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How Much An Hour Is 50K A Year?

Last modified: Sep 29, 2022

How much is $50,000 a year when you convert it into an hourly pay rate? What kind of lifestyle can you afford with a $50k salary? How much will you have left once you’ve paid your taxes? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re in the right place.   

Let’s find out!              

How Much Is $50,000 an Hour?

If you earn $50k annually, that will equate to an hourly rate of $21.37, assuming you work a 45 hour week.         

That means that you would be making $961.65 per week, with a yearly salary of $50,000.

Is $50k a Year a Good Salary for a Single Person?

If you are a single person, $50,000 is a pretty decent sum depending on where you live. Obviously, it would last you longer in places like Mississippi, where the average cost of a home is $252,725, than it would in a place like Brooklyn, where the average price of a home is around $1.2 million!                       

Jobs Where You Can Make $50,000 Annually

If you are looking to earn $50k a year, there are a wide range of jobs that will enable you to do so, including the following:     

  • Police officer
  • Executive assistant
  • Sales rep
  • Underwriter
  • Occupational therapist
  • Realtor   

As you can see, there’s a wide range of job choices that could earn you $50,000 or more each year. So if this is your earning goal, you have plenty of job options to choose from.                     

What Kind of Jobs Pay $50k a Year?

As you can see above, there are a lot of different jobs that pay $50k a year or more, but one thing they all have in common is that they are relatively high-skilled jobs that require a decent level of commitment and dedication.          

Therefore, you will often have to attend a school or put yourself through professional training before you even need to think about how much $50,000 a year is per hour.                 

Of course, many freelancers can command excessive hourly rates of around $21.37, which would enable someone to earn $50k in a single year. Therefore, if you have a marketable skill such as copywriting or graphic design, then it may be worth setting yourself up as a freelancer, which in addition offers many growth opportunities.            

How Much Is $50k a Year per Paycheck?

In terms of a monthly salary, $50k would earn you a paycheck of approximately $4,166.67 per month.          

How Much an Hour Is $50,000 a Year After Taxes?

Obviously, the answer depends on where you live, so below we’ve put together a rundown of how much you can expect to take home each year after taxes in every U.S. state: 

Alabama - $38,938

Alaska - $40,765

Arizona - $39,613

Arkansas - $38,631

California - $38,697

Colorado- $38,942

Connecticut - $38,778

Delaware - $38,864

Florida - $40,963 

Georgia - $38,453

Hawaii - $37,431

Idaho - $38,876

Illinois - $38,595

Indiana - $38,522

Iowa - $38,523

Kansas - $38,869

Kentucky - $38,121

Louisiana -  $39,332

Maine- $38,676 

Maryland - $37,401

Massachusetts - $38,739

Michigan - $39,010

Minnesota - $38,336

Mississippi - $39,058

Missouri - $39,238

Montana - $38,499

Nebraska - $38,677

Nevada - $40,963

New Hampshire - $40,963

New Jersey - $39,381

New Mexico - $39,169

New York - $38,548

North Carolina - $38,793

North Dakota - $40,470

Ohio - $39,597

Oklahoma- $39,019

Oregon - $37,345

Pennsylvania - $38,648

Rhode Island-  $38,575

South Carolina - $38,173

South Dakota - $40,963

Tennessee - $40,963

Texas - $40,963

Utah - $38,488

Vermont - $39,240

Virginia - $38,571

Washington - $40,963

West Virginia - $38,883

Wisconsin - $38,242 

Wyoming - $40,963 

Similar wages 

How much is $22 an hour annually?

This depends on how many hours you are working per week. For example, if you work 45 hours per week for $22 an hour, you earn $51,480 annually.  

What is $23 an hour annually? 

If you work 45 hours per week and earn $23 per hour, you earn approximately $53,820 per year.   

What is $30 an hour annually?    

If you worked a 45 hour week with a $30 per hour pay, you would make $70,200 per year. This goes to show that even a modest increase in your hourly rate can make a huge difference to your annual salary.          

Can You Survive on a $50k Salary?

If you are single and living in a cheap part of the country, a $50k salary is perfect for all of your basic needs while having some leftovers for fun or saving. However, if you have a family of four to support, then it probably won’t stretch very far. Although, if you are frugal, you should be able to at least cover the basics. Compare it with a lifestyle you can get with a 60k salary.

Is $50k salary middle class?

According to economists, anyone who earns between $25,000 and $100,000 could be considered middle class. So if you are pulling in $50k, you are firmly in the middle of the middle class.     

Budgeting Tips for $50k Lifestyle

If you’re struggling to get by on a $50k salary, here are a few things you can do:

  • Downsize to a more affordable home.
  • Choose a used car instead of a new one.
  • Cook your meals instead of eating out (which are often three times more expensive).
  • Give up impulsive purchases and put the excess amount in a savings account.

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve answered how much per hour is $50k per year, you can see that it is definitely a decent enough salary if you are single or living in a cheaper area. However, if you have more commitments or live somewhere expensive, an hourly rate under $22 could be tough to manage.



Is $50k low income?

$50k could be considered a low income in an expensive part of the country like New York, but if you live in a cheaper state, although it would not be considered a high income, it would not be considered a particularly low one either. 

Is $50k a good salary?

As above, a $50K salary could be considered good in some parts of the US, especially if you’re single. However, if you have a family and live in a more expensive part of the US, your budget would be very tight. 

Is $50k a year middle-class?

Yes, $50k a year is right in the middle of what’s considered a middle-class salary.

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