can easily buy a guaranteed acceptance policy. It is an ideal option for individuals suffering from chronic diseases.

Can I change ownership of my policy?

At TruStage, the ability to alter ownership of any policy depends on the product. Customers can fill a form and make a service request. You can simply call TruStage to obtain the form or follow the steps below:

How can I purchase additional insurance or a different type of coverage?

You can purchase additional insurance or a different type of coverage by calling TruStage and speaking with a licensed agent. You can also visit their Contact Us page and complete the form available to indicate your interest in a policy or product.

How do I cancel my policy?

The policy owner must call TruStage to request the cancelation of the policy.

Where can I find information about my insurance policy and coverage?

To find information about policy and coverage, go to Account Overview, click on View Contract Details or View Policy Details. If you already have a contract in place, please refer to it for additional benefits and features.

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