Scholars Seek to Reform the US Healthcare System

Last modified: December 11, 2019

Leading scholars and policy analysts believe that it’s high time for the US to take the lead in creating a robust healthcare system; their proposition is to use bipartisan healthcare reform solutions. 

Outlined in the 10 articles published in the special issue of Health Management, Policy, and Innovation (HMPI), the scholars shared their ideas on building a bipartisan buy-in. The articles also discussed other aspects of the healthcare system such as public insurance options, cost transparency, mandated measurement of patient health outcomes, and so much more. 

According to HMPI’s editor, Will Mitchell, hopefully, the ideas shared in their latest issue would encourage conversations that can lead to an effective healthcare system with strong bipartisan support. HMPI was aware of the major disagreements between political parties when it comes to the subject of healthcare. Thus, they issued a call for papers that could offer bipartisan solutions. This way, the US healthcare system wouldn’t fall down in case a Democrat wins the presidency and Republicans retain control over the Senate.  

Policy analysts and scholars from some of the country’s leading institutions (Stanford University, Harvard Business School, and the Wharton School) submitted their proposals and laid out recommendations that could bridge regional differences and political ideologies. 

Based on the proposals submitted, leading scholars suggested to shift the focus from short-term medical treatments to long-term decision-making; discussions should involve insurance planning and health management. 

To ensure that the healthcare system would offer quality and cost-effectiveness, the scholars also proposed mandated measurement and disclosure of healthcare processes, costs, and outcomes. Distributed decision-making was also suggested to support the local and individual cost objectives and healthcare preferences. 

Dr. Kevin Schulman, a professor of medicine and HMPI’s publisher, said that they were concerned about the healthcare debates that solely focus on Medicare for All, overlooking the underlying issues of the system. He added that having a broader debate is a must in order to come up with solutions that could actually cut healthcare costs. 

To inform everyone of the possible healthcare reform solutions, the scholars will discuss the proposals featured at HMPI in a global webinar on January 13th. 

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