Pa. Insurance Department Warns the Public of the Dangers of Insurance Robocalls

Last modified: November 28, 2019

The open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance is on-going and there might be companies that are taking advantage of the consumers.  

According to the state Insurance Department, they are getting reports about robo-callers claiming to be insurance sellers. What’s intriguing is that they are selling coverage which is cheaper than what’s available on the ACA marketplace. This only means that they are either offering insurance that is too limited or doesn’t cover basic health care services. 

The robocalls may also be connected to Trump’s regulations on short-term insurance plans. Since then, companies selling limited duration insurance have popped up everywhere. 

ACA is a law that makes affordable health insurance available to more people. In the ACA health insurance marketplace, consumers can purchase insurance if it’s not provided by their employer. The open enrollment period is held annually and December 15th will be the last day to buy or change insurance plans for the year 2020. 

David Buono, consumer liaison for the state’s insurance department, reminded everyone to signup at for the enrollment. He also warned the public about the robo-callers, who are using the name of the department to make sales. Buono clarified that they are, in fact, the regulators of these insurance companies; they don’t actually sell health insurance coverage. 

Several days before the close of the enrollment, there are callers claiming to be from the department. Despite this, Buono persistently said they were in no way affiliated to those selling health insurance and claiming that they were from the Pa. insurance department. 

This warning serves not only to protect their own reputation but also to allow consumers to make well-informed decisions when buying insurance. As for the short-term insurance plans available today, they have always been exempt from ACA rules and marketplace as they often leave people underinsured.

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