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How To Get Amazon Prime For Free

Last modified: Jun 23, 2023

Amazon Prime membership program has several perks for its members, which includes 

Obviously, Amazon Prime comes at a monthly or yearly subscription cost. But there are a few legal methods to use all the above services for almost free. Here are five efficient ways to get Amazon Prime for free or at a discount, allowing you to enjoy its services while saving money.

How to Get Amazon Prime Free Membership Plan: 5 Easy Ways

Free Trial

Using the free trial period is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to use Amazon Prime’s features without committing to a subscription. When you sign up as a new customer, Amazon Prime is available for a free 30-day trial. You can use all of Prime’s features during this period, including free two-day delivery, Prime Video streaming, Prime Music, and more. 

A free trial is an excellent chance to experience the convenience and benefits of Prime directly. However, one drawback is that the trial is only available to new clients. Hence, if you decide not to use the service after the expired trial time, cancel the subscription to prevent getting charged.

Student Plans

Cash Back

Cashback programs might help you offset the cost of Amazon Prime. Several cashback websites and apps have deals with Amazon, allowing them to give their consumers unique offers and benefits. You can earn cashback incentives by purchasing your Amazon Prime subscription through these services, substantially lowering the overall cost. 

Amazon Prime cashback discounts are frequently offered on popular cashback websites such as Rakuten, TopCashback, and Swagbucks. To guarantee your eligibility and understand the policy, read the terms and conditions connected with these incentives. By utilizing cashback chances, you save money on your Prime subscription and earn additional benefits that can be used for subsequent purchases.

Reward Points

Credit card owners or members’ loyalty programs offer reward points. You can convert these reward points for Amazon gift cards or even an Amazon Prime subscription. Contact the organization that manages your credit card or rewards program to find out if Amazon gift cards are accepted.

Accumulating reward points and turning them into Amazon credit is a handy payment method for your Prime subscription. You can enjoy the benefits of Prime without spending any of your money if you use your reward points strategically. Check your credit card or loyalty program’s terms and conditions to understand the redemption procedure and any limits that may apply. Using your reward points wisely might help you save money and improve your Amazon Prime experience.

Free Amazon Gift Cards

Earning free Amazon gift cards is another great way to offset the cost of your Amazon Prime subscription. Many websites and applications provide possibilities to earn gift cards by doing surveys, completing activities, or even receiving cashback benefits. By devoting some time to these activities, you may accrue gift cards that can be used to offset the cost of your Prime membership. 

Well-known websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars are widely recognized for these opportunities. Using caution and selecting reliable platforms is essential to guarantee that your time and work result in legitimate gift cards. Before performing any actions, always be sure the website or app is legitimate. 

You may lower the cost of your Prime membership by obtaining free Amazon gift cards. Moreover, you also acquire the freedom to spend the remaining gift card balance for other Amazon platform purchases. It’s a situation where everyone benefits, allowing you to get the most out of Amazon Prime.

Getting a Mobile Plan With Free Amazon Service

Subscribing to a cell plan with free Prime membership is an increasingly popular way to get Amazon Prime for free or at a discounted rate. Several cell carriers provide this appealing incentive to consumers, allowing them to enjoy Prime perks without paying for the program. You can enjoy the convenience of both services in a single bundle by combining your cell plan and Prime membership.

Check with your cell carrier for any accessible discounts or promotions that include a free Amazon Prime subscription. Some carriers may incorporate Prime as part of particular plans or as an optional add-on. These plans frequently include unlimited data, voice, text, and Prime membership.

Wrapping Up!

How to get Amazon Prime free membership plans? While Amazon Prime is a subscription-based program, several methods exist to get its features for free or at a large discount. You can enjoy the benefits of Prime without paying the full subscription charge by taking advantage of the above-discussed methods. Remember to proceed cautiously and use trustworthy platforms to guarantee a smooth experience. Begin enjoying the benefits of Amazon Prime today without spending a lot!


Can we get Amazon Prime for free?

Yes, there are various ways to receive free Amazon Prime, including a free trial, cashback incentives, reward points, and gift card redemption.

Is Prime free for 30 days?

Yes, Amazon provides a 30-day free trial for new users to try out Prime.

Can you get an Amazon Prime free trial twice?

No, the free trial of Amazon Prime is only accessible to new customers. However, you may use the other techniques outlined in this post to receive Prime advantages without paying.

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