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Tips For Developing A Personal Leadership Philosophy

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

Why is a personal leadership philosophy important? This question is often asked by people looking to develop their own. However, only the best leaders are consistent in their actions— such consistency is what makes them so great!   

A leader is going to have philosophies that inspire people and encourage a more productive working environment. Understanding what a personal leadership philosophy is will be vital to ensuring you have a successful career.  

This article will give you a run down on everything you need to know about personal leadership philosophies.

What Is Personal Leadership Philosophy?

A personal leadership philosophy refers to the beliefs and principles of an individual, and how they use it to lead a company or organization. Their beliefs are determined by their character and help keep themselves on track with their goals.  

Personal leadership philosophies are based on several things, from the way in which you define leadership, to the method of approaching leadership in general. 

There are also other aspects to consider like your guiding principles, your behavior, and the way you conduct yourself. All of these factors will determine the type of leader you want to be.   

Why Is a Personal Leadership Philosophy Important?

There are three main reasons that a personal leadership philosophy is important; these include the following:  

  1. You Can Define Who You Are: You can understand yourself, your character, and you can ensure you are the person you want to be.
  2. You Can Be Consistent: When you have a personal leadership philosophy, you are better equipped to be consistent in how you behave. 
  3. You’ll Bring People Together: Fostering collaboration is vital when you want to implement a personal leadership philosophy. You can ensure that people are aware of your leadership style and that they are happy with it.  

Keeping in mind these factors will lead to better interactions with your employees. Additionally, knowing your values and who you are will enable you to stay focused on the tasks at hand and increase your business's productivity— even if you don't realize it. 

Tips for Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy

There are many reasons why you should create a personal leadership philosophy. Here are some of the best tips to ensure you are doing it right:  

Consider Your Values

It’s very important to consider which values matter the most to cultivate your personal leadership philosophy. Additionally, taking the time to focus on specific values will help you make better decisions. 

Get To Know Your Goals

When you are writing your own personal leadership philosophy, you need to consider what you want to achieve with it. Identifying these goals will help you visualize the future you want for yourself as a leader and for your company.

Write It Up

Once you have your values and goals in place, write them up to form your personal leadership philosophy. This will help you organize your thoughts and ensure you are focusing on the big picture. In addition, this will help you hold yourself accountable. Overall, you can use all of the leadership components (theory, attitude, principles, and behavior) to help you figure out whether you are on the right track.


Lastly, you have to read over your philosophy to ensure you have held true to it. If you don't think your behavior has been accordingly, you can correct yourself and reflect on your issues. However, if you are finding it hard to stick to it, you need to reassess your philosophy and goals. 

Examples of Leadership Philosophies

There are many examples to teach you how to write a personal leadership philosophy. Here are a few examples:

Example 1

To be able to inspire and encourage others into being their best selves, leadership has to be at the forefront of your mind. This philosophy should be all about building a positive, happy environment that offers structure and solidarity so that employees can survive and thrive in their roles. 

Employees should feel happy and comfortable using their skills to the best of their abilities. The leadership behaviors displayed will help ensure this and help the company grow. As a leader, you should consider the feelings, thoughts, and ideas of those you are hoping to inspire. Moreover, you should discuss, collaborate, and respect those who wish to be involved in this conversation. 

Example 2

If you want to be an effective leader, you must develop a personal leadership philosophy that suits everyone around you and not just yourself. You want to be a leader who focuses on writing and achieving the goals you set for yourself. In addition, you should value dedication and see things through to completion, being the leader that your employees need and deserve.

In Conclusion

When it comes to creating a personal leadership philosophy, you have to remember that you are the one who can inspire— but the first person you must inspire is yourself.

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