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How To Get Tested For COVID-19 In NYC

Last modified: Jul 24, 2023

It’s normal to be concerned about getting COVID-19, so don’t be afraid of taking a test if you think you’ve contracted the virus. If you live in New York and want to find out more about getting a COVID-19 test, keep reading!   

How to Get Tested for COVID-19 in NYC

There are many reasons why you should get tested, including: 

  • You have COVID-19 symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.)
  • You live in an area where COVID-19 has been prevalent 
  • You have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.
  • You are traveling soon and need a negative test result.

Getting a COVID-19 test is a lot easier than you think for your safety and others. Additionally, to be extra sure you are safe, we suggest the best travel insurance companies.

Here is how to get tested for covid in NYC:

First, you can enter your zip code or text "COVID TEST" to 855-48 to discover a PCR testing location near you. The Castlight COVID-19 Resource Center provides and maintains this map, making it easier for you to get a test. 

Fortunately, 92% of providers of various healthcare solutions are promoting digitization for healthcare facilities. This is an easier and faster way of getting a test than visiting a hospital, which typically takes longer. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people with pre-existing health issues such as CVD, diabetes, and asthma are more prone to get severely ill with the virus.  

All of those immunocompromised and those 65 and older can access COVID-19 mobile testing in NYC. Call (929) 298-9400 between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m (seven days a week) to arrange an in-home consultation. You can also visit nyc.gov/covidtest for more information. 

Additionally, the NYC Department of Health operates eight COVID-19 Express Testing locations, where you can book an appointment.      

At some mobile centers, you can also pre-register to save you time. Some locations have been open for free at-home quick testing kits since April 15th.  

What Should You Do if Your Test Is Positive?

If your test is positive, you need to isolate yourself immediately. Even if your symptoms are moderate, contact a healthcare physician as soon as you test positive to find out how to best manage the infection.  

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act allows workers to have up to three months of paid medical and family leave and 14 days of paid sick leave. 

What Are the Different Types of COVID-19 Tests?

There are four types of COVID-19 tests: 

  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR): detects the virus’s genetic material and is typically more accurate. 
  • Rapid antigen: detects the protein found in a virus. They are faster but, unfortunately, not as accurate. 
  • Antibody (or serology): can’t diagnose active infection, but they can help to tell if a person has immunity to COVID-19.

Understanding the various types of tests for COVID-19 is critical to comprehending your results, including the risk of a false negative or false positive.      

The false-negative rate means the test is negative, but you still have COVID-19. This can happen in up to 50% of people who don't show symptoms. This might have disastrous effects as we endeavor to control COVID-19's spread. Therefore, if you’re unsure, you should retest yourself with a more accurate method. 

In Conclusion

Overall, COVID-19 testing in NYC is pretty straightforward and requires little research to find the right location. Now that you know how to get tested for COVID-19 in NYC make sure to get tested so we can reduce the rate of contagion and return to normalcy.  


How much does a COVID-19 test cost? 

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis, the cost of a test can range from $20 to $850, with $127 serving as the median price. Depending on the type of test offered, Medicare reimburses $51 or $100 for a COVID-19 test. However, some locations offer free testing. So make sure you research the health facilities near you. 

When should I be tested for COVID-19?    

You should get a COVID-19 test as soon as you feel any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19. You should also take extra caution and get tested before or after traveling and attending big gatherings.

What is the COVID-19 antibody test?

An antibody test can’t diagnose COVID-19, but it can tell you if you have antibodies still present after contracting the virus, which would give someone immunity to COVID-19. 


How accurate are rapid COVID-19 tests?  

Most of the time, the rapid tests are accurate, but it’s always better to take a PCR test if you are unsure of the result.

How many COVID-19 tests can I get reimbursed for?

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, test reimbursements are only available to persons with commercial, employer-sponsored, or student health insurance. Therefore, Americans on Medicare, Medicaid, voluntary insurance, or uninsured should use alternative free testing options.

What should I do if I have a positive COVID-19 test?

Firstly, you should isolate yourself immediately and contact your doctor to get a course of treatment, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Secondly, inform anyone you have had contact with in the last five days to let them know they may be at risk of catching the virus.   Additionally, stay at home, and if you have any necessary interaction (let's say if you had children), try to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.

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