Dog bite insurance claims went through a roof at start of pandemic

Last modified: April 17, 2021

It seems like the lockdowns had a very surprising side effect – dog bite insurance claims went through the roof. And now with the entire pandemic slowly fading away, the experts think that will lead to another wave of dog bites.

SAN DIEGO — It is National Dog Bite Prevention Week this week and things seem a bit.. ruff.

State Farm insurance company has released fresh statistics about dog bites. Seems like there is a dog bite epidemic happening everywhere, but we are witnessing a very dramatic increase in California.

So what is the cause behind this?

The answer is simple: anxiety. Anxiety is something lurking in our homes since ever and it intensified with the frequent lockdowns. That uneasy atmosphere is affecting our pets as well. When they sense any kind of tension in the air – they can act out and behave out of their character. 

According to State Farm statistics, there were 400 bites solely in California. It is worth the staggering $26 million in claims. The nationwide statistic is even more frightening – counting more than 3100 bites, and $157 million in claims. The entire situation escalated in March, which was the very beginning of the lockdowns.

Social distancing is hard for dogs as well

Something positive happened during the pandemic – a lot of people adopted the pets. Although this is something really beautiful happening – it could lead to new potential troubles. This pandemic will end eventually and the owner won’t be there 24/7 as dogs got used to which leads to more anxiety pilling up. It means probably more insurance claims coming up. 

Just like humans are social animals, dogs are as well – with all the dog parks closed, most of the puppies failed to develop social skills. 

If you decide to adopt a puppy have these statistics in mind, make sure to consult your insurer first because certain dog breeds are excluded from a homeowners policy.  If you are a California resident – make sure to check for homeowner insurance companies available in California.

So what you can do in order to prevent these nasty bites and becoming a part of these scary statistics?

Be friendly, respect their boundaries. Don’t pet them if they are scared, tied up, playing, sleeping, or eating. No matter how adorable they look – try leaving them alone when they are ‘’busy’’ and avoid unpredictable behaviors.

Also, it is a very noble thing to do to adopt a dog but has in mind that you are taking a new family member, not a toy or a fashion detail.