The New Michigan Auto Insurance Law that Drivers Should Know

Last modified: January 22, 2021

Big car insurance changes are coming to Michigan and the state’s insurance regulator said that it’s committed to helping drivers become well-informed of these. The new law claims to help motorists save some cash by dropping unlimited medical coverage for crash injuries. 

To help drivers navigate the new law, Michigan’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services opened a customer hotline and created an email address to deal with customer queries and complaints. A new website has been developed as well that provides information about the changes that will start to take effect in July.

According to the department’s director, Anita Fox, they are strongly focused on implementing the key aspects of the law to provide a better system for drivers. Fox added that they are also considering advertising efforts to make every motorist aware of the changes.

The new Michigan law will allow drivers to forego the mandatory PIP coverage; the law also offers six levels of PIP coverage — unlimited; $500,000; $250,000; $250,000 (excluding medical coverage); $50,000 (for motorists enrolled in Medicaid); and zero coverage (for drivers already covered by Medicare). 

PIP or personal injury protection covers your medical treatment, rehabilitation expenses, and even lost wages in case you’ve been injured in a car accident. That said, Governor Gretchen Whitmer reminded motorists to use education resources and sit down with their agents to determine the best policy for them.

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