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Stock Market Hours And Holidays

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

According to the sequel to the 1987 hit thriller Wall Street, money never sleeps. While it can sometimes seem like that's true, even the Street takes a day off every now and then. 

Although stock market hours are relatively standardized globally, trading floors are closed at specific times of the year.

Taking the United States as an example, the NYSE and NASDAQ close for the religious celebrations of Christmas and Good Friday. However, there are also federal holidays specific to the United States, such as Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, the Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., etc., when the stock market is closed. 

Additionally, the newly signed Juneteenth holiday has become a federal holiday. So, starting from 2022, the U.S. stock market will close on June 19 every year. 

Normal Stock Market Hours

Typically, stock markets operate during the week, but you can trade on various platforms on the weekend. Note that indices vary depending on the platform you wish to use. 

Stock Market During Regular Days

The typical trading day commences during the standard working day hours during the week. For example, the NYSE market opens at 9:30 am ET and closes at 4:30 pm ET. After-hours trading starts immediately after the standard stock market closes and operates for a further four hours. For instance, NYSE after-hours trading begins at 4 pm and ends at 8 pm. 

Stock Market During Weekends

Stock markets are closed on weekends. However, you can place orders to buy and sell stocks over the weekend with many trading platforms. 

You should be aware that weekend orders are queued and won't be processed until Monday. Because of this, Saturday and Sunday orders are an excellent way to beat the weekend effect, where returns may be lower on Monday.

Full Stock Market Holidays

While the U.S. stock market stays open for trading as much as possible, it observes many national holidays. The vast majority are holidays specific to the United States, such as Thanksgiving and Labor Day. Also, some religious celebrations are followed by the stock market. 

Additionally, the market also observes cultural holidays with respect for the African American community. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the newly created Juneteenth are important dates followed by the NYSE.

All major American stock markets observe the same holiday schedules:

NASDAQ and NYSE Holidays 2021 2022 2023 2024
New Year’s Day Jan 1 Dec 31 Jan 2 Jan 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Jan 18 Jan 17 Jan 16 Jan 15
Washington’s Birthday Feb 15 Feb 21 Feb 20 Feb 19
Good Friday April 2 April 15 April 7 March 29
Memorial Day May 31 May 30 May 29 May 27
Juneteenth National Independence Day N/A June 20 June 19 June 19
Independence Day July 5 July 4 July 4 July 4
Labor Day Sep 6 Sep 5 Sep 4 Sep 2
Thanksgiving Day Nov 25 Nov 24 Nov 23 Nov 28
Christmas Dec 24 Dec 26 Dec 25 Dec 25


If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the market will close on a preceding Friday. Likewise, if the holiday falls on a Sunday, the market will close on a subsequent Monday.

In addition, stock markets will close at 1 pm ET on the following dates:

NASDAQ and NYSE Partial Holidays 2021 2022 2023 2024
The day before Independence Day July 2 July 1 July 3 July 3
The day following Thanksgiving Nov 26 Nov 25 Nov 24 Nov 29
Christmas Eve Fully closed Dec 23 Dec 22 Dec 24

Source: Marketbeat.com

Is the Stock Market Open the Thursday Before Good Friday?

Known as Maundy Thursday, the U.S. stock market holds regular hours on this date. 

Is the Stock Market Open on Good Friday?

Good Friday is an important Christian holiday celebrated two days before Easter Sunday. As such, most activities cease as people relax with family and friends. 

The U.S. stock market is not an exception and is usually closed for trading on Good Friday. 

As for the bond market, it will remain open for trading until noon on Good Friday.

Is the Stock Market Open the Friday Before Memorial Day?

NYSE and NASDAQ are typically closed on Memorial Day. Given that Memorial Day always falls on a Monday, the stock market is closed for business and reopens on Tuesday. On the Friday before this date, the U.S. stock market is open as usual.

Is the Stock Market Open on July 2?

July 4, Independence Day, is an important federal U.S. holiday. 

While many families celebrate this holiday with week-long festivities, the trading floor remains open. However, bond markets close early, at 2 pm.

Is the Stock Market Open on Columbus Day?

Another important day on the American calendar is Columbus Day. In addition, some states and cities observe Indigenous People's Day. However, even though most government offices and banks are closed, the U.S. stock markets remain open. 

What About the Bond Markets? Are They Closed That Day?

There are many holidays during which the stock market hours are reduced, such as New Year's Eve. However, for the most part, the bond markets remain open for a half-day and close on eight of the nine days the stock exchanges are closed. 

Unlike the stock markets remaining open on Columbus Day, the bond markets are closed. 

Is the Stock Market Open on Veterans Day?

In the United States, Veterans Day is observed on November 11 to honor U.S. veterans who have sacrificed for their country. 

However, the stock market does not recognize Veterans Day as a holiday and is always open. 

What About Black Friday?

Although Black Friday has become a grand American tradition, it’s not considered a national holiday. 

However, since Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving, the markets are partially open. But the partial holiday is observed as part of Thanksgiving and not because of Black Friday.

Is the Stock Market Open the Day Before Christmas Eve?

We all look forward to Christmas, and Christmas Eve is a large part of the holiday. However, if it falls on a business day, the stock market will close early. 

As for the day before, it’s considered a typical working day, and the NYSE and NASDAQ are fully open for trade. But, of course, should the day fall on a weekend, the markets are closed as they usually would be and will resume on the next business day.

Is the Stock Market Open on New Year's Eve?

Seeing in the New Year is a grand tradition followed by billions of people worldwide. Yet, the stock market is not closed on New Year's Eve if it falls on a weekday. It means you can trade on the stock markets all day between 9:30 am and 4 pm. However, the bond market closes early, at 2 pm. 

Additionally, the NYSE and NASDAQ are closed the next day for New Year's Day, whether it's a weekday or not.

Can You Trade Stocks on Holidays?

Stock exchanges operate only during the week. Opening times are Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4 pm. They are closed on the weekend and national holidays. Therefore, you cannot trade stock on holidays. 

However, specific online trading platforms allow you to purchase stock on weekends and holidays. In this case, prices are determined differently, and trading will resume as usual on the next business day. However, your stock value may increase or decrease in the meantime. Therefore, it isn't advised to purchase stock using this method on a non-trading day. 

Do Stocks Go Up or Down During Holidays?

Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays can affect the stock market. The day before a holiday or a long weekend, the market sees higher trading activity and returns. Typically, prices are higher immediately before the commencement of a holiday (or the weekend) and lower when trading resumes on the next business day (such as a Monday). This is known as the weekend effect. 

Stocks After Hours

While NYSE and NASDAQ close in the afternoon, you can continue to purchase stock from the markets. It’s known as after-hours trading. 

After-hours trading begins after the trading day and continues for four hours. At this time, trade volume reduces, and the market is more volatile than during standard trading hours. It is, therefore, not recommended for amateurs. However, expert traders utilize after-hours trades as an ongoing exchange when market predictability looks favorable.

In Conclusion

Stock market hours are consistent worldwide. In the U.S., trades begin at 9:30 am ET and continue until 4 pm ET. Following a full day's trading, after-hours trading commences immediately at 4 pm and continues until 8 pm. 

In addition, most nations close their markets on specific days to observe national, religious, and cultural holidays. For example, NYSE and NASDAQ close for the federal holidays of Labor Day and Thanksgiving, the newly signed Juneteenth beginning next year, and of course, Christmas, among others.

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