Biden Accuses Buttigieg of Stealing His Health Plan

Last modified: December 3, 2019

The former US vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, recently accused his rival, Pete Buttigieg, of stealing his health plan. The two candidates recently battled for support from residents of Iowa.  

Biden proposed to expand the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This healthcare law was among the greatest achievements of former President Barack Obama, whom Biden served as vice president. 

Biden is leading among other Democrats when it comes to national polls; which is probably why he avoided criticizing Buttigieg. The former vice president even told the reporters on Sunday that he didn’t have any negative feelings about Pete. In fact, he thinks that Pete is a talented guy. 

But then Monday came and Biden accused Buttigieg of copying his health plan. 

According to Biden, he wanted to add a “public option,” allowing individuals to enlist in a government plan without disregarding the existing role of private insurers in their coverage. 

While on his campaign bus in Iowa, Biden told the reporters that Buttigieg stole his ideas. The accusation came up after Buttigieg said that he was in favor of the public option but coined a new phrase for it — “Medicare for all who want it.” 

Buttigieg was asked to provide a comment, however, his spokeswoman did not respond yet. 

Biden campaigned in Iowa for eight days after sliding down on the polls. Meanwhile, Buttigieg went up to first place judging by the recent surveys conducted in the area. He will be back in Iowa to campaign on Friday.  

On February 3rd, the Iowa caucus will take place along with the Democrats’ first nominating contest. 

The US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders also received some support in Iowa, based on polls. They are endorsing a government-backed “Medicare for All” system. Meaning, all Americans would be provided with federal health insurance coverage based on the Medicare program available for Americans aged 65 years and above.

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