Harris Abandons Presidential Race Due to Money Troubles

Last modified: December 4, 2019

Kamala Harris announced on Tuesday that she is dropping out of the presidential race. In the email she sent to her supporters, the California senator cited money problems as the main reason why she had to end her campaign. However, reports suggest that besides the lack of funds, there are other factors that contributed to Harris’ withdrawal — campaign infighting, confusing candidacy rationale, and little support from the Democratic voting blocs. 

According to Harris, as the campaign continued, it became increasingly difficult to raise the money they needed to compete. She even said that she’s not a billionaire so she simply couldn’t fund her own campaigns. 

The senator entered the race as a “rising star” with a polished campaign that helped her stand out against other Democratic candidates. Harris was known for her prosecutorial acumen and sharp interrogations in Senate hearings, making her a valuable member of Congress. 

However, as the presidential campaigns started, Harris had a hard time articulating her rationale for candidacy. Her uneven performance, particularly her muddled health plans, pushed her to the bottom of the polls.

In January, Harris said that she supports “Medicare for All” and plans on eliminating private health insurance; she quickly retreated from that position, leaving the public confused about her real agenda. A few months later, she released her complete healthcare plan but then failed to explain it clearly during a debate. 

According to a recent poll, Harris was the first choice with 7% of the state’s Democratic primary voters backing her. Her ratings and support steadily slipped and she never recovered. Based on the same poll, Biden and Elizabeth Warren were the second choices of her supporters, which would likely benefit the most from her withdrawal. 

Democratic contenders of Harris praised the California senator even after she dropped out of the race. 

Joe Biden, former US Vice President, said that Harris is a real competitor and a first-rate intellectual and candidate. Biden had mixed emotions about the withdrawal because he considered Harris a solid and extremely talented person. 

Meanwhile, South Bend, Indiana, mayor, Pete Buttigieg, tweeted that he is grateful for Harris’ leadership and courage. She spent many years helping vulnerable and voiceless people and the mayor believes that she will continue to do so.  

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