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Jobs That Pay 100k A Year Without A Degree

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Have you ever thought about jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree? It almost sounds unreal, doesn’t it? 

Society has built this idea that if you’re ever going to make it in life, you need to have a college degree. And it seems that an undergraduate degree isn’t enough either. This only leads to people getting into more debt for higher education, which isn’t always necessary to obtain a high-paying job. 

So what exactly are the jobs that can pay you 100k or even more per year without having a degree? Continue reading to find out more!

What Are the Most Popular Jobs That Can Get You 100k a Year?

It may be surprising to know that you don’t need any advanced degree if you’re looking into getting a job that can provide 100k a year or even more! Sure, some of the most popular occupations that almost guarantee 100k a year include chief executives, dentists, lawyers, physicians, and even surgeons. But everyone knows that when it comes to these sorts of jobs, you’re in school for years.

Not only will you have to get a four-year degree, but also you’ll have to pile more years on top of that based on the job you’re aiming to get. So, if you want to make 100k a year without spending forever in college or without it at all, just know that it’s possible. 

Does that mean you need to get training?

Of course! Unless you plan on starting a small business, you’re most likely going to need some specialized training (sometimes, this can be free depending on the program). In addition, training is common with most jobs, and even those with advanced degrees will still be expected to train for their jobs. 

What Is the Easiest Job That Pays 100K a Year?

Whether you’re curious about jobs that pay 100k a year in California, jobs that pay 100k a month, or just jobs that pay well, you should remember that you don’t always need extensive training, flashy degrees, or certifications. One of the greatest things about modern technology is that we have a wave of information just at our fingertips.

Some of the biggest entertainers, such as influencers and YouTubers, can make up to 100k a year (if not more) just by creating content for their audience. Additionally, collaborations with major brands pay well. 

Plus, now more than ever, small businesses are popping up everywhere, such as freelance writing, graphic design, drop shipping, etc. All you need to do with these roles is learn the tricks of the trade, do some thorough research, raise some capital, and build a successful business. 

Now, how’s that for a job? 

Controlling your own business and having one of the highest paying jobs without going into debt is one of the best things anyone could ever experience.

So, what are some of the high-paying jobs you can get without a degree? Let’s have a look:

  • Museum Curator
  • Welding Engineer
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Think-Tank Economist
  • Life Coach
  • Tour Operator
  • Voice Actor
  • Performer

What Job Pays High Without a Degree?

In general, you can find 6 figure jobs without a college degree. But this means that you should expect extensive training, such as classes (think of something like a program or trade school), certifications, licenses, or even years of relevant job experience.  

Some of these jobs can include a commercial pilot (you can go the military route and have little to nothing to pay for), an entertainer, an actor, an MRI technician, etc. 

So why would someone look extensively for a job that doesn’t require a degree? In the United States alone, there are 43.2 million student borrowers, and the Federal Loan Portfolio is in the trillions, 1.59 trillion to be exact. 

Over 30% of college students are in debt due to student loans. While the average borrower gets an average of $37,105, you need to keep in mind that interest rates are very high. It can be even just the interest rates alone that make borrowers struggle to keep up.

It’s not a pretty picture for Americans, which is why more citizens are looking into getting fulfilling careers without having to carry the burden of going to school for years and getting into massive debt.

Can You Make Six Figures Without a Degree?

There is no doubt that you can make six figures without a degree. But, does this mean you’re going to have to work hard and prove yourself worthy? Absolutely! 

As stated earlier, there are jobs and even businesses that don’t require a degree. For example, if you’re a business owner and you are starting up e-commerce (whether it's dropshipping items, handmade, etc.), you could potentially earn six figures. 

The same can be said about freelancers. Most companies won’t check for freelancers’ degrees. They care mostly about the skills and a portfolio to back up the work. When it comes to freelancing, you don’t just have to stick to writing. You could be a photographer, graphic designer, artist, video editor, branding consultant, social media manager, etc.

The beauty of being a business owner is that you’re far more in control. But you should also know that some people prefer to work for an employer because there is more financial security. Those jobs also have the potential to earn you six figures.

What Kind of Job Pays 100K a Year?

Since the cost of a four-year college degree from a reputable intuition is now five times more expensive than it was two decades ago, it’s best to consider other alternatives for achieving a fulfilling career. For example, you can look for training through programs or even teach yourself certain skill sets.

Here are some of the jobs that pay 80k to 100k a year without a degree:

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Professional Sportsman (technically, you don’t need a degree but many work towards getting one)
  • Business Owner
  • Freelancer
  • Air Traffic Controller (depends on the route you take)
  • Police Officer (depends on location)
  • Welder

  • Plumber
  • Commercial Airline Pilot (depends on the route you take)
  • Content Creator/Influencer
  • MRI and Radiologist Technician/Assistant
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Chef
  • Sales Consultant
  • Branding Consultant

Of course, you’ll have to do a bit of research, but you should also expect that you can’t just apply for a job and immediately expect to get it. Nearly all jobs require some form of training and education, whether formal or not. So, be prepared to learn and work hard for roles such as these.



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