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Best Remote Jobs For Teens

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Working from home is a dream for many people. Do you want to make some money without leaving the house? Here we will explore the best remote jobs for teens

Best Remote Jobs for Teens

There are plenty of reasons why having a job as a teenager is great. Let’s look at some of the benefits: 

  • Makes life more affordable

Getting a job lets you afford different luxuries, such as clothes, electronic devices, and gas money. You can also use your earnings to pay for your future education. 

  • Increases confidence

Having a job can help you feel more confident and good about yourself and your abilities. It can also give you a sense of purpose and belonging. 

  • Gains independence

Online jobs for teens can prepare you for adulthood and its challenges. You can learn how to budget your money and manage your time.  

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  • Builds work experience

Working can give you valuable experience. That way, you’ll be able to find a job in the future easier. After all, employers often look for candidates who have experience in the field.

  • Helps save for the future

Making side cash with your hobbies can help you save money for the future. You can use the earnings to save up for a car or college or even secure a loan for a down payment on a house. 

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Now that we know some of the benefits of having a job as a teenager, let's look at some of the great remote jobs for teenagers.

Best Flexible Jobs for Teens

You can discover your future passion and become more experienced in that area right away if you channel your inner abilities and understand what you are capable of. Here are some of the best flexible jobs for teenagers.

Media and Arts

If you're a creative teenager, several remote jobs might be a good fit for you. Below are the best remote jobs in the media and arts industry where you can fully express your creativity. 


Blogging might be an ideal career if you’re wondering how to make money online as a teen where you can express yourself through writing. 

You may start your own blog and write about topics that interest you and your fans (after gaining enough audience). But, it's not as easy as pie if easy is what you were looking for. Bloggers do research and create stories that interest their followers and then post them on publishing platforms. 

The average hourly rate: $15.54.


If you have an eye for photography, you may want to consider starting your own photography business. You can take pictures of nature, people, animals, and events. 

If you decide to dive into the photography business, you might need to learn how to use photo editing software to make your stunning photos even more perfect. On a side note, if you’re good at it, you can make a lot of money

The average hourly rate: $20.73.

Graphic Designer

When looking for teen jobs online, a graphic designer is a solid option. Graphic designers create visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inform, inspire, and captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for such applications as brochures, advertisements, magazines, and corporate reports. 

The average hourly rate: $25.


A proofreader is a person who reads over a document or piece of writing to find and correct any errors. This is a remote job you can do from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access, and it pays a lot. 

The average hourly rate: $23–$30.

Freelance Writer

Wondering how to make money online as a teen? Becoming a freelancer is another great option. A freelance writer writes articles, stories, or books for different clients. This is a great remote job for teenagers who love to write and want to be their own boss. 

The average hourly rate: $24.74.

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Service Industry

There are many jobs that allow you to assist the general public from home. Here are some opportunities for teenagers in the service sector: 


A baker's job is to prepare baked goods such as bread, cakes, pastries, and other desserts. Bakers fulfil customers’ requests following a recipe or, if creative enough, invent a new dish they can claim rights to.  This is one of the many remote jobs for teenagers that can be done from home

The average hourly rate: $12–$13. 


A hairstylist washes, cuts, dyes, and styles hair. This is a remote job you can do from anywhere as long as you have the proper equipment. But check with your state's licensing board to see if you need particular credentials. 

The average hourly rate: $13.


If you’re a natural with kids, then being a nanny can be your job for the time being. A nanny takes care of children while the parents are away, following the guidelines provided by the family. 

The average hourly rate: $18.36 for one child.

Business and Clerical

Now let’s move on to the business and clerical sector. Teenagers who are great with numbers and enjoy working with them might want to consider a job in this sector. Here are some of them: 

Virtual Assistant

When looking for remote jobs for teens, why not consider a virtual assistant position. Virtual assistants typically perform such tasks as scheduling appointments, managing emails, making travel arrangements, and providing customer service from a remote location. They have strong soft, organizational, and computer skills

The average hourly rate: $20.35 per hour.

Data Entry Clerk

The position of data entry clerk is often referred to as data transcriber. They help organizations maintain accurate records by typing data into computer databases. This work requires excellent attention to detail and efficient keyboarding skills. 

The average hourly rate: $15–$19 per hour. 


Being a transcriptionist is one of the great remote jobs for teens who want to make money in an easy way. To become a transcriptionist, you will need to have good listening skills and be capable of typing quickly and understanding different accents and dialects. 

Transcriptionists listen to audio files and transcribe them. This is an amazing job opportunity for teens because it can be done from home and does not require any special qualifications. 

The average hourly rate: around $15 an hour.

How Do You Receive Money From Online Jobs? 

Even if you know how to make money online as a teen, you might still wonder how to get paid for your remote job. The common way of payment is a direct deposit. That’s when the employer transfers the money from their account into the teenager’s account. You can also get paid through PayPal or by check.

Tips for Having a Job as a Teenager

Here are some tips teens should follow if they have a job:

Bottom Line 

Now you can make money from home by choosing one of the best remote jobs for teens discussed above. There is a job in every sector; you just need to do thorough research about the position you are willing to apply for.

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How Can I Work From Home as a Teenager?

There are a few different ways to work from home as a teenager. You can find online jobs, start a small business, or do odd jobs for people in your community.

Can I Work Online as a Teenager?

There are many online jobs for teenagers, but some may require you to be at least 18 years old. Check the age requirements before applying. 

How Can a Teenager Make Money Online Without a Job?

There are a few ways to make money online without a job, such as through online surveys, social media, or selling products and services

What Is the Highest-Paying Job for a Teenager?

The highest-paying jobs for teenagers are positions in the service industry, such as babysitters or pet sitters. They are also considered some of the best remote jobs for teens.

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