Medical Workers Protest Against Rising Healthcare Costs

Last modified: February 19, 2020

The fast-rising health costs are indeed impacting the entire US population including the medical workers themselves. Many of them cannot afford healthcare services — hence why they started protesting to demand higher wages. 

Efforts to combat rising health costs among medical workers were led by the Service Employees International Union. This group covers the states of Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, and Illinois. The union revealed that it is organizing a campaign protest to increase the $15 minimum wage outside Chicago. 

According to the group, an estimated 50,000 hospital workers are having trouble making ends meet; 10,000 of them are represented by the union. There are four unionized hospitals in Chicago that will join the protest with advocacies for new union contracts. Hopefully, the protests will help resolve issues regarding poor working conditions, inequitable hospital funding, costly healthcare services, and low salaries. 

Kimberly Smith, a patient care technician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, shared her thoughts on the above-mentioned issues. She said that as healthcare workers, it’s ridiculous that they can’t afford to get medical care. As for the staffing issues, Smith said that hospitals are indeed aware of the lack of workers but they choose not to care. 

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, healthcare workers are making demonstrations against the proposed budget cuts for their union contract with the Valley Hospital Medical Center.

Demonstrations are everywhere. The reason no doubt being that medical costs are constantly increasing whereas workers’ salaries don’t move an inch. Although this could spell trouble for many, healthcare professionals believe that protests should spread throughout the country so their voices can finally be heard.

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