Esurance Home Insurance Review 2020

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About the Company

Esurance was established in 1999 and, since then, has been offering exceptional home insurance policies. It is a sister company of the insurance giant AllState – which is the fourth-largest property insurer by market size and has great financial backing. 

Esurance offers both home and auto insurance policies at amazing prices. Its user-friendly app makes it extremely easy for customers to file a claim. The company is the ideal choice for tech-savvy people who want to manage their policies from the comfort of their mobile phones through the internet. Esurance home insurance reviews praise it. So, we decided to test it ourselves and share our experience with you.

How we Reviewed

For our Ensurance home insurance review, we analyzed the company’s official website to have an idea about the various features and discounts offered. We thoroughly analyzed the Esurance home insurance rating by independent credit rating firms. We then studied reviews from independent websites. What did we find out?

Where is it Available? 

Esurance office locations can be found in all states except for Wyoming, Vermont, Montana, and New Hampshire. Esurance headquarters are in California. 

Homeowner Insurance Review

Esurance home insurance is one of the best insurance providers on the market. Since it is the sister company of the giant Allstate, customers should be satisfied to know that they’re in safe hands. Here is the list of insurance policies that the company offers:

  • Additional Living Expenses Insurance: Under this insurance feature, the company financially cover you when you have to move out of your insured house and live someplace else temporarily. This happens when a covered loss makes your house unlivable. 
  • Family Liability Protection: This is already covered in your personal liability protection policy for up to $100,000. You can, however, add more. This policy comes into effect when you need assistance in paying legal fees incurred after someone sues you because they get injured on your property or you damaged someone else’s property.  
  • Rental Income Protection Insurance: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article that the company is best for people who want add-ons. One of the coverages that you can get from the company is rental income protection insurance – you will receive lost rent payments if the property you rented out is rendered unlivable because of a covered loss. 
  • Property Damage Insurance: Under this insurance policy, the company will financially cover and help you repair the damage caused to your property by vandalism, theft, windstorm damage, and fire or lighting.
  • Building Codes Coverage: If there is the passage of the new law that requires you to do more expensive repairs, the company will help you pay for the mandatory repairs.
  • Home Daycare Coverage: The policy feature provides protection in the event when an accident in the home daycare that you run.  
  • Fire Department Charges Coverage: The policy will cover the fee that you’ve been charged by the local fire department. 
  • Medical Coverage: Esurance will help you pay for the medical expenses of the guest who gets hurt on your property. The company will cover up to $5,000. 
  • Water Back-up Coverage: People often mistakenly assume that this feature relates to the damage caused by the floods. It is not that. It financially covers you when your house is damaged because of overflowing drains and burst pipes. 
  • Identity Theft Insurance: The company will provide you with $10,000 to help you in an event where you become an identity theft victim.
  • Other Structures Protection: Under this insurance coverage, the company will cover any physical structures that are not attached to your house. Such structures include a free-standing garage etc.

Esurance Pricing 

Let’s talk Ensurance insurance quotes. Your house’s structure and your state are big factors. In addition to this, you will have to pay more if you are looking for a greater coverage level. Esurance claims that its rates are cheaper – mostly because they don’t have to cover the cost of running local offices at different locations across the US. But unless you have all your information entered into the company’s system and compare it to other insurance providers, there is no way to see whether the claim is true. 

Esurance Home Insurance Discounts 

One thing where the company has an edge is its impressive discounts. The company gives you a $50 discount if you use the DIY Home Inspection app. For that, you will have to send a video of your house within 20 days from the start of your policy. In addition to this, Ensurance offers discounts if you are a responsible homeowner. 

Here are the discount options:


  • Smoke-free house
  • Water safety system
  • Multi-policy (buying auto insurance from the company as well)
  • Storm shutters 
  • Smoke detector (or if you have other safety devices installed)
  • Burglar alarm
  • Hail-resistant roof

Customer Satisfaction and Financial Strength 

When it comes to the financial strength of the company, Esurance is in the right hands. The company has impressive ratings from AM Best and S&P. 

Ensurance home insurance reviews are somewhat mixed. The company does have to pay some more attention to its customer satisfaction.

TrustPilot3.3 stars
Consumer Affairs3.5 stars

The reason for the low rating could be the fact that the company doesn’t offer any actual agent with a local office where customers can go and get their problems resolved. 

Customer Support 

Esurance offers a toll-free number where customers can call 24/7 and get their complaints resolved. It also has a top-notch website that ensures that customers don’t feel lost when operating it. People can also send an email to the company in case they need to get their queries resolved. However, Ensurance home insurance reviews suggest that not many people are happy with the handling of customers’ complaints from the company. 

Ease of Buying and Claims Handling 

Esurance offers impressive digital tools that make it all the easier for people to buy the insurance policy. The Esurance home insurance quotes process is also quite straightforward as all you have to do is to enter your relevant information on the app and get quotes. 

The same is true for its claim process. You can easily file a claim from the app or online and get a dedicated agent who will handle your case. 

Comparison with Competitors 

Esurance vs Allstate 

There is no such competition between the two companies. Esurance is the subsidiary of Allstate. Its home insurance policies are underwritten by the latter only. It is also being said that 2020 will see Allstate taking over the brand name as well and selling all home insurance policies under its name. 

Esurance vs Geico

In many aspects, Geico and Esurance are almost the same. Both companies focus on providing the best digital experience to their customers. Both have user-friendly websites and other digital tools that make it easier for customers to manage their policies online. Both companies rely on other financially established companies to underwrite their home insurance policies. One thing, however, that gives Geico an edge is its financial rating. It has scored an A++ from AM Best. In addition to this, Geico also has a smaller number of complaints as compared to Esurance. 

Esurance vs Amica 

Another insurance company that has similar insurance offerings is Amica. It also has a user-friendly website and a mobile app. It serves customers by phone – like Esurance. The company offers customizable coverage and a loyalty discount. The company performs better when it comes to customer satisfaction and is a step ahead of Esurance in that aspect. 


Esurance home insurance is an ideal option for people who want top-notch digital experience. It offers online tools that tech-savvy customers may appreciate. Being the subsidiary of Allstate makes it all the more convenient for the company to pay off its claims in an impressive manner. The company offers great coverage options that are at par with those provided by traditional, more-established insurance companies. 

What may attract a large number of customers to the company, though, is its amazing discounts.  The fact that the company is financially secure is also the main reason for a huge number of customers. This is probably the reason why Ensurance insurance home reviews are so mixed. The company should work on its customer support system. 

Top-notch digital experienceA higher number of complaints
Amazing discount offersUnavailability of actual agents make it difficult to get a query resolved
Unique features that are not commonly offered by other market playersPricing is expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Esurance full coverage? 

Esurance homeowner policies provide the same coverage that you will get from any traditional home insurance provider. 

Q: Is Esurance reliable? 

The company is still a newbie in the insurance industry whose market is dominated by major players who have been in the industry over the last eight decades or so. However, the company has a financial backing of the industry giant Allstate, which makes it all the more credible when it comes to meeting its claim liabilities. Even though the company does have more complaints, its performance is still laudable. 

Q: Can I talk to an Esurance agent before finalizing my purchase?

Esurance doesn’t provide you with the privilege of talking to an agent and getting your query resolved in a face-to-face meeting. So, don’t expect to have an Ensurance office near your location where you can meet an agent. There have been many complaints about this in Ensurance home insurance reviews.

However, since the company is more focused on providing digital experience to its clients, it offers the toll-free number. 

Q: Are Esurance and Allstate the same company? 

Esurance was established in 1999 as a leading insurance company. In 2011, Еnsurace became the subsidiary of Allstate and is recognized as that till today. It was, however, recently announced by Allstate that in the year 2020, the Esurance brand would completely disappear, and all insurance policies will be sold under the Allstate banner.    

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